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The SECRET BTS Mural in London | Vlog

The SECRET BTS Mural in London | Vlog

(upbeat house music) – Hello vlog. – It’s too early, it’s half
past eight in the morning. – We’re going to a podcast recording for beeps, BBC Radio 1. – Our friend Luke Frank’s got the casting and it’s all about bad dates. – In my limited experience
it’s gonna be hilarious. It’s in Brick Lane and
we have just realised, well not just, but we know. On Brick Lane right now is a BTS mural for their new tour for Wembley. – I’m looking at locations. We’re gonna show you that,
which I have to find it. – Yup. And also try to consider that dying. – Currently we’re at, yeah we’re crossing. Currently we’re at just
outside Whitechapel, because the Brick Lane is
quite difficult to get to unless you’re in Shoreditch. – It’s a station on the district line, Which is one of the long trains, ever. – Yeah. – We are going this way. – There’s a lot of
restaurants down the street. And there’s this thing
where you’re walking down the street in the evening time, the restaurant owners
will be out on the street trying to like coerce
you into going to their restaurant to eat. – And you’re like, I’ve just eaten. – So it’s really fun and there’s also a really famous bagel shop down there. My arm is really aching
so I’m gonna go now. (upbeat house music) – [Sammy] We were just
walking to the podcast with no intention of finding the mural. Mural, mural, and it’s there! (kids cheering) – So, we’re running late to our actual, well, not running late, but if we stay and take photos of that, which we want to, we’ll be late so we’re
gonna come back in a second. But here’s the, it’s on
the side of this building. Banglatown. (upbeat house music) – We are currently in a building yard that’s been converted into
studios adoption areas. – It’s called the Old Truman Brewery. And that is the brewery
part, the Old Truman, you can’t see it, we’ll show it on the other side, but it’s got
Truman written down the side. (upbeat house music) There was ice cream there
and we didn’t realise and we bought chocolate instead. I wish we had bought ice cream. – [Niki] We got these though. So we bought pistachio balls
’cause I couldn’t resist. And I don’t know if it’s. – [Sammy] It’s covered in cocoa. – [Niki] Oh, it’s really squishy. – I got cocoa all over my fingers. – [Niki] Nice? – Hmm, really good. – [Niki] Can you film me eating it? – [Sammy] That was gross. – It’s so good, mmm. (upbeat house music) – Okay, we’re now at the
top of the Brick Lane just by the gate. And we thought we’d show you how to find Hanbury street if you’re
coming from this direction. – If you enjoy this video
feel free to give it a like and also subscribe,
because we’ll do some more mini episodes like this. – Also, if you can hear that music– – It’s a Bengal restaurant. So, I’m assuming it’s Bengal music, but I have no idea. – Okay, let’s head to Hanbury street. Just a point of reference
we’re at Hopetown, right. – At my J Hopetown. (upbeat house music) – There we have it, the
BTS, speak yourself, love yourself, wait, love yourself, speak yourself world tour. It’s amazing, it’s massive. – It’s huge, you can’t you can’t get what half of that is, but that’s
like, three people tall. (electronic music) – So we don’t know currently one, if this is fan paid for or, if it’s actually by Live Nation to
promote the tour, and two– – It’s on again, he’s gotta. – There’s a car that’s
trying to park behind us. (electronic music) So, for anyone interested, if you wanna get a picture, smack-bang in the middle of the wall, on the floor there are two footprints, and you can stand on these, get a picture. Although, I’m assuming
everyone will probably just want one in front
of the band themselves. And it’s the right height
so you don’t obscure any of the members. – Yeah but also, I would recommend, as you can see from all of our videos not to come before at least midday, because the shadow is
only half way across. So, at the moment it says
love yo, speak yo, Wemb. – Yeah so I guess the time you wanna come is probably about nine
o’clock in the morning? Or, later in the afternoon. We’re now walking through
Whitechapel station, which is about a 10 minute walk away. It’s probably the closest one. It’s served by the London overground and the Hemisphere city and district line. So, if you’re looking
to come here I recommend either going to Aldgate, White
Chapel, or Liverpool Street. – [Niki] Liverpool Street’s quite good, because there are a lot
of restaurants as well. – Yeah Liverpool Street is
also a good one to go to if you wanna get a bite
to eat near there as well. Two words, pastels, soft. – Painted, three words. – Kings, fourth word. We’re gonna go record
a podcast and come back and we’ll take some up
close footage of it. Actually put some map
locations so you can find it. – Yeah.

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48 thoughts on “The SECRET BTS Mural in London | Vlog

  1. thanks for watching the premiere chums! where would you like to see us visit in London next? Seoul Bakery?

  2. I was lucky enough to get tickets (SOUNDCHECK PACKAGE OMFG!!!) and I hope the mural is still there in June so I can see it 🙌

  3. soz can’t watch this video bcos I’m too sad that I didn’t manage to get bts tickets this morning 😩😭😂

  4. Love the video as always guys! So gutted I didn’t get BTS tickets today, was there since the start and was stuck in the queue for an 90 mins until I found out it had sold out😭 So glad you guys get to go though!!! Make sure u film it so I can pretend I’m there!😂😁 xxx

  5. 오모나!!!영국거리에 벌써?
    와 빠르당 인기가 엄청난가보네요
    오히려 서울은 넘 조용한대

  6. 한글자막이 생겼네요!
    구글번역기 돌린듯하지만..ㅎㅎ
    그래도 대충 알아들어서 좋네요~
    정성에 감사해요~~~😊
    벽화 진짜 빨리,잘 그렸네요~👏👏👏
    누가 그렸으려나..ㅎ

  7. I was really lucky and got tickets! I'm going to fly from Stockholm to London with my dad to see the concert. I'm really excited because I've never seen BTS or any other artist live before and I really like london 😀

  8. This is so cool. Definitely going on the weekend if the weathers good. I was fortunate enough to have a friend who got tickets for June and I am soo excited.

  9. 영국 웸블리 공연을 위해 그려진건가요?   이제 방탄은 어디에 가든 볼 수 있겠네요.   흐뭇^^

  10. If any of u guys are going on the 1st of June like me and want to be friends just tell me ur seat, sec and row I’m sec 125 seat 59 row 44

  11. I went brick lane and took a pic , unfortunately the boys are scratched off now and all that's left is the love yourself speak yourself sign

  12. I really want to see this mural but I don’t think ill find it and I don’t think my parents will walk all the way to see this when I’m in London 😢

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