The Rap Game: Best of Tally (Season 3) | Lifetime

(RAPPING) I’m Latina.
You’re so diva. Baddest chick. A overachiever. I’m the chick that when you
see her, want to be with her. Want to be her. I’ve been doing this since 1 2. Mama said she heard me
spitting rhymes in the womb. Killing this track
like I am possessed. Why you really think
your boy’s obsessed? Uh. Cause you at home watching
me, Mani, and La La Latto. Cause I [inaudible] I
[inaudible] the show. [inaudible] and
you already know. Gonna ride the [inaudible]. Gotta get that so [inaudible]
cause they can not get none. Not taking any L’s cause
we know what’s really up. See them haters want to know me. [inaudible] I make them
haters [inaudible].. I gotta [inaudible]. Cause we know what’s really up. See them haters wanna know me
cause they see me blowing up. Uh. I got a move I know that
you’ll be able to do. It’ll have your mother,
your sister, your brother, grammy do it too. So go, roll, now
move it to the right. Say what? Like, what you thinking
taking Tally out yo game? But you brought me back
cause my flow was dope and know that’s a fact. Don’t need a track. I’mma cop that contract. I been here. Yeah, I know a couple
things about this. Seasoned like a dressing. No forgetting I’m the topic. Now they know I’m back. Gonna attack so they watching. Want me gone again. You know my
competition plotting. This time around I
don’t need no notebook. Uh. This time around, you
don’t need a second look. Cause I’m the only
one you’ll see. And I’m the only one to beat. And if they try to come for
me I’ll put them all asleep. People try to
compare me to Iggy. But when I hit the Mike
I’m like Biggie, yeah. You wanna mess with me?
Uh. I gotta dream. Wanna flip how we see things. That’s what I’m rapping. Done with seeing all the hate
people get for their race. Gonna make good change. Gonna fight our fate. I unify people through
my music and my shows. Inspire the fire
inside of our souls. Wanna make [inaudible]. Wanna get my bank up. Wanna wake people up. Gonna wake them up. Not everybody sees eye to eye. But I we can stand side by side. Ain’t nobody know all
the times I prayed. Ain’t nobody know all
the rhymes I made. They calling me the white chick. Now I gotta work to hide this. No, I’m not the rapper. Listen, I’m an artist. This ain’t no game to me. Ain’t no vacation for me. In my room they play till 3:00.
Paying my dues. Never said it was easy. So JD, you know I
got what it takes. Sweep the floors when you say. I’mma work for my chain, Yup. Yeah, I know you thought
this chick would be gone. But all y’all haters
be thinking so wrong. Never let a fake up in my crew. Shut your mouth. Who you talking to? My face, my rhymes on beat. No, I don’t see what
you haters tweet. Stealing this track
like I am possessed. Why you really thing
your boy’s obsessed? Uh.
What you thought? What you really thought? You thought you ran
the show, but you don’t cause you at home watching
me, Mani, and La La Latto. No, I’m never gonna get
it the way of my team. Pass the ball to [inaudible]. Pass it right back to me.
GIRL: To me. Not taking any L’s. I’ve the MVP. [inaudible] I run that
[inaudible] that battle. [inaudible] Now
it’s only halftime. But my team go past time. Seniors, it’s our last time. Hit the booth like
[inaudible] time. I’m high on life and having fun. All right, I’m done. I spit two rhymes. So now I better run. Very good. GIRL: Thank you. She left again. I mean, we’re almost done. Why would you leave now? What actually
happened with Tally? Does anybody know? Oh, you know? I think she was nervous
about the battle situation. And she said it’s
not her strong suit. I don’t think she feels
that she’s great in that area. Well, I just want to say as
a whole to everybody in here, I’m disappointed that she left. I feel like, you
know, I wish I could have did more to keep her here. That’s not what this
is designed for. I’m a little disappointed
because I felt like Tally had a chance of winning.

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