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Tree House Recovery | MMA For Addiction Treatment

Tree House Recovery | MMA For Addiction Treatment

action-based induction therapy is a combination of psychosocial process group that is really kind of layered into activities that are designed to activate the part of the brain that’s largely responsible for human connection we use MMA to create a safe place for our guys to connect to bond to overcome challenges together we do specific exercises in here that allow our clients to use their prefrontal cortex in different ways and by exercising we’re creating those new neural pathways all of these exercises are designed to hit the functions of the prefrontal cortex such as regulation of fear and emotion impulse control empathy right so it’s it’s affecting those things which ultimately leads to the person exercising that every day and getting better and better at doing that it also creates an environment for the the guide to apply the tools they’ve been learning in other parts of the treatment you know how to manage their emotions how to pull back and think before they react how to calmly use their break their breathing to calm them down it’s a great environment to utilize a lot of different tools in a real setting at the same time they’re having a ton of fun engaging in these activities and exercises that allow this to start to work I can train it and make it stronger so the result of that is that I get better at connecting with people creating that bonding that moment of bonding or the experience I mean together and they feel joy and happiness and success together and and they connect the guys have to be reading each other at all times they have to be looking at how the other person’s feeling they can’t just go in there and go a hundred percent off the bat they need to focus on hey how’s my partner doing how is that person feeling right now they’re not ever gonna be sparring or fighting each other that’s never gonna happen what they are going to be doing is learning how to use physicality to manage how they feel at the same time as may be using physicality in the MMA arena or that format to maybe create open some doors let them let them go through some issues they may have had in their or experienced in their life at that point it’s the perfect time to go from a bit and a man into a more therapeutic environments that are out there like they’re kind of fresh they’ve experienced something like hey here’s an opportunity they can actually maybe talk about these things with a trained therapist when people feel connected to other people they don’t feel that isolation they’re not feeling that pain they’re much less likely to go back to that active addiction

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