Triângulo de Mão 180 graus | Cerrado MMA

Hey What’s up, Erik Silva here And I’m Junior Silva And today we’ll show you the Arm triangle 180 degrees [Arm triangle 180 degrees] So, this position start on side control Very tied What can I do?! I have to move to north south position Stuck his hip like this Stuck his other arm and go to North South position Once here…. Now, look my arms position This arm is under his armpit And I have to do the same with this arm Now I have both arms under his armpit Once here, you have to continue turning 180 degrees until you stabilize the side control again You have to put your knee very close his head turn So, again, once here on North South position, I continue the movement until reach the Side control again But look this detail… Don’t put a lot of pressure on his arm, to avoid any resistance of him So, I do it when I go to Side Control again, like this… Remember, your knee near his head Now look his arm position Perfect! Now with his arm stuck under your armpit, pass your arm under his head Now I have to put weight here with my chest Here my opponent is very uncomfortable Now, you don’t have to try to reach your biceps, but your biceps should reach your hand. Now you close the Arm Triangle Flat your hand on his head Now just squeeze Now, let’s see it on real time So let’s go Side control Arm control North south position Side control again [180 degrees movement] Squeeze Oss

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