TOP 10 MMA Gear/ Training MUST HAVES for me!

I’m gonna get fitter and healthier by
joining an MMA gym kickboxing boxing why judges – judo here are my ten pieces of
equipment that I use to get the bikini body and abs for that next beach outing yep upstairs now here at UFC gym you PTC
for those of you who actually don’t know me Cassie you Molly here health and
fitness ambassador multiple sport athlete and clay a lot of things too
many to mention just check out my other vlogs if you want to know what it is and
let’s go inside before the class starts and I will show you guys my gear I’m here at UFC gym of course as you
guys can see and I’m on the map right now it’s just because all sort of
unboxings unbag a couple of the gear that I’m gonna be using for today of
course boxing gloves and I have another type of gloves that I’ll be showing you
guys later as well but you can use in their options it’s not like exactly an
acquirement that you need both I just like gear a lot so look it’s something I
like to show people my stick for laters and I’ll show you guys how to use it
bunch of other goodies and equipment that’s inside I’ll just show you guys
along my okay usually when I start my workout some people think that it begins
with a warm-up but actually nowadays that they taught us that it’s supposed
to begin and start with activation which I always have these resistance bands in
my staple ranges from light medium and heavy so we’re gonna do some activation
exercises with this just to wake up one of the most basic pieces of
equipments that you need when you get into an MMA gym or you’re gonna start
your own boxing or kickboxing classes or the hand wraps I like to have more than
just one pair of pants just because if you go every day you’re gonna have to
wash it after each session you do want to let it dry properly I always highly
recommend to couple to get beat elastic types of camera so there’s a lot of
different colors you can choose from I like being very possessed with that I
like once you start to know about two hand grabs on your own you’re gonna be a
throw in it and you won’t even need to have your coach and your trainer have to
help you show all the products that I’m gonna be showing here today throughout
this entire video you can be seen in the description box below so you guys want
to get your own equipment just so you can get on your way with health and
fitness check it out and of course when you do your workout
you want music and usually when I’m in this place it’s okay to sort of use your
tunes thing with JBL click to is that you can really use it for like the
sporty sense and I love this because it’s good with my workout that is real sweat right
there and of course you always gotta like have your towels because you don’t
want to be sweating all over the gym and the most important thing for your body
is to rehydrate of course good thing about the corpsicle is that it keeps
cold for twenty-five hours hot for 12 hours so
come on oh it’s hot here in the Philippines this is still nice and
refreshing now off to my cool down with the other
products that I like to use for any type of training and exercise that I do and one thing I forgot to mention about
this the reason that I really like it is
because there’s technology in and the fact that it’s called a nice towel is
because when you wet it and then it’s cool to the touch so it’s really really
good about that especially if you play about noir sports or something
show that cools me down now we’re gonna do our stuff I usually have is doing all
those kicks himself really get into leading out the muscle fibers we can do
inside I have my really routine because it helps with my recovery all over your
body the reason why I like using a beep is
that it has magnesium in it and it’s enhancers for muscle recovery solution
that can help you so that tomorrow the next day you’re good to go for your next
training needs to go ahead and mess together especially because it’s kind of
hard to watch your life using this department especially for like this area
and you’re trapped this is called roller massager and he use that too
sorry last for my equipment is something for
recovery really important it’s for stretching and I’m gonna show you guys
how to use it especially if you’re like starting out and working out and
exercising you’re not as flexible because you’re not used to it so this
really helps and we basically use it as an assistance to guide you into doing
deeper stretches so you can also use this for yoga a lot of different loops
in it you’re able to put your foot through it or any stretch that you can
have and put yourself into deeper stretches because a flexible muscle is a
healthy muscle lots of things you can do with this really really good pick it in there misogynist thank you so
much everyone for watching it was a pleasure showing everybody my
animation must have you always gotta have a lot of stuff to do with getting
fit and becoming healthier and one last thing I almost forgot you gotta have
food right after your workout so that’s my last gym must-have for this episode
stay tuned for the next one as I will be doing my gym must-haves in a gold
shipment sense and also the next episode is the must-haves and the gear I like to
use when I do running outdoors and probably going to go to UB have my
workout there so stay tuned everybody thank you so much for watching
desperation vibrations out means my inspiration stay tuned for the next
video and I will bring it out to you let’s go these are really good by the way vegan
only bananas not fried thanks boy let’s coach Adam and I geeking out on
camera gear oh yeah we all look at that look at his stuff like he has this mount
thing that he puts on his gigantic vlog stick things as long anything for like
mm a concept oh yeah of course yes all for a good cause

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