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Triple H CONFIRMS Ronda Rousey WWE Talks! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2018

Triple H CONFIRMS Ronda Rousey WWE Talks! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis, and whoah – that was a close one. Mixed Match Challenge Details
Because for a minute there, I thought I wouldn’t be able to watch WWE’s new Mixed Match Challenge
show! I’m rooting for you… I’m not going to have my emotions played
with anymore. I’m now best friends with Alexa. As Mixed Match Challenge has been acquired
by Facebook, the tournament will play out over 12 episodes every Tuesday after Smackdown
on Facebook Watch – which is the social media site’s video on-demand service. But Facebook Watch is currently only available
in the United States, meaning us limeys here in the U.K. wouldn’t be able to see the
show. Well, good news – because The Mirror has revealed
Mixed Match Challenge will air on the WWE Network for UK fans. Now that all the teams have been announced
through kayfabe ruining backstage skits, WWE have revealed the official bracket for the
tournament – where Raw and Smackdown teams will face each other in the first round, the
winners compete in a second, a 2nd chance team is readded in the semi-finals via fan
vote, and then the finals will see the last two teams have to knock a cedar stick off
the cross rods, while the twig-runners dash back and forth until the pinecone burns out
and the umpire calls ‘hotbox’. Never mind mixed match challenge feuds, though? What about good old fashioned single gender
rivalries? Heat Between Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss & Nia
Jax? During this week’s Smackdown, Raw Women’s
Champion Alexa Bliss tweeted: “Pink pigtails … where have I seen that
SEEN IT ON ME BEFORE FACE EMOJI” Which was presumably in reference to Liv Morgan
sporting pink pigtails at ringside for the Ruby Riott vs Becky Lynch match – an observation
Morgan quickly refuted: “No where cause they’re purple OH WE’RE
Alexa’s real-life best friend and breaker of my heart Nia Jax then took Alexa’s hot
tag: “Don’t trip bestie, you’re the top of
the mountain, imitation is bound to happen. You are untouchable with what you have done,
let her have the scraps 🤣” Which tee-d up Liv for the KO punch. Morgan used to date Enzo Amore [IMAGE], before
revealing she had broken up with him last September:
“Me knowing that I’m single and nobody cheating on me”
All context for her reply to Nia, who’s currently in a romantic storyline with Enzo
on Raw: “Uhhhh Nia, I actually think YOU want MY
scraps TORU YANO EMOJI” The women’s division might need to put their
in-fighting aside soon, though, as a certain former UFC Bantamweight Champion is coming
to kick some ass. Triple H Confirms Ronda Rousey WWE Talks
After TMZ reported that Triple H missed this week’s Smackdown taping because he was having
dinner with Ronda Rousey in LA, The Game himself has now told ESPN:
“We are talking to Ronda, as we’ve been for a while. She has a lot of things going on. We have a lot of things going on. But we have a great relationship with her,
a very friendly standpoint for a long period of time now. It was great to catch up with her.” Triple H revealing talks have been going on
“for a while” rather contradicts his Ronda to WWE denial last month: “that’s news to
me because I’m the one who would be having that conversation.” They don’t call him The Game for nothing,
and it’s possible he’s still playing us now, with talks probably being a lot further
in than he’s letting on. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s been a huge update on Kenny Omega’s
potential Royal Rumble debut! Click the screen now for more great wrestling

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100 thoughts on “Triple H CONFIRMS Ronda Rousey WWE Talks! | WrestleTalk News Jan. 2018

  1. Latest rumours is that Daniel Bryan is going to win the rumble . This will be the biggest shock wwe wants to give to their audience coz if wwe wants daniel to wrestle again this will be the best opportunity and styles vs Bryan in 34. Recently daniel tweeted that he can break style's nose once again if gets a chance….

  2. Us as wrestling’s fans don’t care about her crossing over! Idk why they are pushing it so much! She lost her last 2 matches why would we think she would be some big bad villain in the wwe

  3. I just wanna see her fight on pay per views and only on raw/smackdown when she's building up to a match that way wwe will get better ratings when she's on tv and pay per view buys will be different book her like the #femalebrockkkklesnar

  4. Even Oli couldn’t handle Alexa’s looks, and he turned heel on Nia to try and impress Bliss. I see you Oli, well played

  5. I can never understand WWE logic. Instead of airing or showcasing the MMC on TV or fully WWE Network; it's being aired on Facebook Watch? (After SD Live)🤕

    P.S.: I'm actual excited for the Mix Match Challenge.

  6. Honestly not excited to see Ronda in the wwe whatsoever. I feel like she will be pushed way too much and have a cringy character

  7. I have a revolutionary idea to make the women’s revolution more plausible and enjoyable. Let’s get some tag team titles going for the women since there’s all these factions starting to form, and book more interesting storylines. The wrestling isn’t going to get the women over, with how many botches I’ve seen, so why not make the division more entertaining with some new material? It would also give a chance for some new happenings in WWE that aren’t too far fetched. I mean if WWE believes in the women that much, it shouldn’t be a problem…I’m all for shaking things up and seeing serious change with the product.

  8. Xavier Woods: Big E., Big E., Big E….
    Kofi Kingston: I can't see!
    Big E.: My big pecs are hypnotizing.
    Kofi: I just love your flashy ways.
    Xavier: Guess that's why I'm broke.
    Big E.: And I'm getting lay…
    Kofi & Xavier: HEY! WHOA! This is a PG Show!
    Big E.: d.


  10. So Ollie's beautiful voice when he said "Alexa Bliss" made my Amazon Echo Dot play Alice in Chains…Ollie…thank you!

  11. Oli Davis likes fat sweaty women Oli Davis likes fat sweaty women Oli Davis likes fat sweaty women Oli David likes fat sweaty women. Er anyways….uuuum….. Kvyat  joined Ferrari.

  12. Well paige is injured and reports are saying that her career is over at wwe shes got to stop wrestling doctors refuse too clear her to wrestle career is done

  13. Ronda rousey was the best in UFC until she got defeated but every person has to lose or the team has to be defeated just like the undertaker at wm32 and 33

  14. Who gives a flying fuck about this shit, another of mcmahon triple shit weak ass move burying talent no wonder this wwe crap sucks

  15. So when Rhonda LOUSY loses her first match in WWE, will she quit like she did in the UFC? Bad idea having this big mouthed sore loser. Her 15 minutes of fame were 4 minutes ago.

  16. Yeah there is a video by Steve and larson, Paige is going to have to retire, apparently doctors saying her in ring days are over.
    So needs to sadly change the I’m baaaaaack catchphrase.

  17. What about people in Australia and other parts of the world will the wwe mixed match challenge be on the wwe network for us to

  18. Liv Morgan is the worst wrestler on Smackdown. As for Ronda, there is an opening on RAW because my beloved Paige has to retire. Poor girl 🙁

  19. I give zero fucks about Ronda Rousey. Not like she’ll be a talented WWE wrestler. All that made her famous was that undefeated MMA streak, and now it’s gone.

  20. a part timer as Women's champ? now that's somethin i can get behind! if they can replicate what they do with Brock and paste it with Ronda, i wouldn't miss the title and her limited appearances would make her a must see attraction. let's be honest, neither of the Women's champions have done anything in the past several months. jus waiting around for their WM contenders while making any appearances they've made till then pointless.

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