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TMA vs. MMA: The Great Debate!

TMA vs. MMA: The Great Debate!

Hey. Ando here from Happy Life Martial Arts. Traditional Martial Arts and Mixed Martial
Arts. The trash talking between these two camps
has been going on for decades now. Personally, I’ve been training in traditional
martial arts for most of my life, but I’ve also bought more than a few UFC pay-per-views. Yup. I’m a fan of both. Which is why I end up arguing with myself
all the time…

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35 thoughts on “TMA vs. MMA: The Great Debate!

  1. I believe that martial artists should respect each other, all arts have something good to offer, and in most cases, it's down to the man or woman practising. Character development is a very important side to training and martial artist who waste time decrying other arts have failed to grasp this! I have studied Wing Chun, WTF TKD and currently, at 66 have started Shotokan as a white belt. I loved doing the two former arts and I am loving Shotokan, starting from the beginning. A TKD 9th Dan, Master Kim Yong Ho of the WTF once told me that all martial arts are essentially 80% the same, all about relaxation and breathing with the 20% remaining the differences in the techniques of the different arts. He also advised the whole black belt seminar to look at Tai Chi showing that he was open to arts other than TKD. This to me is the sign of a true martial artist, Respect!

  2. Ando-sensei, I bowed several times to you in this video because of the wisdom you've given me. Thank you for this impressive video!

    P.S. I do traditional and I have gained more respect for the MMA community thanks to you. 😀

  3. Great video sir😂 You know I started out in tma and I have done mma for years now. I love tma but the problem with it lies in the training methods. You need to do strength training, conditioning training and real sparring to make sure your techniques are effective. Tma schools who do this have a far higher succes rate than tma schools who don't. Everything works, and nothing works. It all depends on how you train. Ofcourse there are some techniques that are more effective than others in some ways. A muay thai roundhouse kick has far more power than a taekwondo one, but a taekwondo roundhouse kick gets his power from his speed. That is why a taekwondo kick is better for head kicks and a muay thai kick is better for body kicks. But all things aside, just pick the martial art that works for you and that you enjoy, so we can all have a happy live.

  4. Sensei you going to keep it up and they going to give you some medicine and they going to put you in a straight jacket you better stop now since a

  5. Very well done! It actually felt like 2 different people. 😁👌
    Lots of good points. Also lots of lol's… like the 'couples counselling' style pseudo-compliments bit! 😄
    Personally, I like to employ both TMA & MMA approaches, without totally drinking the Kool-Aid of either… 😏

  6. A long time ago"rainbow fighter"was considered a mix Martial artis (rainbow) meaning mix of different styles in the early 70's

  7. Uh, how about MMA foundation is from TMA, MMA is a combination of various TMA used for Brutal ring fighting. TMA used more for conditioning the mind and body. Lastly, Outside of the ring, MMA have a lot more of a realistic success rate, than TMA.

  8. That was a very nice video and a very well thought out and intelligent conversation between TMA and MMA. I like, I like a lot.

  9. I think the age of MMA vs TMA is over. Most MMA practitioners value TMA for its wealth of knowledge that helps MMA skillsets. We’ve had too many Lyoto Machidas and Wonderboys to turn our noses up at TMA. And it seems like everyone today is looking to clip their opponent with that spinning back kick.

  10. TMA teaches us a way of life. My sensei teaches martial artists, not martial arts. It’s a way of being in the world, and it serves me well, I am fortunate to have the honor of being a martial artist , much respect for my sensei for this.

  11. I actually don't comment on the videos but I had to here because this one video compelled me to comment after 2 fuckin yrs ,
    It's the amount of effort that this man poured into this stufff it's litttt🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. 🐻 Both styles are awesome!!!👍👍👍💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏😀😀😀😂😂😂👊👊👊"Just had a bro moment"!!!

  13. Within both sides there's narrow minded and open minded people. Definitely prefer the open minded ones. By now it has also been shown that a number of the techniques deemed unrealistic from TMA can work in MMA, as long as you know how to fight. It is one thing to study fighting and learn fighting techniques, but pressure testing and sparring is essential for learning to use those techniques in a dynamic unpredictable context where you gotta be able to take and give. I'm more than anything else a TMA guy, but I train both BJJ, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, etc. 🙂

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