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TOP 3 Most BRUTAL Fight Finishers | How to Fight

TOP 3 Most BRUTAL Fight Finishers | How to Fight

so our previous self-defense videos we’ve looked at various ideas so today we’re going to look at where you strike how you strike most importantly how you inflict pain and you dominate the person’s attacking you so keep watching you so we’re going to look at how to inflict pain and overwhelm your attacker one other things we need to consider is where do you strike well soft tissue areas make sense you don’t want to go in and punch the person on top of the head or chain punch them as high as you can you generally want to pick two soft targets soft targets being the throats okay so you can hit up bang into the windpipe spine but all but but really unnecessary the best in most occasions but certainly the carotid artery or hitting the side of the neck wouldn’t be a good one and from here bang you can bring your hands up quite quickly from here definitely the soft target soft tissue of the neck is as I just said it’s appropriate we’re also finding the solar plexus is a good idea thing you can hit it relatively hard into the solar plexus and then of course you’ve got the groin and usually we don’t worry too much about the abdomen but the lower part of the abdomen being the pubic bone and the groin is a good area to strike now if you combine all of those areas you can have a good strategy to overwhelm someone who’s attacking you and a classic example is when your hands are stuck on the inside so if you look at the classic pop doll right there in winter where you punch and you punch on your hands are stuck on the inside and you park a nuclear rather than go through this typical chain punch idea when you look at one is getting dizzy one and then two is now one and moving into quote explosive meant to different parts of the body so when I punch you often see if I go one two and in my sweet Manju – I hit and then from this position because I’m hitting the groin I can unwind the solfege chopping some neck and get from here but what I don’t do is charge in with repetitive strikes and the reason being I don’t do that is because if you focus all your efforts into one spot it’s very easy to deal with so it’s a good idea to inflict more pain overwhelm someone by dominating different parts of the body so to summarize hit soft targets don’t focus on one spot if you want more information some of our videos subscribe for further information thank you

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42 thoughts on “TOP 3 Most BRUTAL Fight Finishers | How to Fight

  1. I wish these strategies were demonstrated in a more realistic fashion. I know it's just a training video or what not but someone can really get messed up trying these various techniques in a real fight and they might not work when the opponent isn't just standing in one spot not attacking. Although it is all great knowledge to have. Just sayin

  2. yeah but all of this stuff you can't use in mma because it's illegal. some stuff seems unpractical against professionals. that throat punch was awesome though. best case scenario you'll get a chin! mark hunt did that neck nerve punch though… SO awesome.

  3. I love the techniques that you are using and the ways you strike is very impressive, and it also looks good to, lol. Have a great day, hope you can respond. 🙂

  4. Not one wing chun guy in the UFC. A BJJ blue belt would kill you in about 2 minutes, please stop making people walk around like they can defend themselves with chain punches, neck slaps and strikes to the corotid artery

  5. Can i kill my opponent if i punch him in the throat really hard? What if i poke his throat really hard instead? + FightScience

  6. I can tell your skill level is high keep working I'm sure your son is a just as great! Can you slow this down for us that would be great!!!

  7. Never had a scrap in my adult life primarily because I look a mean bastard and if someone looks bigger and harder than me I piss off pronto like the coward I really am but I must admit I always thought soft tissue punching must be more effective and a safer option for your hands.

    Most street/bar fights I've seen tend to go :-

    a. distance challenge – "looking at my bird lad?"
    b. just in range puffed up fronting – "d'ya want some then?
    c. right in your face a split second before the push and/or haymaker.

    Just after b this would be beautiful to see – deffo street effective.

  8. Sir can you clarify one of my doubt??
    Can hitting or kicking someone's testicle or more precisely penis area kill him or cause him permenant damage?

  9. Jesus these videos are so annoying they will never work all it comes down to is strength and it always will if you have a body builder and a dude who doesn’t do any gym work doing these “techniques” it’s obvious who’s gonna win

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