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Top 10 WWE Wrestlers of All Time

Top 10 WWE Wrestlers of All Time

World’s Top 10 Most Popular WWE Wrestlers Hello Friends, do you recognize these faces? Yes, I have given your exact idea. We are talking about your favorite wwe wrestlers today. Share this video with your wwe fan friends as soon as possible 10) The Great Khali Great Khali will be very favored by all of you because he is such a player who is from India in WWE. He has played a lot of matches in WWE, and in 2007 he also won defeating Randy Orton from the Heavy Weight Championships. Khali started her career in 2000 and is often the subject of discussion due to its height. You might be surprised to know that Khali is 7 feet 4 inches and its weight is about 190 kilograms. Khali has challenged every big player in wrestling. Now he has US citizenship. Khali has also done about 4 Hollywood movies and 2 Bollywood movies. In 2015 Khali’s earnings from around 18 lakh to 27 lakh ,which is not very much in wrestling. 9) Shawn Michaels Shawn Michaels is considered to be a better player in the wrestling world. You will know that Shawn Michaels has become the world champion for 4 times in his career, and he has thrown a bigger players in the ring. He played his debut match in 1985 and has since become a WWE star. Sean’s height is about 6 feet and weighs 102 kilograms.He is the first winner of WWF Grand Slam championship and he also won Triple Crown Championship. Because of all these victories, he has honored for the Hall of Fame in 2011. Shawn Michaels has recorded the record 25 years and his earnings are about 100 crore. 8) Triple H Triple H is one of WWE’s legendary players. Now all of you who are fan of Triple H, it will be interesting to know that their Favourite player has won 25 championships, including 9 superb WWE championships and 5 heavyweight championships. Triple H played his debut match in 1992 and has a height of 6 feet 4 inches. They weigh about 112 kilograms. The shocking thing is that Triple H net worth $ 150 million Even this player married Stephanie Mc Mahon, who has acquired much of WWE as McMahon’s family has the largest share of WWE. 7) Big Show Big Show Entertainment is the second name and people used to go crazy to see his matches. He has used such techniques in the wrestling which has touched the hearts of people and therefore fan following is very high. Big Show’s name is Big because his height is 7 feet and its weight is 174 kg. Big Show started his career in 1995 and was the most famous name of all his trainers Triple H Big Show has become World Champion 7 times in his career, and a quantity is the player who won the match in different Challenge while in WWE. Big Show’s net worth is about 100 crore and his net worth is $ 20 million in a career of 20 years. 6) John Cena John Cena has a great name in WWE Wrestling and is a big player who is still wrestling. His height is 6 feet and weighing approximately 114 kilograms. John Cena has won 25 championships, including 16 world champions and 3 heavyweight championships. He is the King of the Ring and he started his career in 1999. He has defeated bigger players in WWE by challenging them. Many people consider John Cena as the best player in the world of wrestling. John Cena is given the highest amount of money in wrestling and his net worth £ 200 million. 5) Hulk Hogan Hulk Hogan is the only Western player whose discussing in the whole world. These are very popular players in their time and they are so famous that in today’s date, and doubts any WWE player can compete with him. He was called different names in the ring such as the Hulk Machine, Mr. America, Sterling Golden, the Super Destroyer. He has spent a lot of time in the ring. He made his debut in 1977 and retired in 2015. His height is about 6 feet and 7 inches and weighs 132 kilograms. It has won 12 times world championships and has won the World Heavyweight title for 6 consecutive consecutive times.At that time, Hulk used to get 10-15 lakhs in every match and in world, he is still a popular star. 4) Stone Cold Stone Cold Steve Austin is a famous 90-century celebrity who has won 19 championships. From 1991-1995 he was King of the Ring and there was no one who could beat Stone Cold. He has played a lot of matches and his biggest competitor was Undertaker.. Stone Cold Steve Austin has a height of 6 feet 2 inches and weighs about 110 kilograms. He started his career in 1989 and got his place in the Hall of Fame after 10 years. Stone Cold has earned a lot of money in the WWE and his net worth are around 324 million. 3) Kane Whenever Ken gets into wrestling then people are crowded to see them. So after Stone Cold if any name is famous in the world of wrestling, then it is Kane Kane started his wrestling career in 1992. They are the Undertaker’s brother and so both brothers ever fight together, so they can fight against each other. Kane has been a World Champion 3 times and Tag Team Champion 12 times. Kane is huge and has a height of about 7 feet and weighs 147 kilograms. The biggest success of Ken’s wrestling is that he won the world championship defeating the Wrestling King Stone Cold Steve Austin of that time. His total earnings in Kane’s 16-year career is about 420 crore. Kane is also known as The Big Red Machine. 2. Rock All of you want to know it, and our favorite Dwayne Johnson i.e. Rock is in the number 2 place in our list. Rock is considered to be the best professional wrestler in the world. Rock has won the title of WWE 8 times, and he used to do more in Hollywood movies today but his fan following have been very high since since the days of wrestling. Rock height is about 6 feet 5 inches, and weight 118 kilograms. He played his debut match in 1996. Rock’s earnings are around 1320 crore, of which he has earned a lot of money from wrestling and movies. 1. Undertaker If a name is most pronounced in the WWE then it is Undertaker’s People are fan of this person entire world turns to look into his moves. His fights are so good that people do not want Undertaker never lose a match. Undertaker played his first match in 1984 and since then he is very well known. Undertaker has won nearly 17 championships in his career, including 7 world championships. Undertaker was afraid of their entry in which he used to play horror characters and connect all his things with a supernatural force. His height is 6 feet 10 inches and weighing around 150 kilograms. His career in Wrestling is 26 years and so he has also been awarded the Soul of WWE Undertaker’s net worth is 550 crore and is named after his world’s top 10 highest- paid Wrestlers. This was these today’s top 10 most famous wrestlers In our comment section, tell who is your favorite wrestler. Do not forget to Like and subscribe to our channels.

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