Top 10 Actors Who Refused To Kiss Their On Screen Co-stars

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kissing. There are a ton of people out there that would
LOVE the opportunity to make out with the most popular Hollywood actors. However, there are stars who have felt the
exact opposite. Whether it’s bad breath, religion views,
or anything in between, there are actors who have straight up refused to lock lips with
their costars. Let’s check out some examples with today’s
list of Top 10 Actors Who Refused To Kiss Their On Screen Co-stars. 10. Starting off our list at number 10 is Lindsay
Lohan. The actress refused to kiss Charlie Sheen
when filming Scary Movie 5. *insert image* If you’ve seen the movie
you might be thinking, uhh Jocelyn, they did kiss.. get your facts straight. WELL, here are the real facts. Turns out it wasn’t actually Lindsay that
you see kissing Charlie Sheen, it was her body double. The actress opened up and said that from the
time she signed on for the movie she made it clear that she didn’t want to kiss the
actor because she had concerns about his wild partying history. But, the producers didn’t even attempt to
change the script until after filming had already begun. Maybe they thought they could change her mind
by then? Who knows. But by the time it came down to film the kissing
scene, she was still refusing to do so. Eventually a body double was hired to fill
in for some of the kissing scenes, and some of them were completely taken out. When Charlie was asked about it, he said he
had no issues with Lindsay’s requests. Well good. No hard feelings then. 9. At number 9 we have Denzel Washington who
refused to kiss his costar Julia Roberts in The Pelican Brief. There are probably tons of people who would
have jumped at the opportunity to lock lips with Julia Roberts. I mean, the actress has been named the world’s
most beautiful woman five different times. However, Denzel Washington apparently didn’t
have much interest in locking lips with her so he opted out of their kissing scene in
the 1993 film. *insert image* He reportedly decided not to
film the scene with her because he didn’t want to play into Hollywood’s biased beauty
ideals. A writer for Newsweek and the Daily Beast,
Allison Samuels, talked to him about his decision in her 2007 book. During their interview he said: Black women
are not often seen as objects of desire on film. And they have always been my core audience. He went on to say that the kiss between him
and Julia would give into the worlds standards and he refused to do that. 8. Taking over our number 8 spot is Will Smith,
who refused to kiss his un-named costar in the movie Six Degrees of Separation. The 1993 movie was inspired by the real-life
story of David Hampton. Will Smith took on a lead role in the movie
and his character was gay, which is what caused a lot of controversy. According to The Independent, I quote: Smith
enraged his director when he refused to perform a passionate male-on-make kiss facing the
camera. Apparently the actor says he sought out advice
from another actor, Denzel Washington, who told him: don’t be kissing no man. Smith continued to insist that the scene be
shot from behind so that he could fake the scene. As time went on, the actor has come forward
and said he regrets that decision. He told Entertainment Weekly that his refusal
to perform the kiss was, I quote: very immature on my part. I wasn’t emotionally stable enough to artistically
commit to that aspect of the film. What do you guys think? Apology accepted? 7. At number 7 is Leona Lewis who refused to
kiss Chace Crawford i8n her I will be music video. The actress says she wanted to be a loyal
girlfriend which is why she refused to kiss the Gossip Girl hottie during the video shoot. *insert image* She said she didn’t want
her boyfriend to get too jealous. She hired the actor to play the love interest
in her music video but then refused to lock lips with him; you can imagine his confusion. During an interview she explained: I think
my boyfriend would get jealous if I was kidding them, but I’d never do that. They wanted me and Chace to kiss in the I
Will Be video but I said no way. Wow. Gotta have respect for loyalty like that. 6. Sliding into number 6 is Kimberly Mccullough
who refused to kiss an older costar, who goes un-named, while filming General Hospital. This is probably why we need the MeToo movement
to be in effect in the industry right now. The actress was expected to do an on-screen
kiss with a 22 year old when she was only 14 years old on General Hospital. The adult male goes unnamed because he was
reportedly making sexual jokes about the scene he was going to film with the under-aged teenager. To make matters worse, the young actress wasn’t
told her costars age until the day of the shoot. The producer told Kimberly that she was required
to do the kissing scene. Kimberly says she continued to complain and
refused to do it, so eventually they just settled for a kiss on the cheek. 5. Half way through the list at number 5 is Sienna
Miller who refused to kiss James Franco while doing their Indie film Camille. The two of them didn’t have any personal
beef so she had no problem taking on the role as his new wife in the 2008 film. *insert image* There was a major lack of PDA
considering the movie is about a pair of Newlyweds… but it was that way for good reason. The actress didn’t want to kiss James during
filming because hews lowkey kind of creepy, it was because she was having a big problem
with her teeth at the time. Turns out, Sienna has had a history of teeth
issues and while she was filming she had to call an emergency dentist. So even if she wants to make out with James,
she couldn’t; it was too painful. 4. Swiping our number 4 spot is Kirk Cameron
and ANY of his other costars really. The actor rose to fame because of his role
on ABC’s family show called Growing Pains. That’s where he met his wife, Chelsea Noble,
and he promised her that he would never kiss another woman. He is a committed husband and also a committed
Christian, so he made this promise a part of their marriage. Kirk admits it has had an effect on his acting
career ever since then, but he’s okay with it. In 2008, he starred in the movie Fireproof
where he had a kissing scene with the woman who was playing his wife. The directors decided to work around this
issue and they actually dressed up his real wife and then shot the kissing scene in a
silhouette theme. *insert image* Not every director would be
as accommodating, but Kirk made a commitment to his wife and we can tell he is determined
to keep his promise. 3. Alright guys, at number 3 we have Janet Jackson
who refused to kiss Tupac in their movie Poetic Justice. The two of them were beyond adorable in the
romantic drama, but apparently there was even more drama behind the scenes. *insert image* Janet had restrictions to do
love scenes with the rapper because of his reputation as a ladies man. She went as far as insisting that he get an
AIDS test beforehand. During that time the disease was known to
be spread through saliva. But apparently, the rapper refused because
he was completely insulted. In the end, Janet didn’t win this battle
and she ended up kissing him for the scene. But she has no problem admitting now that
for a while she refused until a blood test was put in place. Hmm, so why’d you cave girl? What made you change your mind? 2. Here we are at number 2 with Kate Winslet
and Leonardo Dicaprio who both refused to kiss each other while filming Revolutionary
Road. We’ve seen the two of them play a couple
before so why was it so different this time around? *insert image* Their chemistry in Titanic
was off-the-charts, but the couple refused to kiss while filming the 2008 movie. Turns out there was a good reason. The film’s director, Sam Mendes, was Kate’s
husband at the time. The two of them did it out of respect for
Kate’s relationship. Fans felt robbed by the movie because they
were excited to see the two of them reunite for another movie after all these years. Who wouldn’t want to see kate and jack back
together once again?! But, I think it’s totally rad that they
respected her husband like that. I see it both ways. 1. Taking the number 1 spot on our list is Neal
McDonough and any of his costars. We have another actor who has committed to
his wife that he won’t ever kiss another woman, including a costar. He takes the number 1 spot because he remained
so true to his word that it led him to getting fired from a TV show. The actor is a married man with 3 children
and he thought that taking parts in love scenes would clash with his Catholic views and his
reputation as a family man. During an interview with Christian Examiner,
he said, I quote: Killing people on screen — that’s fake. That’s not real. When you’re in bed with another woman on screen
— guess what? That’s real. I don’t like that kind of stuff. Especially now with kids, I don’t want to
have my kids say, ‘Hey, Dad, what are you doing with that lady on screen? The actor has every right to stick to his
beliefs, but that doesn’t mean it won’t affect his career. He was starring on the TV show called Scoundrels,
but was let go because he refused to do any kind of intimate scenes. The reason the show fired him wasn’t because
of his beliefs, but producers say they sent him a script in advance and he was aware of
the scenes but never said anything. Alright guys, let me know what you guys think
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