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Tiger Chen – LOST MASTER

Tiger Chen – LOST MASTER

Was that tai chi? Yes. Really? Please stand facing the mirror What have you been doing? And state your name. Tiger Chen. Working. What kind of work? How would you like to test
how good you are, Tiger? Or could become? No referees, no rules. I can’t fight tai chi for money. Have you been fighting? You must have responsibilities. A master? Parents? Fight for them. For the temple. What if I lose? Fight! So when the temple’s fixed and you’ve tasted blood… I don’t want to
do this anymore. what then? Don’t kid yourself. I just finished what you started. I have control. No, you have power, not control. You owe me a life. What I learn in here, I can’t use out there. How can you use what you have
not yet learned? Only when you’ve dispelled these illusions… will you find your way again. Anybody can
watch a fight, Tiger. But to watch a person’s
life evolve and change, that is what I offer. You owe me a life! Kill or be killed. Do you know who you are, Tiger? That’s what I want! I knew you had it in you.

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4 thoughts on “Tiger Chen – LOST MASTER

  1. “Man of Tai Chi”. Is the movie worth seeing? I’ve never heard of it until now and it looks kinda awesome! John Wick has become my favorite movie series ever since chapter 2 and anything even remotely similar to those movies I’m interested in.

  2. By the way, your YouTube channel is legendary. You made a video covering god of war, Spider-Man, 2 videos of DMC 5, Leon, John Wick, and now this. Get this, Spider-Man was my 2018 game of the year while god of war was one of my favorites. DMC 5 is my favorite game of all time in my young 22 years of living so far, while Resident Evil 2 Remake is not far behind it as one of my favorite games of all time and Leon is one of my favorite characters ever. My favorite movie ever made is…you guessed it…John Wick Chapter 2. My point is that you’ve made videos of my favorite movie of all time and my favorite game of all time and you’ve made videos covering other pieces of art that are close to being my favorite pieces of art of all time. Since you made a video about this “Man of Tai Chi” movie, I’m making it a priority to see it.

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