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Top 10 Strongest And Best MMA Fighters In The World 2017

Top 10 Strongest And Best MMA Fighters In The World 2017

Top 10 Mightiest And Strongest Fighters of
All Time To all those who have a thing for fights,
attention please. We are unveiling the mightiest fighters from
MMA that might be of interest to you. And for those of you, who have no interest
in combat sports whatsoever, stay tuned with us for the video and you are sure to develop
interest in the sport! These beasts have little chance to not attract
your attention so fasten your seat belts as we jet off to another world inside the octagon! Number 10. Antonio Silva
19 wins with 12 losses, not too bad! He is a threat to each fighter who steps into
the cage with him and once you see him, you won’t ask why! The man stands tall at 1.93 meters with a
weight of 265 pounds; all making him look just the part of fighting! Maybe he isn’t one of the best men in MMA
but one look at his ripped body and all our visual needs are fulfilled, do we care about
the fight then? Yes we do, of course but seeing him is a bonus! Number 9. Brock Lesnar
He just had to be on the list without a doubt! But did you expect him to be at number 9? Probably not but you are in for a surprise
when you see rest of the massive fighters! The beastly figure is going strong with his
MMA career by defeating Randy Couture, Shane Carwin and Frank Mir. The 265 pound man is 1.91 meter in height
and is a true specimen to watch in the cage. If you haven’t seen him in the octagon,
you haven’t seen much in life! Number 8. Mariusz Pudzianowski
The Polish ‘Dominator’ makes for a superb competitor inside the octagon with 11 wins
to his name in contrast to just 5 losses. Though he has lost against other heavy weight
fighters, he has no plans to retire any time soon. Not that we want him to go, come on that man
is huge, like really HUGE! With 320 pounds packed on 1.85 meters of frame,
he does make for a hefty fighter. But do you know this fighter has spent 19
months in prison for assaulting a local mafia boss? Shocking! Number 7. Alexandru Lungu
If we talk about the talented bunch of massive MMA fighters, we are sure to stumble upon
this man. Throughout his career in combat sports, he
has won many tournaments and taken plenty of titles home. He even tried his hand at kickboxing which
gave him a rather impressive record to boast of with 7 wins and 2 losses. Post that he entered MMA and got himself 10
wins, accompanied by 4 losses. But he is here for his 1.82 meters of length
together with 364 pounds. OMG! Number 6. Choi Hong-man
This South Korean champ made a great career in kickboxing with 12 wins and 7 losses. But was not proved as good with his skills
in the octagon. Only 4 wins from 9 bouts in MMA, Choi can’t
be called a great achiever. But he surely got his share of attention,
all thanks to 2.18 meters of height with 330 pounds wrapped around it. He surely is a spectacle to watch in the cage,
can we have more of him! Number 5. Bob Sapp
Can’t count him in the best of MMA men, his 11 wins against 20 losses are to be held
responsible! Though he also had a career in kickboxing,
it too wasn’t a fulfilling one with 12 wins to 17 losses. But if there is one thing that we can remember
him for then it would surely be for his massive size. The beast weighs 329 pounds, all packed on
his 1.96 meter frame. Now that is impressive or at least, shocking! Number 4. Giant Silva
The skyscraper man is something of a giant with his towering height of 2.18 meters. He might not have a successful MMA career
to boast of but he surely made it to this list, all thanks to his tall frame and a weight
of 385 pounds. We still remember the day in 2003 when he
made his debut in the ring, opposite Heath Herring in Pride! Sadly he couldn’t continue for long and
retired in 2006 with 2 wins against 6 losses. But he sure is a beast and we’d remember
him for that! Number 3. Stefan Struve
When you go through UFC’s heavyweight division, who is the man that best catches your attention
with his massiveness? With a mind blowing height of 2.13 meters,
Struve is ready to turn all heads his way when he lands in the ring. 265 pounds on his tall frame make him look
just perfectly ripped. The man has 28 wins to himself with only 8
losses and that makes for a great resume in the fighting field! Talking of that can we miss his black belt
in kickboxing and brown belt in jiu jitsu? Number 2. Eric Esch
A successful boxer with 77 wins and only 10 losses to his credit makes it to this list. Butterbean as he is widely known stood at
a mere 1.80 meters but that shouldn’t disappoint you because he made up with 425 pounds on
him! His MMA career lasted a glorious 10 years
with 17 out of 28 wins in his bag, which is surely admirable. The man was not only hefty but had a great
MMA career before retiring in 2011 which puts him in this list without a doubt! Number 1. Emmanuel Yarbrough
Standing tall at 2.03 meters, Emmanuel was indeed a huge man but that’s not why he
is on number1. One look at the man and you know for sure
how much he loves food! He weighed 600 pounds during his MMA career
but has weighed up to 882 pounds also, that is beyond imagination! His MMA career consists of only 3 bouts, out
of which he conquered one. But he had a tragic end as a result of his
food addiction; we lost him in 2015 when his heart gave up. He will forever be in our hearts, a silent
prayer for Manny! Aren’t they just so mighty and buff? Would you like to add on to this list? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel if you liked this
video. And while you’re here, check out our other
videos and tell us what you think of them. You can also find us on twitter, facebook
and instagram. Thanks for watching.

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