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Hello, today we will speak about chain
punching. First of all what is chain punching and how to do it correctly. The
first person who showed the chain punching on television was Bruce Lee in
his movie Enter the Dragon. Bruce Lee showed the chain punching as a
devastating technique and this was taken from his previous Wing Chun training. How is it performed? if you want to do a devastating chain punch technique we
need to verify that it’s always linked with the economy of motion. Chaining it’s
linking. A chain is a linking motion between different movements. In the Wing Chun position, when we have the Man Sao and the Wu Sao, or the searching hand and
the protective hand, in front of the body which is like a triangle, it can attack
in one straight line from this position The attacking hand punches but always
comes back and attacks. This is a kind of recycling attacking motion. The people
who don’t practice Wing Chun will think yeah but this position is
not natural, it’s not combative. It’s merely a principle: from here the hands
start from the middle and go in a straight line but what if the hands are
more positioned in an open guard? it’s important not to do this. This position
coming in front and then to attack because this already is an
additional movement. This chain attack can start here. This chain attack can
start here. The body can stay straight and push the body into the attacks.
The rotation of the body also pushes the power into the arm so
that’s why for example in boxing they have the same chain attack but it’s not
the so-called classical chain punching of Wing Chun but it’s the same
principle. The chain punching can be executed more statically or more from
the middle into the more open guard and from there, you execute it into the more
boxing style. So all these techniques or ways of chains punching represent
the principle of chain punching. So it’s not only one kind of punching which is
taken from Wing Chun for example but this is the most easiest way of attacking in
the Wing Chun world. For a boxer this is not logic. That’s why a boxer would never
close his arms and attack like this because it’s not a principle of his own
style or a combat style. That’s why it’s important to think chain punching as a
principle and not only as one particular technique. A characteristic of the chain
punching is first it’s a surprising attack. So it’s not an attack that goes
from the long range into the short range because it takes a long time before the
full body can go into the certain distance. So you have to be already in a
certain short distance and then when this chain punching will attack then you
have a surprise attack. Chain punching is not a telegraphic motion, it is not
like from here back and doing big movements. It is more like: it burst into
action. When you execute the chain punching in the shorter distance and
with sufficient explosion and power then the escape from this attack is almost
zero. What we see a lot on internet is unfortunately, they use the chain
punching on a too long range and it’s obvious when this attacking motion is
too far away that it can be neutralized by longer hits. Don’t forget that when
you have two weapons for example a knife and
long stick the range is different. The initial idea was to have a short weapon
in order to execute it in a short range A long stick for example will attack on
long range and keep you on distance. When you speak about the chain punch motion
with two fists, the body is straight to your opponent or partner. Then this is
the shortest distance you can have with the fist, with the arm straight. As soon as I
turn the body and extend one arm, this distance is already different with the
other arm. So it’s important when you see the mechanic of the chain punching with
the body straight I don’t move too much the body, so the motion with the arms can
be very quick. When I’ve this one, look I can touch easily from the chain punch
position, we could touch each other but when I turn, there is more distance but
this fist touches him. So I have a little bit more range to attack but that means
also if I want to touch with this arm I need to turn more. This motion requires
more movement from the body than this motion advantage. This is quick and with
power it’s devastating but you need to come very close. So it’s not from here
starting and then coming in front this is not the way that it can be executed
because don’t forget he will never stay like that.
As soon as Tomo sees that I want to start, he will move and attack from an
angle, so that means that wow this attacking motion needs to be very quick.
If my body is turned then the distance changes you can touch and here
I don’t touch. We can do a chain punch like this but if I do it like this it’s
also a chain punch. It’s not the technical chain punch from Wing Chun but the
idea of chaining and linking techniques is the same. So for us, don’t forget
what is important: it’s not to execute only a
technique and to maintain this kind of technique in all situations but it is to
be flexible and to say that one chain punch motion can evolve into longer
ranges. So don’t forget to LIKE this video, to SUBSCRIBE and PUSH on the alert
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  1. Captain you will force me to learn English because I don't know what are you say I follow you from Iraq and thank you for your efforts🤗

  2. Another beautiful video. Thankyou for your demonstration and informational video. You’re the best at what you do. Bless you sifu !! Wish you much success !!!

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