Top 5 MMA Fighters of 2013

this is john i was for the young turks
fortunate clarification deals with a long way we talked about a number of
things including the currencies in itself your coming season controversy he is also a great stands for what are your top five pound for pound
fighters and and and i doesn’t have to be just usc picnic outside the box if
you like the top five trips comfort and fires and then worked for
her proper theirs nuisance of that person here whether they’ll go the ones who infirmary take john jones paulina problems the enemy you know for popcorn haha players that’s
it for another a more about the it would be grateful fire which is my where would your ah… just for
argument’s a quarter pics do that for great falls montana what do you have it into account the record the rain along the way how they compare care triumph that both of u therefore i am not as a whole not having
the right now and stop having back to the store hole so as a source of because khakis is reviewed rain kuwaitis dominated
parts everything number two ect sadie you’d be a toss up between two and three of its awesome
that’s what you’re saying here is crazy was crazy because as trial is on the road i thought he was women’s bodies asylum inmates are struggling with is
now we hang out on that forced out but between and also about the perfected and available recently
re-elected today fighter utilizing it grappling himself is his effect on sports pool interested here are the citizenry is
right for the record but also i think he had a stranger more than any other player uh… possibly ever after them i’d say it you know you you too division champs light predicts or it had this is an issue guys who have done these are the people have jungle will be there additions to ya incidents for long uh… yes effective this work fought back stopper out that’s right now but he’s not crystal how about which was your favorite
fighter watch media’s purchasing disconnect fair enough favorite for restraint fears for you uh… wants assurances fears of for orphan trains treatments uh… experiences check frankie acre uh… mamas and sees niceties vintage before his losses of uh… for position here

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