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THE WRESTLERS (Series Trailer)

THE WRESTLERS (Series Trailer)

♪♪ ♪♪ [ Crowd booing ] What the fuck is going on? ♪♪ Professional wrestling is experiencing
a global renaissance. At the core of every wrestler,
there is a storyteller, every ring a stage to reflect
the struggles of its audience, whether it be gender, sexuality,
race, religion, or class. ♪♪ Woman: That glass ceiling,
we’re shattering it. It’s not just amazing wrestling. There’s also, like,
fighting against discrimination, fighting against oppression. It’s just so much more than
just fighting in the ring. ♪♪ Man: Busted open. Oh! -Oh!
-Nice shot! 45% to 50% of the weapons
that I construct in some way involve
panes of glass. Oh, shit!
Oh! ♪♪ ♪♪

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96 thoughts on “THE WRESTLERS (Series Trailer)

  1. More wrestling stuff…yay! Hoping to see another season of Dark Side of the Ring in the near future, but this shall hold me over 🙂

  2. Can you fucking imagine the Lucha Bros started out in the streets doing Lucha at the Traffic Lights! Spoiler!

  3. I heard professional wrestling described as the modern day theatre. The wrestlers know it's fake. The audience knows it's fake. Through the suspension of disbelief, a story is told.

    He might have been pretty drunk, in fairness.

  4. How can I watch this outside of the US? It's telling me 'not available in your country' on viceland… I'm in the UK

  5. I love Vice! Y’all had me hooked with the YT documentaries on Deathmatch wrestling, Dark Side of the Ring, and now this. I appreciate the love and admiration to the sport.

  6. Meanwhile in the WWE …. a senior citizen is having a fit because his creative process needs a blue pill 🤪🤣😂

  7. Pro Wrestling over the years has easily become the most underappreciated sport in the world and especially in the U.S.

  8. Glad they covered deathmatch style wrestling, it's something unique that will capture regular VICE viewers attention.

  9. It would make me, a transgender woman, so happy if you spotlighted the amazing former IPW:NZ Women’s Champion Candy Lee

  10. If I never saw another suicide dive to the outside in a wrestling match again I would be pretty happy.

  11. Lmfao how did Canadian wrestling and Congo wrestling get a spotlight but not arguably the second best wrestling country in the world England?

  12. Man I love wrestling documentaries. Started with Wrestling With Shadows for me way back when and hasn’t stopped. Love this stuff.

  13. Gosh I hope they post a lotta cool atuff on the YTs.

    Maube make special content for Premium Buyers?

    Ehhh? Ehhhhhhh??? nudges

  14. "gender , sexuality , race , religion or class" .. ehh ? NO , it comes down to if the person is talented and entertaining or not and in terms of gender at least men are usually more entertaining

  15. Really good show. Not sure why you have to put your weird gender grievances in it, but I get you need the woke audience. Let's just not pretend people this shit even matters though.

  16. American women wrestlers are the worst they believe it's fake and that's why so many of them do it, it's not fake its choreographed

  17. That’s the best wrestling story ever told ibushi and Kenny omega 10 years in the making, that’s brilliant 💯💯

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