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The Real Wolverine is in Milwaukee | Local Legends

The Real Wolverine is in Milwaukee | Local Legends

[ Classical music plays ] -Oh, Milverine’s
Milwaukee-famous. -He’s somebody that — You know, most people have never met him,
but they’ve seen him. -There’s actually, like,
Milverine sightings, you know, where people
will post it online, like, “Here’s a picture.
Walking down the street.” -I don’t know really anything
about him, you know, what he does, where he lives. -He’s this big guy
who resembles Wolverine. He has that real manly walk. -Does not drive. I don’t
even think he has a bike. -He’s just famous for walking
around Milwaukee with his shirt off,
looking super-ripped. -He’s glistening with sweat.
[ Laughs ] And just the hair and the beard.
It’s sort of like, “Oh, it’s… No, that’s not Hugh Jackman.
That’s some other guy.” -He’s definitely reaching
legendary status, I think,
doing all these interviews. -I think I’m better
than Jackman, you know. -And these “Milverine
for President” pages started popping up and all sorts
of really goofy stuff. -He has branded himself
without even trying. He’s just unashamedly Milverine. -He’s that Milwaukee legend
that everybody knows about. -But if you’re in Milwaukee and
you don’t know The Milverine, there might be
something wrong with you. -Here he comes. ♪♪ -“After adversity,
a local legend, Milverine,
is hitting his stride. He walks, or, rather, he struts,
around Milwaukee in summer. He doesn’t wear a shirt. He’s the most famous person
in Milwaukee and probably the world.” You actually believe
any of this? [ Chuckles ] So, a professional photographer,
a woman named Jamie Robarge, took these pictures. She’s famous in Milwaukee. Now, when you see on YouTube
I got 81,000 views, this woman here is the one
that did it. There’s some
of her equipment here. Like… Do you recognize
some of that stuff? A lot of the older people
recognize me ’cause a lot of the older
people read the paper now. And then all the younger people are the ones who use
that social-media stuff. So a lot of my fans are,
like, teenagers or college age. I never even had a laptop
until about 4 months ago, so I had no idea how many, like, you know, views
and all that stuff. I’m not calling, like,
a TV station, saying, “Would you do a story, please?” I got people chasing me down. Kathy Mykleby, Channel 12 — She’s been on the news
here for 38 years. She chased me down
by the Public Market. She’s in her late 60s, you know? -Catching up with him
is not an easy task. -I mean, literally,
we were driving past, and I was like,
“It’s Milverine.” -I would recognize him
before I recognized, like, any athlete.
-I mean, yeah. -Like, literally.
-Or, like, our mayor. -I’m not in the best
of shape now. -That’s okay.
-I weigh about 190 now. At best about 175. -Okay. -One, two… -Yes, I love that face.
-[ Laughs ] -I was born in Milwaukee in
1962. Grew up in Milwaukee. I worked construction
and everything. I’ve never been outside
of Milwaukee because there’s really nothing
better than Milwaukee, you know? Here’s the
Milwaukee Art Museum. You can tell by the architecture
in Milwaukee that it was done
by geniuses, you know? Milwaukee is known as, like,
the garden capital, too. Milwaukee Film Festival — far better than
the Cannes Film Festival. German Fest, Mexican Fest,
Festa Italiana. Milwaukee County Zoo,
one of the best zoos. The City of Festivals. It’s where all the intelligent
people are, you know? Better than Los Angeles
and New York. Every park here in Milwaukee
makes Central Park look like a backwoods park. Same thing in Hawaii.
All you people think Waikiki Beach is so good. Bradford Beach in Milwaukee
is far better. In Milwaukee.
Milwaukee. Milwaukee. This is, like, the height
of civilization right here in Milwaukee,
you know? Man, this guy
looks like he’s nuts. [ Laughs ] Oh, yeah. This is a beer that was named
for me called Moo-waukee. It’s from MobCraft,
a place on 5th and Virginia. -So, this is Milverine
riding a cow and carrying
a half-barrel of beer. -Across the Hoan Bridge.
-Across the Hoan Bridge. -A lot of people want to do
stories about me, but [Laughs] sometimes I don’t answer
the phone during the summer, so there’s no way for people
get in contact with me. It could be that Bobblehead Hall
of Fame place. I walk past every day
just about. The guy said he’s gonna,
like, jump out and, like,
chase me down or something. -So, the wall here
is which bobblehead people would like
to see made next. The most requested
local bobblehead that we get is Milverine, and it has been
for quite a while. We called probably 100 times. Not exaggerating. And he was
super-simple about it. “You know, what do you want it
to look like?” He said, like, “Just use
a picture from online.” This was sort of
the generic initial design. Pretty simple, you know. Just Milverine
walking down the street. So, you’re among the first
people to see it. He hasn’t seen it yet. We have to adjust the skin tone. It’s a little light. And they didn’t put
any chest hair. Yeah, we’ll see if he wants
to see it, which you would think he would, but, you know,
he might not even really care. So, yeah, this is
sort of super fans and legend-type people sort of
in that category of Milverine. Milverine will probably be
prominently displayed here in the local legends section
in the back. Hugh Jackman doesn’t have
a bobblehead. We’ll have to tell him that.
He’d like that. -I’m not the one
that named myself Milverine. Some Italian guy that lives
in the Third Ward that works advertising
started it. I only talked to the guy
about twice. I never even heard
of Hugh Jackman or Wolverine until, like,
I looked into it, you know? In the comic book, it looks
more like me than it does like
Jackman, you know? Jackman’s more of
a pretty boy dancer type. -I’ve always loved
song and dance. -If me and Jackman got
in a fight, he’d lose, you know? All those steroids
won’t help him. This is K, and this is O,
you know? We’re in the basement
of my house. Here’s, like, the workout stuff. Like, a Chuck Norris thing
with the pulley. There’s a bench
with the weights. Boxing gloves,
punching bag, you know? Do you know how to turn
one of those things on? -Yeah. -The thing is,
my brother does it for me. [ Classical music plays ] This is, like, a recital.
Bjorling. [ Man singing operatically ] Hey, that’s from
“The Magic Flute.” This is considered the greatest
lyric tenor of all time. Better than Pavarotti. ♪♪ Well, I don’t really think
about much of anything, you know? Well, I like music
and everything. I never have headphones on, but you can just hear music
in your head, like. The voices I listen to
are universally known as the greatest voices
of all time. And you mention some clown like
this Blake Shelton character. “Oh, yeah, I know that.
That guy’s on ‘The Voice.’ Boy, is he good.” Blake Shelton’s a joke. Guy’s a pansy.
He can’t sing at all. ♪♪ Hotel Madrid.
Feels like you’re in Spain. Well, walking is one of
the best exercises, you know? And I never drove a car.
I don’t like being in cars. I can’t be in any. Like, I got
motion sickness, you know? I typically walk about 4
or 5 hours a day. More in the summer
when it’s nicer weather. Then more when
it’s extremely cold. When it’s extremely cold,
you can walk all day. You never get thirsty. Milwaukee’s always been
a blue-collar city, like. Friendly people
all over the place. Seems like
a real good family area. There’s the Allen-Bradley clock, the biggest four-sided clock
in the world. It’s famous.
They got a postcard of it. In 2017, during the summer, I was running down
to Mexican Fiesta to judge a dance contest,
and my knee gave out. I tore a meniscus
in my left knee, and it locked into place, like. And I could barely walk for,
like, 9 months. I waited too long
to have it fixed. I thought it might have got
better by itself, but it didn’t. I had to have surgery on it. I didn’t like that at all. I mean, I like walking
and everything, you know? ♪♪ -♪ There’s a guy
that we all know ♪ ♪ Walking shirtless
in the snow ♪ ♪ Where is The Milverine? ♪ ♪ I see The Milverine ♪ -Yeah, but I’m never going away ’cause I’m never going
anywhere, you know? They should have knew I was
gonna be back, you know? I’ll haunt everybody forever.
[ Laughs ] -♪ I see The Milverine,
face on a magazine ♪ ♪ It’s a Milwaukee thing ♪ ♪♪ ♪ Where is The Milverine? ♪ ♪ I see The Milverine ♪ ♪ Face looking so serene ♪ ♪ Through exploding…♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ Where is The Milverine? ♪ ♪ I see The Milverine ♪ ♪ Face looking so serene ♪

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100 thoughts on “The Real Wolverine is in Milwaukee | Local Legends

  1. No one knows who this guy is in Milwaukee except for the small area where he lives at around a bunch of other white people.

  2. "If me and Jackman got into a fight, he'd lose"

    . I actually wouldnt doubt that one bit. Milverine looks like he can rumble.

  3. Wait, is that the Bobblehead guy that was the inspiration for a character played by Tim Baltz on a recent Comedy Bang Bang episode?

    Also, the Milverine is fucking inspiration.

  4. Im the ape known for the same thing in milwaukee…#facts and the fat light skinned black dude with the purple leatard ..!!! I never seen this guy..

  5. I moved out of state just last year in 2019 to get married. I don't regret that, but I never thought I would miss Milwaukee… I always hated living there [25yrs], but now I kind of miss it… I guess home will always be home.

  6. Milwaukee is one of the top 5 cities in America I have been. I absolutely love that place, except in the winter. I like that dude. Called Hugh weiny and Blake Shelton. High 5 dude.

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    Vagina gets wet when he talks.

    and panties vaporize into nothing at the first sight of his hairy manly shirtless Adonis body

    This man prolly drowns in pussy ever night if he wants

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  11. Someone should get this guy a free gym membership with the same guy responsible for making actors ripped for movies lol.

  12. this is the first time i've seen this series, it's awesome but a little bittersweet to me. i had a friend that was the local excellent wingnut of my town, he was ripped and practiced kung fu in the park, yodeled, beat boxed, or played harmonica wherever he went, and was the most lovable dude. he'd have been perfect for one of these episodes. he passed away in 2018, depression got him.

  13. He’s a good guy.
    Him and my mom had sex with him at McDonald’s rest room.
    I remember one night he came to our house when my dad was at work and he gave me money to go buy tootsie roll at the store.

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