Tony ferguson:”Am a slam Khabib ass”

Okay so then let me ask you that because
I saw the video that you posted about December 14th do you have any indication
you know there’s a lot of title fights that the UFC has to put on before the
end of the year there’s a lot of Champions that are waiting to get fights
guys like max Holloway and Amanda Nunez and John Jones they’re all itching to
fight do you think it is really possible that this fight can happen December 14th
you have any inkling have you talked to the UFC your management talked to the
UFC well could you tell us about the status I know it’s all very fresh but
you did call that date specifically that’s what we want that’s the date that
we want we want to go out there we want to perform in Vegas that’s what I want I
know it could be whatever he says I mean literally you gotta accept the fight I
mean literally are not defend or vacate seriously just set it down if I can walk
away buddy to say everybody that you know you don’t want to fight me you’re
scared retire do whatever the fuck you gotta do you made your money just sit it
down walk away if not literally that’s what I want to fight I want to fight in
December I’m tired of fighting once a year area I’ll be real with you I’m a
competitor I’m a high-level competitor I’m a multi-sport athlete I don’t like
sitting here and watching people compete I’m not trying to move and jump weight
classes and everything I got asked to kick here so until I get that belt
seriously I mean that’s all we’re going for give me a title shot or bust
December could I ask you Tony do you already have the game plan in your mind
like could you give us some insight as to how Tony would attack he’ll be even
wrong he made off without giving away too much you’ve obviously thought about
you prepared from four times before could you give us some insight this is a
guy who’s lost one round in his entire UFC career 12 fights how do you actually
unlock this code well he pissed me off a couple times so when him and his team
circled my family over at the hotel won I owe him one for that and then have
your elevator I remember I was actually just got done with my arm being broke
and I’m at the fight and he the elevator doors open here’s Javy man fucking
looking at me and I don’t know it was I just murmur he was a coach and he looked
at me and he kind of went that’s him and I walked by and well there who’s that
and I figured it out and I was like what the fuck dude all right so that was two
like a man like and the third one man like
seriously I can keep counting him I owe this dude a couple shots to the stomach
he’s got two coming to the stomach I’m gonna sign him from his feet to his back
and in Samba that’s like a big disc now when I fought cowboy Cerrone like if you
kick him on the back leg and the front leg if you do like a double kick wow
that’s like kind of like a man I just kicked your ass it’s like a TF it’s kind
of like an ankle pick I did that destroying him he broke no disrespect to
Cerrone no no disrespect to Kirby but I’m gonna slam his ass I’m gonna pick
him up I’m gonna show him exactly what grappling is all about the dude doesn’t
like to get hit there’s no there’s no secret to this shit it’s who’s gonna
want it more it’s a battle of will UFC December Vegas no bullshit defender
vacay I’m here I got my belt I’m staring right at it I mean what he just got a
new one that’s cool let me take that off your hands kid you
don’t need that you ain’t gonna fight enough can I ask you about that first
incident you talked about what happened you said they surrounded your family
yeah we were told we were checking in the hotel right in Hindman is a fucking
team they’re kind of a bunch of little fucking goons or whatever and we’re
checking in and my wife and I we I looked and there was like three or four
of his fucking teammates they were looking at us right like they were like
circling us and I’m like dude what the fuck and then later on my team and I we
had another like kind of like run with them I’m like seriously and these dudes
are just a bunch of fucking bullies I was standing up I stood up
fucking ali abdel aziz and i exchanged some words over half to fight not too
long ago and he fucking knows exactly what he’s dealing with i don’t play
around dude i really don’t you know and when I do it’s cool it’s fun and games
but when it comes to this fight game it’s Ruth ruthless man it’s more
ruthless and Robbie Lawler and it’s more ferocious than a team Farragut AK and
hate to talk to myself I’m third-person but seriously the one thing in this game
has taught me is to never take anything for granted
and to fucking work and put your numbers on

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