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Tory Lanez “Hate To Say” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Tory Lanez “Hate To Say” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

You just kill niggas with success, all day. I just shine on niggas all day, man. I be coming with a different kinda juice man. I love the fact that niggas can’t stand it. I love being wavy. I love stepping on the block knowing when I’m living my best life, and
niggas just looking and they just mad. I love that shit. Christian Lou sent the beat over. It’s actually a sample of One Direction. I think that’s Zane, actually. Going, “Ohh ohh ohh ohh.” It’s weird, right? ‘Cause you would never expect these songs
to come out of that. But yeah, we had to clear it with One Direction. Me and Christian Lou been working together
for years. So I think when he heard it, he just was like,
“Nah this is for Tory.” “I have to get this to Tory.” I had a white ‘Rari. I had a 458 Italia. I originally wanted a Spider, and the person
who sold it to me, before they brought me to the dealership they told me I was gonna
get a Spider. I got there and it was Italia, it was no drop-top. I drove that shit one time, from the lot to
my house. I didn’t like the way it drove. I drove my Wraith from that point. When he hit that crossover, and he hit that
shot, and it swooshed? He knew everything he worked for, that was
the moment. That’s what champions are made of. You dig what I’m saying? And that’s like how I kinda look at my moment My scent is presidential. When I move, it’s bossy. When I walk through, I demand a certain attention
on me. They can make a whole bunch of memes, and
they can do anything that they…you cannot break the confidence that I walk with. I walk with a presidential confidence, with
a presidential stature. Holt Renfrew is like this department store. Pretty much where you can get a bunch
of high-end fashion stuff. It’s like a one-stop shop for designer clothes
and designer shoes and bags and all of that good stuff. So we walk into Holt Renfrew, and there’s
a dude there, and the dude is looking at me crazy. We come into the store, he’s looking ’cause
I got on sweats, I got on whatever the case, and he’s just looking at me. You know what
I’m saying? And then he try to come over and be like,
“What do you guys need?” And I was just like, “I’ma take my business
to this kid over here.” When you buy stuff, they get store credit. That’s why I was like, “Yo look at this nigga
face. He’s tight.” I wasn’t saying he tight ’cause I just bought
clothes out the- nah. That doesn’t make you mad at all. I’m buying
clothes. I’m supposed to come in the store and buy
clothes. But it was the fact that I didn’t give you
the sale, and you know I specifically G’ed you, and was like, “I’m taking this to his
sale.” You know what I’m saying? You specifically knew that. What my whole thing is, is like, why niggas
watching my pockets anyway? The 35 minutes that you spent talking to your
friends about this, I already made the money back. Calm down. Slow down, Mace. You’re killing ‘em. Shoutout to Sean Kingston, first and foremost.
We not ever gonna talk bad about the bro or nothing. It’s just one of those situations when you
look back and you reflect. I was signed to Sean Kingston at 18. He gave me 50,000 dollars. It was kinda weird because this is the first
time I’ve ever been to Jamaica performing and I brought the biggest artist that’s from
Jamaica at the time, Popcaan. I brought him out. And Sean Kingston, the person who signed me
three years ago, was watching from the side of the stage. But it was just weird to me, that the person that I just signed is on the side of the stage right now, watching this show. Watching me bring the biggest artist out from
his city, watching me kill this show. Remember when I was 18, he gave me that 50 grand? That changed my life. Don’t ever get it twisted. But the fact that it was attained, that life-changer
was attained in 45 minutes? It’s a head bust. I done worked at Burger King, McDonalds, Walmart,
Subway, telemarketer. I was the dude who brought the Yellowbook
pages to your house. Anything you could think of that had a job
title on it, I did it. You know what I’m saying? It was wack. It was all wack. You know what I’m saying? But I worked everywhere. We just had a disagreement over something. You know, and one point, we was at the same
festival, and we was about to scrap over some shit. So I was just saying, my apologies for
egging on the fight. ‘Cause at the end of the day, it’s not like
we ended up scrapping. We sat there and we talked about what you
felt, and whatever I felt, and we was like “Yo, we should be working with each other.” So Drake and I met at the Tao. I remember I walked in there. And I don’t know if everybody really had known
that we had solved the problem yet ’cause everyone was looking at me like… I remember just at this one moment before
the picture was taken, I remember just kinda looking up and everyone was just kinda looking
to see if were we really gonna take a picture or not. Soon as he did that snap, the beef was just
finished. The beef was finished before that, but to the
world, when the picture came out then they was like, “Okay, these guys have stopped whatever
the issue and the politics were.” People then knew it was okay. You know what I’m saying? It’s like it’s okay to make music with him
now ’cause they’re not beefing with each other. But I’ve been waiting to make music with him,
it’s just I couldn’t fuck up the cosign. When niggas be talking, “You got 41 skits
on your album.” “You got fucking 21 fucking cinematic fucking
pieces here.” “I don’t wanna hear this fucking interlude.” And, “Samples, all he does is sample.” “He can’t make a record without sampling.” Bitch, you heard my catalog? I guess ’cause my first two singles? I guess, because on a broad scale, y’all heard
something I been doing for the last five years, and that just made it like, “Tory’s a sample
guy.” Two of them popped, on a big, major scale. So I became this, “He doesn’t make music without
samples.” Go look in my catalog. I’m for sure talking about someone specific. Who? I’m not gonna give him his full name, ’cause
this would be the biggest promo he’s got thus far. We all know who I am talking about. Brother. Knock it off. I don’t even feel like the video was even to diss me, I feel like the video was to show off your car. And it was like this i8 that’s like, brother we don’t do i8s. I’m flexing with other things. I’m buying commercial properties right now. I don’t give a fuck about your i8. I love BMW, but I don’t give a fuck about yours. I moved downtown because that’s where my manager
lived, and so I would stay at my manager’s house sometimes. But what he didn’t understand, even my manager
didn’t understand this. It’s like, I didn’t really have a lot of money. I was really broke, like super broke. I didn’t have enough money to go from downtown
to Brampton. Dig what I’m sayin’? Like, to go on the GO bus and do all that
shit, I didn’t have enough money to do all that, so it would be times where I would leave
his house, and I would stay downtown. I’d be sleeping in the parks. I’d be sleeping in a car. One day, I go back to the city, and I remember
this dude was driving us around in his Rolls Royce to one of my hostings. And I remember just passing a couple of these
places where it’s like, “Damn, I remember” “having these experiences,” and it’s like I’m
really riding in a Rolls years later. This is what I saw myself standing in this
spot. Know what I’m saying? Now I’m looking, viewing myself standing in
the spot from a Rolls Royce telling myself “Little nigga you gonna be big.”

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100 thoughts on “Tory Lanez “Hate To Say” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

  1. Ppl really do support u when ur your worst, but hate when you on the top, they loving some crap asss clout chaser just because they can relate to his mediocrity 😂

  2. bruhhhh just make with a song with travis and drake for the music ….. beef to me is pointless for pettiness

  3. I like how everyone is talking about how he “stole” or whatever but you’re not even talking about how big this song is for music and the culture. Beefs were ended and situations were explained, the divides in music are getting mended. Try talking about that, plus it’s not who does it first it’s about who does it better. Plus the beat got cleared from the producer and he got credit.

  4. "I swear fuck them niggas this Year"- 5AM Drake

    "I don't even tint it they should know who's in it"- Pound Cake Drake

    "Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn"- Pound Cake Drake

    I swear, in this bitch, yeah I'm killin' this year

    Don't need it tinted, I want you to know who's in it

    And I'm not amazed, I think the tables turnin'
    I think you learn from the bridge you burn 
    -Tory Lanez

  5. Genius, you should interview the true artist of this song…

  6. "Niggas mad I'm remixin their shit, fuck outta here nigga stop being a bitch…"

    Haha y'all mental for critiquing on this…this boy straight murdered this beat, gotta respect the art, period.

  7. I just released my first ever single 'Scared.' If you like Tory, you might enjoy me aswell. Give me a chance and have a listen, I won't dissapoint you. 🖤 About to conquer the world.

    — thirteen.

  8. Troy really needs to holler at that producer over that beat and give this guy some credit or give this guy a feature on the track cosign him or give him some bread justice has to be made smh

  9. hey can you guys check out my debut single you won't be disappointed if you do amma leave the link below if you guys don't mind,


  11. He might be stealing but it’s not for nothing he’s making craft out of it. Atleast it’s good content good music. If he was stealing and music was trash then say something but 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ naw Tory da best

  12. Honestly no matter what I can't stop tucking with Lanez….he the guy no matter how many cats wanna diss it

  13. Bruh you steal a nigga tag, then you gotta a nerve to say it clearly on your song. And then, you go on a interview and say that's "too irrelevant". So if this wasn't too relevant, you probably didn't take time to diss the man. That was "TOO E. RELEVANT." you know what i mean?? I was your fan. But Eric Bellinger is the GOAT. Praying God you find your way and stop dissin other artists and stealing their thing. Peace.

  14. This guy acting tough, thinking he’s a shooter when he’s from Canada and most of his songs sound like he’s whining. I don’t know one person who could single him out on a song and say “oh yeah that’s Tory Lanez” if he came up.

  15. He is such a fraud weirdo. And make up your mind on what accent your gonna use Bro. All of a sudden he is doing a bad tough guy imatation of a Philly accent and attitude, but it isnt a good one. Then its like he forgets and starts talking like himself again. When did he become this hard as nails guy??????? And I can't remember who yet but, im pretty sure that "Apartment far from the Bungies" bar is from another rapper (from Philly) when i think of who it is I will post it in the reply area.Bro Bro, not to long ago you was just singing and dressing on an Usher R&B vibe. Now you just Built, now you the Hardest of the Hard. #WERIDOSHIT


  17. For everybody who says this shit go hard, this was stolen from someone that's perfectly fit for taking Tory's place.


  18. 8:27 For those who didn’t know he is referring to 🔥Eric Bellinger🔥

    *🤷🏽‍♀️Me personally I love both of their music because they are both great artist

  19. I drop this song months before Tory did! Lets get the recognition!!!! Go listen, Like, Share, Comment do it all!!!

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