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Tom Hardy Traps Workout Secret for BIGGER TRAPS NOW!

Tom Hardy Traps Workout Secret for BIGGER TRAPS NOW!

Did you ever see Tom Hardy and wish that you
had his traps? I am going to show you in this video how,
with one training secret, you can see his traps in the mirror every single day. What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM Today we’re going to talk about one of the
hottest topics now, even though the movie is old now, Batman. Tom Hardy is still one of the most popular
guys in Hollywood, and people talk about guys in our community that like to lift weights,
they’re talking about mostly not just his whole physique but mostly his traps. And there is a training secret that you can
use when you’re doing your traps that isn’t all that secret, but I think guys are really
missing the point. A lot of times I think there are two mistakes
that I think people are making. Number one, they do barbell shrugs as opposed
to dumbbell shrugs, and I’ll show you the reason why. If you do a barbell shrug, you’re pretty much
limited by the position of the bar of how far back you can go. So most of the time guys are doing their shrugs
straight up and down. And again this might look pretty familiar
if this is what you’re doing, or guys that do behind the back shrugs. But again you’re limited as to how much you
can actually move the bar. Right? It’s a little bit awkward to be gripping it
behind you and pulling it up, and here you’re limited by your thighs as to how far you can
move the bar back. The reason why that’s a big deal is you have
to understand what the traps do. They don’t just elevate the shoulders or the
scapula upward, but they also retract the scapula and pull them back. So unless you have that component in the exercises
that you’re doing to train your traps, you’re not going to have the elevation that you want
or the development that you want on them. So we’ve switched to dumbbells and importantly
we do something very different with the dumbbells when we do the shrug. So when I grab a set of dumbbells here, I
will turn to the side first, what it allows me to do, is not just pull up. Ok? When I pull up, I’m actually kind of doing
this with a rounded shoulder because that’s really the tendency that guys have to develop
that forward posture. We don’t want to go just up, we also want
to go back, ok, because retracting at the same that we elevate we really contract the
traps at time that we elevate, will really contract the traps. And understand that guys, I say it all the
time, you want to contract the muscle that you are working. Ok,so if I turn, you’re going to be able to
see the difference. Here is a normal shrug with dumbbells or with
the barbells with my hands in front of me. I shrug up, ok, definitely getting some activation
up there, but not what we could do if we get the retraction at the same time. So here we go, from here, retract and back. Ok so I can squeeze the traps. So I can squeeze back, rotating back, so you
see here it is rotating up and then up. And then up, ok, so if you look at it again,
then you see the big difference. That is actual true trap activation and that
is going to lead to true trap development. So a lot of times we find ourselves in the
gym just going through our workouts but not really thinking about each movement that we’re
doing or even every rep on the exercise that we’re doing, and it is an important point
I think that we need to address and correct. And with AthleanX, what I try to do is focus
on those smaller things, because those smaller things done repetitively will add up to big
differences in how you look and the results you can see from your training. So even though, people say, Jeff you’re a
physical therapist so you’re going to nitpick on those things, it is because that’s what
is going to lead to the best end result and that’s what I want for you. So, guys if you haven’t already, head over
to right now. Grab the training program that the top guys
are using to get into the best shape of their lives. Some of our top row athletes, they need a
big strong foundation up here, but they also need strength everywhere else. Power, and I show them how to do it. And then I show you how to do it, also. I will see you guys back here in 7 days. In the meantime, I’ll see you over at

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100 thoughts on “Tom Hardy Traps Workout Secret for BIGGER TRAPS NOW!

  1. I admire Hardy’s traps, but you gotta admit, his posture is shite… he sometimes looks like bossu from notre dame de paris.

  2. Want big traps like his quick?? Do roofs. Reaps are the first thing to pop when you do rounds and lift. He even admitted on a Europe talk show that he did roids for the role ,so get the faaack outta here with this nonsense

  3. I've got hurt two times now doing this. Am I doing something wrong? Is it possible that this exercise is dangerous?

  4. Why not just bend a bit forward with bar or smith to change the angle it hits the traps? DBs might be more flexible, but available weight range or gym setup might make a bar a more functional choice.

  5. Good shit! I’ve been using the smith machine and trap machine thing. Haven’t used barbells and focused on my back traps.

  6. Lmao I was doing barbell shrugs WHILE he said you shouldn't be, then I stopped and looked at the video 😂😂

  7. I've seen quite a few of these Athlean X video's.
    His exercise execution is solid.
    My biggest issue is this guy won't shut the F up..
    Yak yak yak yak yak yak yak..
    Shut up already and show what someone what to do..

  8. Jeff everytime I hit the gym I listen to your advice and did depp and face pull every time and that fact pull made my traps like crazy in just 3weeks 👍👍👍😊

  9. Upright rows with a curling bar, and the secret is up explosively fast and down so slow, like really slow on the negative, you will feel ur traps burn, so fuck up Jeff

  10. Would it be a good idea to do shrugs with two cables slightly it front of you. Contract your traps and then shrugging up.

  11. I do 1 of my trap exercises sitting on my bench with my back rest set at the 90 degree position, as though I was going to do military presses. I keep my upper/middle/lower back & head pressed back against the seat back, & shrug upwards & roll my shoulders back as Jeff is displaying here. My hands & dumbells are a bit behind my hips as I shrug while seated. I use my 552 Bowflex adjustable dumbells, & find that I will soon need substantially MORE weight, as this muscle group grows & strengthens quickly!

    I also incorporate the bar shrug (with wrist straps for heavy loads) that Jeff was demonstrating, because it's so eff'n good for increasing neck thickness, delts, traps, & a myriad of other back supporting muscles & tendon strengthening. I do 4-5 sets of heavy narrow hand grip on the bar, (then do half the weight of 3-4 sets of burnouts of whatever reps until I cannot do any more reps) then about 3-4 sets of substantially lighter weight with a wide bar grip. Then I do burnouts as I did with the narrow grip.

    I do NOT do the behind the back shrug with the bar, as I soon noticed considerable structural shoulder pain, & also lower back pain a few weeks after incorporating it into my shoulder workout. Listen to your body people! It's a very intuitive reference point that tells you what does & does NOT work!

    I have found that I can do this complete workout 2-3 times per week, as they do heal/recover quicker than any other muscle group on "MY" body. Might be different for others.

    *Apropos:* "Weight lifting doesn't make Jeff BIGGER. Jeff lifts to make the weights look & feel a little littler!"

  12. Your the man bro, seriously inspiring for me. I love working out an because you I've changed my workout dramatically

  13. Goooolllldddddd Bbbbbeeeerrrrggggg Ggggggggoooooolllllllllllddddddddd Bbbbbbbeeeeeerrrrrrggggggg that’s who traps I want!

  14. Tom Hardy, big traps, small penis. Lol. MensHealth voted Tom Hardy with smallest penis in Hollywood. I guess he is overcompensating with big traps.

  15. Tom Hardy just has naturally huge traps. Of course he worked hard, but his traps just grow well, they’re well developed even when he isn’t conditioning for a role

  16. It's crazy to see how far Jeff has come now! Heartwarming to see one of the best online fitness channels just getting better with time. You can see how much he's worked on the campy intros and outtros and the massive change in his confidence. Jeff inspired me to get my ass outta bed and train and 2 years later, there's no looking back. Massive respect my man!!

  17. Watching this in 2019. How has Jeff’s hair gone from salt and pepper to dark brown in 7 years. Mofo aging in reverse?

  18. Some people are just gifted in certain areas and lack in others. I'm a trap man and mine are massive and I just do 3 or 4 isolation sets on them per week. But my calfs are tiny and just won't respond to anything !

  19. I lucked out into doing this movement and what a difference. I do the movement whild doing farmer's carry with flat weights. I love the FC but got bored with just carrying the weights. So I added the shrugs. Sometimes I also swing the weights to help stabalize the joints. God to find out I'm actually doing something right

  20. If you are doing barbell shoulder srugs, the best way that helps me is to bend over a bit and hold the bar away from your body a few inches, not only does this give you a better range of motion, but it also hits the traps more.

  21. Really puts into perspective that shrugs are a pulling exercise. Question for ya… Would you say we should go heavy on this? 60-120 DB range and 8-6-reps or 45-60 lbs 12-10 reps?

  22. As a woman I was intimidated to walk in to a gym full of Iron. Staying at it for 1 yr 2 mnth I have lost 35 lbs. I watch videos every day, take notes, apply it and lift heavy/light. AthleanX helped me get diet/macros under control, and I am seeing a leaner me with miscle. Thanks Jeff!

  23. I usually do 10 reps and without rest go in to a farmers walk. I have one question though? Which is better? Doing the walk while you hold the shrug or walking after you let the traps relax?

  24. Instead of struggling to do that just hinge slightly from hips and you will get retraction with elevation

  25. I do it with snatch wide grip. I actually do half snatches. Great activation and less stress at the cervicals

  26. He's already doing a chest workout while doing the vídeo.
    Every time he put his hands together and squeezes the pecs.

  27. Rewatching old videos. Damn Jeff- you've come a long way!!! What a great success story. Thank you for this channel and your videos!!

  28. Ah I see. I started developing these weird lumps on my back when I started working at a warehouse loading trailers. So those are traps…

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