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[ “Flower Duet” plays ] Man: I’m a pro wrestler, and I’ve abused my body
in different ways. I beat the shit out of my body
for entertainment. ♪♪ Wrestling’s changing. You have this new generation that can do incredible things that we’ve never seen before. [ Crowd cheering ] There’s no other drug like it. And I’ve tried a few. [ Both chuckle ] ♪♪

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14 thoughts on “THE WRESTLERS (Teaser)

  1. I am from Canada I had the privilege of seeing almost all of these episodes its a love story to wrestling excellent choice of a host everyone so uncanny and honest viceland thank you this whole series needed to be seen!

  2. Holy shitballs I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS SERIES!!!! In my opinion there is no other human subculture as interesting as the world of Professional Wrestling and I'm so happy Viceland has decided to turn their eye to it's unique beauty.

  3. And Disney said they won't see their investment money again… Glad to know it was wasted on whatever this is…

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