The origins of “Protect yourself at all times.”

You know when this whole “protect yourself
at all times,” do you even know where this expression came from? In 1992, boxing, Olympic Games, Barcelona,
there was a boxer. I can’t produce his name for you but he was
an American boxer and he was supposed to win the gold medal. As a matter of fact, Sports Illustrated listed
him as America’s greatest lock for a gold medal. This was the same team that Oscar de la Hoya
was on. And I’m not saying that Sports Illustrated
listed him as the greatest boxing hope, he was the greatest lock for—this is the decathletes,
the sprinters—he was the greatest lock for America to win a gold medal. Boxing is a tournament format at the Olympic
Games, so they have three rings going at once and these guys that win golds have four fights. So four fights in the span of about a week
for all the different weight classes is how it’s contested. So you have multiple fights going on at once. That’s all I’m trying to get your mind’s
eye to see, alright? So this guy is out there boxing. A whistle or a horn or a buzzer or a bell
goes off in an opposing ring. Our guy drops his hands—he’s dominating
the fight—he drops his hands because he believes the round is over. Guy steps in, cracks him, knocks him out. Knocks him out. Fight’s done. So America tries to protest this and go, “Wait
a minute, there was a bell. He’s supposed to stop on the bell. There was a bell and so he stopped.” And boxing had to look at that and go, “Yeah,
but it wasn’t his bell. He stopped for the wrong bell. That contest was in what’s known as good
time. He took his shot and was knocked out during
good time. We see the mistake that happened, but we cannot
let you arbitrate this. He loses and the other guy wins and they go
out…” But they had a back and forth. Boxing kind of looked at it. They saw what happened. They wanted to make it right by this guy,
but ultimately that was the rule they had to conclude to. And the reason I offer you that is this is
where it came from, “Protect yourself at all times.” You know, the referee will come in the back,
even for mixed martial arts fights, and he’ll say, “Okay, here’s what the rules are and
here’s how we’re going to do it. You guys stop on my command. Don’t listen to the bell. I will come in and touch you. That’s when you stop. I will protect you. I will communicate with you at times. If I do not get a response, I will stop the
fight. These are the rules that we’re going to adhere
to. Oh, and by the way, superseding everything
I just said, protect yourself at all times.”

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