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Training for Rio 2016 with the Korean Judo team

Training for Rio 2016 with the Korean Judo team

​Just like the generation before us, if we keep on training with perseverance and produce good results then our next generation will be motivated and we will always do well in the future. ​ I have three or four training sessions a day. Around half past 5 in the morning I get up. From 6:00 to 7:30 in the morning I do cardio workouts, i.e. physical exercises. After having breakfast and some rest from 10:20 to 12:20, I do weight training. After having lunch and some rest from 15:00 to 17:00, I have a Judo technique training session. Usually, weight training is individually carried out on one’s own, but Judo is a sport requiring an opponent so we practice Judo matches in pairs. My training schedule is the same but the detailed processes in training sessions might be different. For example in the physical exercise training, the detailed processes may become different in order to make up for my weaknesses and to reinforce my strengths. As we have a timetable for each day in the morning we focus on strengthening muscle power in training and in the afternoon we try to improve our techniques in order to use our muscle power well in matches. I usually try to control my weight even if I don’t have any upcoming matches. If I gain a lot of weight then I will have difficulty to meet the requirement in the weight division system so I have to think about my weight all the time. We are preparing for the Olympic Games and every member of our national Judo Team aims to win the gold medal, that motivates us to do our best in training every day. My motivation to get out of bed every day is that I want to get a gold medal in the Olympics so I keep trying hard with endurance even if it is difficult.

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