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Top Rated MMA – Podcast Ep. 6 – Killian “The Infamous” Estes – #1 Ranked Amateur MW Fighter

Top Rated MMA – Podcast Ep. 6 – Killian “The Infamous” Estes – #1 Ranked Amateur MW Fighter

Hey guys, Erik Allen owner of Top Rated MMA check out this week’s show with Undefeated fighter and the number one ranked amateur fighter on the West Coast Killian “The Infamous” Estes check it out I try Nice, dude. Hey, man. Thanks for taking time out of your day to chat with me. Yeah, no problem. Oh Yeah, so you got a fight coming up this weekend? For the King Of The Cage amateur middleweight title you know who you’re fighting yet? No, I don’t We’ve had some problems with with guys backing out we’ve had I think six guys now back out. So oh my gosh Guys are right now. We’re hoping for one guy, but other than that If you don’t get that guy, then I’ll be fighting august 17th, okay, okay? And then they’ll just story on the next card probably they come out like every three months though, right um Yeah, I might I might fight november. Not sure yet. I already have september 9th lined out for a title fight in Canada Oh nice other one september 30th for rumble at the Roseland FCC or FCFS promotion okay, and Are you a pro fighter right now, or you’ll amateur than doug lannister, okay? Well those fights at the roseland will that be an amateur fight as well Yeah, and then ninth I’ll be going to reno the amateur world championships, and that’s for $100,000 pro contract come on man That’s awesome. That’s awesome. That was gonna be my next question when you get it when are you planning on going pro, but so hopefully after that and $100,000 richer Yes, that would be sweet. Yeah for sure Well, you know I gotta say I so I came from Seattle area Um went to a lot of amateur shows what a lot of pro shows out in that area And I moved out here a year ago, and your name was everywhere that I looked and so I’m like Pete I got I got to talk to this guy so how I got to ask man. How did you get so successful? that’s a big name being the amateur guy on this, er ah I’m a little different than most guys Yeah, I Don’t know. I just I talk a little more than a lot of guys around here everyone’s a Little more humble than they should be I think ya Fight you gotta get people hype for it I mean everybody knows who conor McGregor is and why does everybody know who conor McGregor? is that’s because he talks and he’s funny and yeah, I put So I try to do the same exact thing Here it works really. Well, it’s working good man Some of my pro Training partners. Tell me that people are coming up on them talking to you know. They’re like. Oh, you’re a fighter you know They asked hey, do you know that Killian kid? Close get mad you’re like and I know you more for the nine because doesn’t know me. I’m pro Cool. Yeah for sure me well. I think it’s huge I mean obviously I’m sure I saw a picture with you, but paid visit a couple days ago stuff pretty rad Starting to get your name out there it demands Amaz out there. It’s pretty cool called me my last name too, so okay That’s awesome. That’s awesome. So what’s remind me? What is your record or you ain’t know? Yeah, okay four titles from four different promotions the one including the king of the cage world ejector awesome awesome, man Is there anyone I know as you’d mentioned there was a guy that you guys are trying to get for that middleweight title is there? anyone specifically that you’re kind of targeted on for your next fight uh Well, I’m not sure who I’m gonna fight in Canada Are you talking about to defend that king of the cage title yeah? Or just even on the next you know your next fight anyone specifically that’s kind of on your radar that you’d like to put out if not I’m matt, but at the top of the middleweight amateur division right now, so Throw out, whoever they are fighting whoever they throw at me you know yeah, they’re well. That’s awesome, and it’s a huge success obviously I mean like I said I’ve been out here for my year and your name is everywhere that I look so the Congratulations on that. That’s that’s a big deal man and then just kind of I like to be a little bit more on the personal side of things what made you decide to Jump in the cage and start being in a fighter um well my Dad Bringing a thing when I was three or four years old, okay? Sixteen years and you know through my whole childhood he was fighting as well So I was like they never let me go. I thought it was a little too wild for me, but yeah And I always I told him I was like hey. I want to try that sometime You know my first fight was random. We went to fights one night. I had always been bringing my stuff you know I did just turned 16, and I was always bringing my stuff you know to all the events and a 170-pound guy the plumber didn’t shuffle up, and you’re looking around I said I told him I fight I ended up beating the guy you know Rena. Just looks down a second okay Yeah, that’s funny all kicked off now. That’s a it’s a good way to start um Hey, I saw this you got some hoodies shirts on that you’re selling those are pretty pretty badass How can folks get all of them? I’m so shit on down it freeze that case fall piece where they used their cold ice cream place from Manager right now. He He helps with all my sponsorships and everything He’s he’s the one helping out with all the shirts and stuff so you can buy them down there at the shop you can get a hold of me or Shawn his last name’s car Shawn card yeah, and That’s just how we’re selling them. You know just over Facebook. No people watch my page. I’ll post it on my page Yeah, we just whoever wants them come together You know first come first serve so yeah, yeah, that’s awesome man um until you’d mentioned Frieza there one of your sponsors any other sponsors that you want to give a shout-out to uh Yeah, maximum exposure apps. Josh. He’s done a great job for us. He just wrapped our cage trailer nice wrap and um He helps out tremendously. He doesn’t all my banners. He does all the pictures posters and stuff like that for me Cool Yeah, it’s awesome, and then Obviously my my gym aka, matt Kickboxing academy whichever perennial that one The guys are awesome down there the bus my spot every day That’s a nice gym Couldn’t be better better every day, and I’m training the bell pros. So okay. He kicks my butt. Yeah bro this 24/7 and going in and fighting an amateur guy Crazy and be honest again. Yeah. Yeah, sure That’s awesome. Man. Well um keep us up a La posta your fight Hopefully it can find you an opponent man to fight that and then hopefully a hero it all in Vegas you walk home with a hundred gram or Something huh? Yeah for sure – Absolutely, why man I will post some things to this I will edit this out Just some intros and outros for this video And then I’ll get it up on the website here tomorrow or Thursday at the latest between this weekend hopefully crossing the fingers there Um but thank you so much man for taking time out of your day good Jaffer, bit that for sure dude all right man Have a good day in the we’ll talk soon All right, thank you, man to John’s Island So the boilers, but I’m defending my blood I’m spending He is tired smash and go Tyrant you turn you into memories dances all the nothing Oh nobody

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