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Top Rated MMA – Podcast Ep. 8 – Joel Thomas – Owner of WarriorCamp MMA & Proving Grounds Amateur MMA

Top Rated MMA – Podcast Ep. 8 – Joel Thomas – Owner of WarriorCamp MMA & Proving Grounds Amateur MMA

Hey guys Erik Allen owner of Top Rated MMA on this week’s podcast I’ve got Joel Thomas. He’s the owner and president of Warrior camp MMA and also proving grounds amateur MMA events their next event is October 13th And it’s gonna be proving grounds MMA presents king of the hill yard And that’s how you can find your tickets on ticket West just look up king of the hill yard. Thanks check it out Oh That that looks good, dude Go hey, man. Thanks for uh for taking time out of your dad No, you’re you’re doing some training today, so thanks for breaking away, dude Yeah, you’re welcome. Yeah, no problem, so hey, man um again. I just wanted to you know say Thanks for hopping on we had Kilian on last week promoting the show Wanted to just tell everyone so you’re the owner and president of warrior camp and proving grounds amateur MMA correct Yes, yeah, yeah, cool cool. Okay Why just make sure so how many events have you guys had for proving grounds because it’s been around for a while all right it’s been around for a while I started holding events I Think in 2010, so we’ve been around for get seven years nice. I probably Hill I didn’t number them, so I don’t know off the top my head, but I just over 30. Okay so far okay Gosh, it’s probably hiding that all of last year For the last year we’ve got a monthly so we have another you know we have 12 in the books we bet have We’ve done that for about 15 months like 15, and then we were doing more like quarterly before so yeah well You’re right on that early 30s nice very young yeah, that’s awesome. That’s awesome, and the next event is Friday the 13th Yeah, so we’re having 13 fights on the 13th. This one is we kind of you know as a promoter You kind of know just like UFC does it’s like you have c200 They make huge and all that kind of stuff so this one’s going to be Probably our biggest event we’ve ever thrown Our last huge women we knew was going to be huge was December 2nd of last year kind of thing so Yeah, they’re just this one we have three title fights from really really big names We have a couple of girl fights lined up. We have a new venue. We have tons of sponsors right now already the venue is Awesome, it’s amazing You know we have like Mezzanine seating looking down the mezzanine seems super close to the cage to so you look right down on the cage we actually have the you know the beer gardens set up and the seated and sponsor tables and packages and So it’s going to be it’s gonna be really fun Do that sounds awesome so and that’s a lot different than the but you guys have been at so This is probably a lot bigger crowd it can hold yeah Yeah, so the I mean technically if I can’t hold more people, but we expect more people I I? Haven’t really come. I haven’t sold out of the hub yet But one of the main reasons is because it’s a it’s a Christian Youth Center with no alcohol. No cursing You know you know it’s really. You know it’s kind of for the people that You know the wholesome families just want to come and they even want to spit And they want to you know not have a lot of music and they want to sit and watch some some good technical fighting This one, that’s you’re gonna still have that all that technical fighting with some really huge names, but now you get a drink Can you get to eat food and we’re doing the after party afterward? This is one of the first events ever for me that I don’t have to break down the cages and take apart Everything for three hours, so I actually gonna party with everybody. I’m really really looking forward to it Some of the times you know we we had foodies, and we had some sponsors where we did after parties But again I’d get there three hours after everybody already showed up. Yeah And so you know and then it’s just like have a couple beers and leave And you know everybody else is already on their way out when I get there So I’m super stoked for this one day to get it done. You know come back and have a few beers everybody do That’s awesome. Yeah, so who else besides Killian is the the bigger names out there? That’s fighting on the card, so well so one that you just get a job a whole bunch of a technician is one of the owners of the establishment raelynne, so she is gonna be fighting it’s she’s an Ono, but we’re gonna be putting her against another oh no girl and It’s just really cool to see the owner step up just to you know kind of help promote and get that event going to so there Maybe last you know kind of farther down on the card not the most you know not not like super technical fighters yet So it’s super cool to see an Onan and just like oh I have three weeks to Train okay I’ll try you know once I boss again I’m gonna bank it out for my you know for the the bitches that come in and you know keep my place running, so Anything that’s gonna be huge Kilian obviously just Message him he’s the world champion of quixote see so he’s going to come out he had a 170-pound belt He vacated it to go 185 so since that 170 pound Bell opened up. We have Alex Provost and Man, I wish I would’ve grabbed all the the sheet I get scrambled with all my names, but we have Garrett Mauser Fighting we have Dakota numbers. He just bought for the contender fight for the 155 We have One of our 135 combo we have Jamaal Davis going against Oh Taylor Rogers Taylor Rogers was a it’s been doing very very well I think it’s his first fight at 135, so he was usually a 45-pound a very very tough Thought he’s fought for a couple titles now. I thought about it I quest for the 145 month title and won nice, and then he fought out at Kevin TC I think he fought hurt out there and lost so he has 1.5 month title he’s making his cut to 135 Fighting our very own Jamal Davis, so that’s gonna. Be everything the killer want to We’re actually trying to make something really big happened. I don’t know if I can talk about it. Just yet, but if we can we have something lined up against killing but Because of killings caliber we’re trying to find somebody even bigger and better to fly in and kind of make it You know he’s a world champion. He’s undefeated and I really want to put him to the test I don’t want to give him somebody that you know like on paper It looks like he’s gonna be able to beat fairly easily, so yeah, yeah right now. We’re talking with a NATO guy. That is a Kind of a superstar so if we can get him out here. We’re going to and it’ll be it’ll be amazing Oh, yeah They’ll be main event and they literally you should be painting up see prizes to come watch those two if I get this matchup to happen if those two get in there it’ll be Just like you know see if I’ve been watching and since you’re in the venue with us You’re going to be you know 10 feet away from it So yeah instead of however many hundreds of you know seats backs up completely legal. That’s awesome. Dude. I can’t wait I’m so pumped to to go and see this these fights of the new venue, man. It’s gonna be awesome Yeah, how can folks get tickets? So this is the first time we’ve been on taped West so you know it’s been pumped everywhere But taking West is where to find it They’ll there even were in there doing a full broadcast just saw this on the six and whatnot but I am telling people go to tickets West we there is only a limited number of seats because you know the fire codes and everything else and This event is absolutely going to sell out we We’ve already been selling a whole bunch It’s only been on for two days, and we’ve already had the VIP mezzanine seats going and the standing rooms So we had we do have standing room is by the beer garden and everything and then we have seated But we are already two days. We haven’t even it hasn’t been pumped out to people on you know Through tickets West yet, and you’re already seeing people order tickets from one little post we did so well big queuing brings one hundred people You know the bartender is gonna bring a hundred and and you know there’s only going to be three hundred thirty seats right now So okay Open because we already have some sponsors and some other stuff set aside, so there’s three hundred seats So make sure you’re jumping online and get them because this is one you won’t wanna miss It’s getting the others kind of maybe ever oh nice, man That’s all so is this kind of what this venue is just gonna continue to Go be at that venue You guys are gonna stay at the venue, er guys gonna kind of just test this out or this. Yes, so this is absolutely Really big things happening up So far it’s just coming to take a look at it I mean even See if they they want to do it as tell by series with us come on since we had only promotion that doesn’t monthly fights They haven’t really been interested in other things because they you know They don’t want to do it quarterly with random dates right and happens pull that up and put it on Being able to promote an event this hey with the second Friday of every month Or we might change it Fox wants it You know the first Friday of every month or later But sir– work every single month on the same day And it allows them the ability to kind of be able to pump that and you know put it into all their all their stuff to their schedules of their shows and everything so That would be amazing that’s one of the reasons why we’re doing it up so big Yeah, but if they get on board to you know We’ll have kind of more more funds than other things to keep them looking amazing and big great So we’re this done have commentators. We have full 4k video and all around the cage and everything so this one It’s gonna be done up very very well, and and it’s gonna be a good show man. That’s awesome. That’s awesome Hey real quick how could people get a hold of warrior camp mate if they want to come train Get a hold you just stop by the gym. There’s a walk-in man Yeah, so I mean you Can you can out-jump on line where you can fitness calm you can find out more information about our class times and schedules and everything? But we offer a free week for everybody we you know I I was One of like eight gyms when I first opened now. I’m a South only gym in town. That is you know primarily MMA You know full-sized cages rings CrossFit we have you know saunas ice bathrooms showers multiple wrestling room a cage room Emma made room so we got a lot of things going here We’ve built it up by giving people a free week because when they come and they usually love it so yeah I really truly people can just stop by any time although thing I do is thought a waiver And they can jump in for a week no charge Other than that check out our website where again fitness calm Or give us a call at seven five four four four four cage, and I can vouch dude. I’ve walked through the gym It’s super clean. It’s awesome. I’ve walked through some gyms, and I’m like man I would never take my shoes off in this place. Do you guys have an awesome super clean gym? It’s very very professional, so I love it man go and hey dude, so what we’ll do is well. I’ll get this video up on The website over the weekend and dude, and we’ll start pumping this thing and hopefully draw some more ticket sales for you guys Okay, that sounds great Thank you very much, and hopefully we grab beer too when we’re done like I said I’m I’m stoked actually to grab a beer with all my fighters and congratulate him whipping some butt and everything so yeah But all right. Hey Joel. Thanks again man. Have a good weekend Yeah, all right, yeah The pilots my blood I’m defending my blood I’m dispensing Turn you into memories dances all and nothing choose which way it is

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