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The Ultimate Ab Rollout Progression (BEGINNER TO ADVANCED!)

The Ultimate Ab Rollout Progression (BEGINNER TO ADVANCED!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX..COM. Today, we’re going to cover one of the best
ab exercises, and I’m going to show you the progression whether you’re starting out as
a rank beginner or whether you’re truly advanced, on how to
master this exercise. We’re talking about the Ab Rollout. Now, the Ab Rollout is an advanced version
of a Plank. Why do we say that? Because a Plank requires core stability. Don’t forget, guys, we know that the abs will
flex the spine. That’s the job of the abdominals, but they don’t do it that much in function. Most of all, in function, the Abs Roll is
to stabilize the spine, to prevent back extension, to prevent rotation if we don’t want it, or to cause rotation when working together
with the obliques. So, the Ab Rollout is a great way to do this especially for an anti-extension
exercise. It is a great core strengthener, but if you
try to do a version of it that you’re not ready for yet, you’re going to wind up hurting
yourself. So I put together this perfect progression.
I’m going to take you through step-by-step what that is and show you how to do each one. Ok, so what I have here is our cheat sheet.
Ok. Right here. This is all you need to know when it comes to the Ab Rollouts and how you
need to proceed through them to make sure you’re building up your core
strength without pushing yourself too hard, too fast and having causing injury. We’ve got our Ab Rollout Progression. It starts
with mastering the Plank. Remember, guys, I talked about this being an advanced version
of a Plank. The main difference is, yeah, you’re going
to end up in the same place as you are a Plank, but it’s the fact that you’re dynamically
getting there. You’re moving to get from here to here. You’re
not just simply out there. Second big thing is, when you start to talk about Ab Wheel
Rollouts, you’re point of contact with the ground is
much less than when you have 2 full surface areas of your forearms. So you have to balance a lot more. You have
a lot less of, again, surface area to help you do that, and all the force is then transferred
more to your upper body and your core because there’s less of that force being able
to be supported by those wide forearms of yours, ok, especially compared to the wheel
itself. So, master the Plank. Make sure you can do
that first and foremost. Secondly, you’re going to get into the first exercise here,
the Physioball Stir. So right here, I’m in a plank, pretty much,
right, and I’ve got some movement, some movement that’s going to cause a challenge to my core
and stability. And here, you’re just trying to draw the circles,
very small circles to begin with, larger circles as you get stronger. You obviously want to
work counterclockwise and clockwise. Next, you move on to what we call our Physioball
Alphabets. Now, instead of making a predictable motion like a circle, you’ve got to start
drawing some letters. And obviously the letters have a lot of different
quick angle changes to go from the bottom of an A to the top of an A and around the
C and up through the E, right. We’ve got a lot of different perturbations
here and we’ve got to make sure that we can handle them all, but again, very small movements,
not really rolling out fully just yet. Until the next one, and that’s our Physioball
Rollout. So, if you’re going to start doing the Rollout, you’ve got to start higher off
the ground. The more you go down towards the ground, the
more of your angle is against the force of gravity, the angle of your body’s against
the force of gravity, the more work you’re going to have to do . So, if you can stay up on a Physioball, it’s
going to be a little bit easier. Note. All 3 of these are done on the knees to start,
ok. Next, we move on to our wheel. Now, the Ab
Wheel is still one of the greatest pieces of equipment ever. I’ve done complete workouts that you can use
with this thing beyond just the core, but you can see that. Actually, I’ll link the
video over here if you haven’t seen that already. But the Ab Wheel, now we start doing a Wheel
Rollout. And again, this is on our knees. And the point of all these is to make sure
that you keep that low back stable. It’s an anti-extension movement. You’re not
allowing your body to break into extension, ok. So, you do your Ab Wheel Rollout. We make it a little bit harder by adding directions,
so again, multi-directional. Now we’re going to go with a 3 Way Ab Wheel Rollout. You take
it all the way to the center. You take it out to the right. And then you
take it out to the left. Again, being able to dynamically change directions and stabilize
that makes it a lot harder of an exercise for your core. But, if you’re progressing, that’s exactly
what we’re looking for. Finally, we have a Weighted Barbell Rollout. This is a very cool
version. We’re introducing the force of friction now. So, when you roll the wheel out, you’re getting
the same amount of stress as you would if you were doing a normal ab wheel. But now as you try to pull back, this has
315 pounds on this bar that I now have to overcome that momentum going out, and then
pull it back again. The force of friction on the ground, the amount
of weight, and try to pull it back eccentrically. Again, I’m not worried about flexing the spine
at this point, I’m just trying to generate enough force to change the direction of the
bar and keep myself in that anti-extended position
in my low back to execute this. So, much harder exercise. Then if you really want to follow this cheat
sheet, you’ve got to go back to 2, 3, and 4, The Physioball Stirs, Alphabet, and Rollouts,
but this time you’re going to do them up on your toes. So, we’ve just added another level of complexity
because that surface area, again, is decreased by pulling those knees up off the floor. Finally, the Mack Daddy of them all, The Standing
Up Rollout. And again, unless you have a super strong core, then I wouldn’t attempt this
exercise. But if you’ve made it all the way through
here, then you’re ready to give it a go. You stand up. You bend forward at the waist.
As soon as that Ab Wheel hits the ground, you try to roll your body out, and you never allow your body to break that
stable core positioning, ok. So even at its longest position, way out in front of me here,
I’ve got to try to lock it in. And then, most of all, you’re going to find
the challenge trying to overcome and pull yourself back to standing from this extended
position. Right, it’s our weakest position. You’ve got
to be able to be able to generate core strength from there and get yourself back. So, there you have it guys. Hopefully that’s
helpful to you. We’re breaking down the great ab exercise, the AB Wheel Rollout, and allowing you to start jumping in and taking
part in that exercise regardless of where your ab strength is at the moment. And that’s what we do here , guys. Remember,
my job as a coach is to make sure that I take people where they’re at now, and bring them
to the next level, wherever that may be. If you’re a starting beginner, I’ve got to
get you to that next level of beginner. And if you’re extremely advanced, an All Pro,
Elite Athlete, I’ve got to still be able to challenge you too. And that’s the whole goal of what our ATHLEANX
Program is, and that’s what we do each and every day, each and every week of our program. If you haven’t already, guys, head to ATHLEANX.COM
right now and grab our 90-Day Training Program. In the meantime, if you found this video helpful
about this progression, and you’re going to start using it yourself, make sure you leave a thumb’s up below and
a comment of whatever else you’d like to see and by all means, you guys know, I’ll be bringing
it to you.

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26 thoughts on “The Ultimate Ab Rollout Progression (BEGINNER TO ADVANCED!)

  1. Is there a difference between a yoga ball and a physio ball? Also what size ball do you suggest to use? Lastly I recently ordered an ab roller that comes with 3 wheels and you can take some out. What do you think is the optimum amount to have? I know 3is more stable, but does it take away from the workout at all? Or vice versa does a single wheel roller become too strenuous? Thanks for the great video, just what I need to kick up my workout!

  2. around 2:30 when he does the alphabets if i saw a guy in the gym doing that not knowing what he was doing, i was laugh my ass off thinking hes struggling to keep himself up on that ball.

  3. I have a question! I am a woman and when I do the ab roller it is hard on my arms! I do it from a knee position and stretch completely, I know that I am doing it correctly and that eventually my arms will get used to it. What muscle in my arm is so out of shape? It is not my triceps I am sure of that. Does anyone feel a pull in their arms? I don't even think that there is a muscle where it is pulling.

  4. just because i think its needed, does this video needs a rework ?
    since you told us we shouldn'T do planks…
    so should we master them ?

  5. He's not rolling far enough out! There's a further 6 to 8 inches of travel he's NOT doing. And that is the hard part. Think nose to floor.

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