TOP 10 MMA : Striking Techniques For Beginners

Want to know the best strikes needed for MMA? Want to know what to train, so you can become an ultimate fighting machine? You’ve come to the right place! in this episode of our top 10 MMA series We will be educating you on the absolute essential striking techniques You need to know if you’re going to train or compete one day in MMA. Welcome to another episode in our top 10 MMA series. in this video We will break down 10 standing strikes You must learn to succeed in MMA. As always Arts Martial Mixed is here to help you with your MMA journey. So show some support and consider SUBSCRIBING:) But let’s get this thing going shall we? The first technique you need to learn in MMA is the jab. The jab is a straight shot done with your lead hand So if you’re an Orthodox stance you jab with your left hand If you’re a southpaw you jag with your right hand. The jab is a speed and setup technique It’s to be executed as fast as possible toward the opponent and then retracted back just as fast The jab is useful as it sets up other techniques in your striking arsenal. For a great jab example Watch Anderson Silva Vs Yushin Okami, or watch the legend GSP The cross sometimes known as the straight is the first shot you should learn with your power hand It’s called the cross as this shot literally crosses your body as you throw it It’s a very powerful shot and is a very straight shot toward the opponent. This shot if it lands can end a fight and fast So learn the cross, it’s essential for your striking arsenal. A great example of a cross is Conor McGregor. Watch this fight with Jose Aldo to see how effective a cross can be? As the word of this strike suggests this technique is thrown in the shape of a hook The hook is an incredibly powerful strike that most fights tend to be finished by You can throw a hook with both your lead hand and your rear hand Throwing a hook requires a twisting motion in your body in order to generate power. There are many MMA examples of the hook However, see here how Robbie Lawler uses them effectively The uppercut is essential to MMA training success and I believe it’s underutilized for beginners, but definitely use it The uppercut is a great shot because it incredibly powerful but also can slip through the guard of your opponent who may be focusing on hooks Uppercuts can be used in many variations but check out how devastating this blow can be by watching Jeremy Stephens. Take out Rafael dos Anjos The leg kick what a devastating technique in particular here I am talking about the muay Thai outside leg Kick, the leg kick is a powerful weapon in MMA. It’s like swinging a baseball bat This is due to kicking with the shin into your opponent’s thigh. doing this can really disable your opponent Even with shin guards, as the kick lands to the leg, your opponent starts to lose their power speed and mobility Due to the muscles becoming heavily damaged in the thigh. leg kicks are essential for your MMA arsenal This kick is amazing and it’s the first solely defensive striking technique in this list so far The push kick is so called because it’s designed to push your opponent away This kick is thrown by lifting your knee and extending your leg straight at your opponent’s chest With the underside of your foot in a pushing motion This is useful when you may be overwhelmed in sparring or a fight and need to quickly gain some space in order to reset To see how powerful a push kick can be in MMA just watch Junior Dos Santos vs. Ben Rothwell here Now this kick is similar but not to be confused with the push kick The only difference is that this kick is landed with the balls of the toes and not the underside of the foot in Addition it is thrown as a quick snap and not a push Landing this technique to the solar plexus can result in taking the wind out of your opponent and trust me I know because I’ve had it done to me and it sucks This kick can also be thrown at the head if you’re flexible enough and it has the power to end the fight Just check these two awesome examples, Conor McGregor used it brilliantly against Chad Mendes and Anderson Silva. Well, you’ll see The knee strike is awesome this technique can be used in so many variations from clinches to standing to even flying. the knee is effective and Devastating. the knee is self-explanatory. However Utilizing correct hip rotation and head position to really accentuate the power and make this technique fight ending yet again Watch Anderson Silva for an example of how to throw the strike in many ways The elbow is similar to the hook except you of course only use half your arm But due to the compact nature of this strike It makes it one of the most powerful strikes and MMA. not only can it be fight ending in terms of power But the elbow is sharp as well and therefore it can open cuts in a fight and it can be thrown from many different angles Even though this is a technique You should learn, always restrict yourself for using it on the pads whilst in training and not in sparring It is simply too dangerous to throw elbows in training unless you get some bulky elbow pads Examples of elbows include Mike Perry versus Jake Ellenberger, and of course Yair Rodriguez Vs the Korean Zombie The foot stop is probably one of the most basic techniques in MMA, which is why it makes this beginner list You don’t really need any training to throw it. It’s self-explanatory and straightforward usually this technique is used while in the clinch where it’s hard to strike with anything else if your opponent has you tied up and It could better your position by giving your opponent something else to think about Thank you and make sure you watch our other top 10s to boost your MMA knowledge and skill as soon as possible

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