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TRANSFORMATION – Old Boxer-Engine to High Performance Engine l Time-lapse l BluePrint

TRANSFORMATION – Old Boxer-Engine to High Performance Engine l Time-lapse l BluePrint

Review Part1 cleaning and disassemble Cylinder Honing Measuring the crankshaft Weigh and Balance the Rods weigh and balance the pistons Measurement of the piston diameter Checking the piston pin hole checking the Piston Pin Assign the piston pin Calibrating the measuring tool checking the Rod Bore install the Rod-bearings Put some Subi-Performance assambly paste on it. put some ARP assambly paste on the screws Install Rods on the Crankshaft calibrating the ARP measuring tool Tighten the Rod Bolt Measuring the stretch of the Rod Bolts. Subi-performance Special TEST 🙂

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100 thoughts on “TRANSFORMATION – Old Boxer-Engine to High Performance Engine l Time-lapse l BluePrint

  1. Das sieht alles sehr gut aus wie du das machst. Bei den ganzen möchte gern schraubern die man hier so sieht ist es wirklich schön Mal jemanden zu sehen der weiß was er macht. Habe schon an der Menschheit gezweifelt. Aber so wie es aussieht gibt es noch welche wie ich die das mit Herz und Leidenschaft machen. Bin zwar bei einer anderen Marke vertreten. Aber wenn ich sehe wie du das machst bekommt man richtig Lust für so einen subi . Bitte mach weiter so und las dich von keinem runter machen. Ich wünschte es gebe mehr von deiner Sorte.
    Alles gute noch.

  2. Please upload a video on how you repair odometers after all the full cycles your engines produce… Also, for all you Americans, "odometers" not "odomiles" metrics people…

  3. Ohhh the attention to details and correct measurements.. I love it..
    Makes my old mechanics heart pump an extra beat..

    How much would it cost to have you overhaul a subaru impreza wrx engine? It's a running engine that just needs that new engine feel..

    Your videos are amazing btw.. 🙂

  4. Delightful meticulous measurements!! Please tell me what does Mahle Motorsport rod bearing win against ACL? And what is the main bearing you use in powerful engines?

  5. @Subi Performance Congrats, Hut ab und alle Achtung!!!
    Auf dass Dir dauerhaft Deine Arbeitseinstellung und Deine Qualitätsstandards erhalten bleiben, das wünsche ich Dir! Deine Kunden werden es Dir danken und wir YT-Zuseher obendrein. Du wertest mit Deinem Können die Marke Subaru noch zusätzlich auf !!! Stay tuned!

  6. Have you ever had a issue with a mahle part? I work at mahle but have never bought any, I can say the strictness of the quality is very good. Those pistons wouldve came from "motor sports" and that part of the plant I work at is whole other world lol it's not about volume it's all about the quality

  7. Hey , fellow engine builder here , just wanted to know what engine assembly lube are you using ? I want to give it a shot ! Love the videos and thanks

  8. … los detalles así definen la diferencia entre un mecánico y un artesano profesional…
    Mis respetos 🙇🏻‍♂️

  9. Enjoyed watching this episode! Love the level of accuracy you take with your builds! We just dropped a Cummins 6 in our ag tractor you may be into checking out Have a great day and keep em coming!

  10. Top Videos! Per Zufall auf deinen Kanal gestoßen. Ne kurze Frage von nem Laien: Warum hast du die Pleuel abgeschliffen? Sind die vom Hersteller nicht genau genug gefertigt? Werd mal n paar weitere Videos von dir schauen. Weiter so!

    Edit: Dass die Kolben-Pleuel Kombination gleich viel wiegen müssen versteh ich ja. Aber sind die Toleranzen so hoch bei den Pleueln?

  11. very cool to watch the process, this is the exact setup I ran in my STi. I'm completely jealous of your arsenal of tools and how clean and organized you and your shop are. Good job, I love these videos

  12. I need a video explaining the how and why everything is done in the video, like how are the halves indicated in, how are the rods balanced blablah, anyone care to recommend something. I'm a machinist by trade but would like to get into engine building one day

  13. Ich kann mich erinnern, dass BMW bei seinen Formel 1-Turbomotoren Standard-Motorblöcke verwendet haben soll, die mindestens 80.000 km Laufleistung hatten, damit sich alle Spannungen im Motorblock gelöst hatten.

    Also ist so ein alter Motorblock wahrscheinlich die bessere Wahl, es wird ja sowieso alles aufgearbeitet.

  14. the con rod bearings didnt look like there was an oil hole in – how are the small end bushings/ piston pin lubricated?

  15. Coole Videos und meiner Ansicht nach die beste Werbung die man machen kann 👍
    Vielleicht erklärst du bei Gelegenheit noch bisschen was dazu und wegen mir auch gern auf deutsch.
    Weiter so ✌️

  16. Does it mean that oil clearance measurement by using plastigage can be omitted and micrometer measurements are good enough?

  17. Ich weiss, dass du sehr beschäftigt bist, aber eine Frage hätte ich an dich, da ich mir überlege einen Outback 2.0 D zuzulegen.
    Was hältst du von diesem Motor?
    Laufleistung 93 tkm
    Bj. 2016
    Wäre für eine Rückinfo sehr dankbar!

  18. I like your job, style, and ability, but your takes and angles, sound, are a little bored…. You take too long time filming same shoot, or doing same thing…. Don't know, just some tips from someone who whatch a lot of channels like your.

  19. God damn this has to be the most scientific engine build ever. Aside from the additional boring done to the cylinders, if all other parts are new, they should be to spec. But then again checking down to the smallest decimal in sure has its benefits

  20. Now this is proper engineering! Loved watching the piston rods being balanced, such attention to detail, I've never seen any other Youtube channel get close to this level.

  21. This is the way i like videos ..straight to the point .
    No bad music, no waste of time. Good job

  22. Bro you are an inspiration to your people you are bringing them out of the dark into the light I cannot help but admire you as many others would

  23. At Pratt & Whitney we also were using black markes on are parts but later we realise that the cabin was afecting the parts at hight tempiture from the carbin

  24. Brah!!!! Addictive to watch AMAZING DETAIL on an engine I never thought much about!!!. I'M SOLD… HOW MUCH FOR AT LEAST 600HP ENGINE BUILT AND SHIPPED TO TEXAS? WOULD LOVE TO surprise a few mustangs and Camaros. Any suggestions on year car to start with, best modifications… YOU HAVE CORRUPTED ME SIR… I LIKE!!!

  25. I watch a lot of videos and this is the first time I have ever seen this type of thing before like why would you do this too brand new parts? Whats the science or methodology of taking the weight off brand new parts?

  26. You left your safety glasses (eyes) on the bench when you went to grind the piston rod. That will cost you a donation of €25 to your favorite charity. Please note that the donation is far cheaper than a white cane and a leader dog. (You may not think so at this moment, but I am your best friend, I truly care about your well being.

  27. i swear youd never find this quality or precision work anywhere in canada 🇨🇦💩🇨🇦💩🇨🇦💩

  28. nice work.. make yourself a set of lead vise jaws ans save those crank snouts from getting scratched up…

  29. I dig your videos! I enjoy seeing your attention to detail. Although, I think you need some more tools!!!!! 🙂

  30. I guess I’ve never seen anyone “weigh and balance rods” is this proprietary to specifically Manley rods? And I’m curious, why all the measurements? Are the internals not made for your specific motor? Or are you doing some super custom application? I’m honestly curious to make my builds better. I’m no master tech or anything.

  31. Would it be possible for you to release the spec sheets? I would to have them for when I'm working on my subarus. They would make the work alot better

  32. What would your recommendation for maximum output of one of these open deck motors (EJ25) if built properly ?

  33. Schönes Video! Man sieht richtig dass Spaß an der Sache hast. Was misst du da bei Min. 18:25 ? Die Dehnung der Schrauben?

  34. Here lies the real challenge and this is undoubtedly an achievement But you have a mighty engine What is more important is that this powerful engine sits in the lap of Ferrari, for example, and you retain the original Ferrari engine All of this will be a complete By filming it in high definition

    Ali suroor

  35. 17:48 Measuring the stretch of the Rod Bolts. Its not enough the righth moment of bolts end chek rotation the rode on crankshaft? I actually dont understand what diastance u measure. The are special platform(site) on a rod for kinda measuring. Videos are beautiful, keep doing)

  36. Your videos are awesome. I come for the engine builds and stay to check out all the cool precision tools. Do you ever work on EZ30r blocks? Love to see that. Not so popular I guess. Shout out from New Zealand.

  37. Amazing clean work. Coul you made some videos of how to measure with those micrometers and bore gauge dial ? Thank you

  38. Andy querido amigo y Papa de Pina; me gustan las películas de espionaje y de acción, pero esta es la mejor: creas en vez de matar.
    un abrazo de hermano. Salud y saludos desde España sigue así por favor. asta el próximo video. José A. G. Galán.

  39. Heya, brilliant vids.
    Quick question, how did you decide which Gudgeon Pin to put with each Piston with the differences in clearances?

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