97 thoughts on “Top 10 SmackDown LIVE moments: WWE Top 10, August 20, 2019

  1. Lol one of the stupidest things I've seen in see are heel announcers and face announcers it's dumb as he'll who else agrees?

  2. 3:58 is Buddy Murphy is trash he beat Daniel is their match which means that Daniel Bryan is even worse than Buddy Murphy logic

  3. If y’all get a chance, go to 3:33 and make sure the videos on .25x playback speed…ol’ girl’s reaction time is NFL level.

  4. So… what you're telling me is that the majority of smackdown's "Top moments" were a single match and it's fallout? Cuz it resulted in 3 slots on this list

  5. Dont make Charlotte champion she always in the title picture i rather see her screwed then see her in title picture all the time

  6. 1 like only …murphy vs daniel….worst ending …..more mistake wwe make more plus for aew ………….im.waiting for aew all out ………

  7. You know WWE is going down the drain when A guy like Kofi is champion, so many other superstars that deserve it and can make the story line a lot better

  8. With the exception of Kofi Kingston, this collection of S.D. moments could be summarized with "the villains have won".

  9. Drew got tired of losing with & sucking up to Shane now Elias gets his turn. I thought Shane was gone after Summer Slam. Why he still there

  10. Bayley is my favorite…fighting off all of the dumb blondes in WWE. That's the kind of change WWE desperately needs.

  11. Should Kofi return to his boom boom boom celebration ?, to make it something worth remembering as well as the Yes! by Daniel Bryan

  12. Bryan and Reigns tried so hard not to laugh at that Rowan doppelganger…the storyline took such a turn for the worse that it was literally dropped the following week.

  13. Zelina is a cheat she always have ways to cheat when andreda is about to lose like it is just a match he dont always have to win its just for entertainment

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