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  1. This was the stupidest thing I've seen in a long long time…
    and i mean that in the greatest way possible, I loved it… friggin hilarious…

  2. Hate the anti-acid woman Mary…..her husband should have dosed her….out of everyone in the movie she needs it the most. And I would love to trip with these cool people at their trailer park.

  3. At 20min.-1hr.19min. all the actors acting were all none sense, & irritating. I find it's NOT entertaining at all.
    It was not even shown if Jessie reach the bus station. The movie moves too slow & disgusting. I'm sorry for being too honest.

  4. Mate…people what a fucking film! Tha's just made my morning (Y) lol making wana get my arse out touring trailer parks … Good film! should keep em coming that were bang on (Y)

  5. Ayyy sick video! I make videos too if you wanna check it out 🙂
    Keep up the great work, good to know I found you before you get famous

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  9. I am at a loss of words….LOL….. There is a past life of mine, that somehow I have forgotten about, until watching this movie. LOL….. I had a great time watching this, great effort was put into this. Thank you for bringing up 20 year old memories…. I look forward to some of your and your teams next works. Good job, Drew

  10. @15:35– "Not on Sunday." This one time, I was in Raleigh, and I tried to explain that to some fellas from California and they just didn't get it. You mean everything's closed on Sunday? Yeah, well, the WalMart and the bait shop are both open. Take yer pick, we can get booze and ammo at either one…

  11. i returned to watch this again today.. its good as the first time or two I saw it a year to two ago. But there is no sound from 1:02:45 till 1:03:30 or so. was there a copyright thing or what?

  12. Liking it. Yes. A good one- never seen it until twice so far, today. I finally found a perfect movie to watch "(on this early Sunday afternoon that I'm calling morning 🙂 ) for unwinding, kicking back with tons of munchies & drinks to wet the whistle. Turn-off-brain, comfortize, ha;, laugh. Enjoy.
    (R-Rated for strong language,and stuff people did that will never compare to this day and age where stuff will more quickly damage them, hurt others, kill. My opinion, 60's baby)

  13. This is my favorite go to movie…. Its sooo brilliant!!!! as an English girl who partied and raved in days gone by this is so what it was like back in the day…ramden party in a field with ramdon people you would never normally meet and have the best time ever!!!

  14. this movie is weird and funny….lots of southern white trash parody…..one comment, though: mississippi is a "teeth optional" state, and all the actors have fabulous choppers….i hope this film finds it's audience….in a decade or so, it could easily go cult

  15. this movie is like that acid first 10-15 mins u will not feel anything then it starts to work and you become high for whole movie

  16. I rarely watch movies over again, but I have watched this one several times in a few months. Something about it feels very familiar!

  17. no way on earth was this an english movie 1, set in US 2,no english actors and 3 no english humor could you imagine this movie if the monty python team did it it would be a laugh a second .

  18. no way on earth was this an english movie 1, set in US 2,no english actors and 3 no english humor could you imagine this movie if the monty python team did it it would be a laugh a second .

  19. well this is bad i want acid now! i didnot tried it before how does it looks like??? can someone tell about the trip?

  20. i wonder who fucked up his car they never really say who did it. am i the only 1 that thought they were gonna fuck (jessie and "the town's best friend" at 1 point…how many kids did that bitch have,and how the fuck are you gonna toss some chips on the floor and have your own kids eat it that bitch needs to be thrown under the prison for let's say……as long as a plastic flower lives yup that's whatwe should do with all of the assholes that hurt kids yup that's a good plan don't you think so?

  21. 24:23 this my sister and all her kids, living in a trailer, one on the way…….WE DONT EVEN KNOW IF ITS HERS! BAhahaha!!!!!

  22. I watchd it bcoz the comnts were good, bt aftr watchn da whole movie it was meaninglss hoplss, boring movie. Maybe u mfs had an acid while watch ths fkn movie.🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

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