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Tips to survive the end of the world

Tips to survive the end of the world

Hi, welcome to the collapse
of the world economy. Jobs are scarce, and there really only
are a few companies left because monopoly laws are pretty much meaningless at this point. So I’m gonna help you with some tips on how to survive in a world where the problem is not big
government, but big business. Okay, first tip is get yourself a job. Now, there’s only one company
to work for, which is Cloud, so your choices are pretty scarce. Make sure to get up bright
and early to get on the bus so you can avoid the door
slamming in your face because there is no last
place in this economy. Tip number two is save
your money. Except at Cloud you don’t really get paid in
money, you get paid in credits and those credits are
subject to processing fees, and you can’t really spend those
credits anywhere but Cloud, but you do get a discount
on Cloud services. Number three, keep your head down. Don’t get sick, don’t cause trouble and do not even say the word union. Number four, keep your
employee ranking up. You will be monitored
at all times, all day, and you will get a five star rating based on how you’re doing. Now remember, if you drop to one star it’s an automatic dismissal, and also if your ranking gets too low there’s a good chance
that on the next cut day, you may find yourself without a job. Number five, make sure you wear
your Cloudband at all times. It is your always on, all-access,
location tracking pass to everything at Cloud. Do not take it off, only
to charge it at night. This is the world I’ve created
in my book The Warehouse. It is not a place that you want to be, but if you find yourself there, I hope these tips will
help you survive it.

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