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So onald Trump has again, for the econd time
in wo weeks, gone to a sporting event in public and just been brutally, brutally booed this
time, even more than last week. It’s been, uh, interesting to observe in a
few ways. It’s a story about the wenty twenty election
in a sense. It’s a story about Donald Trump’s bubble that
he exists in. And it’s also a story about media propaganda,
which we’ll get to a little bit later on in the segment. So let me catch you up. Last week, onald Trump went to game ive of
the major league baseball world series. He was booed. There were chance of lock him up. That broke out throughout the stadium. Arguably, it’s less surprising at a ashington
DC baseball game, even though baseball is not a particularly left wing sport as as an
organization, ashington DC is quite left wing. It’s not shocking. He’d get booed, although people do go from
more conservative irginia to the games. But Trump was visibly shocked by the booing
that was taking place last week. We played videos for you. You can see Trump grimacing, you can see him
being popped out of the filter bubble that he creates for himself at rallies and at the
white house with Brown nosing suck ups all around him. And then there was a media propaganda story
that came up following it because Fox news cut out the booing from their reports about
Trump’s visit and referred to it as quote mixed reaction from the crowd. So that was last week. Low and behold, over this weekend, onald Trump
goes to a UFC event in ew York city at Madison square garden. UFC of course, is a mixed martial arts league. And once again, the booing just absolutely
brutal. Check it out. [inaudible]. Here’s another ne of Trump making his grand
entrance [inaudible] and maybe most brutally is the last ne. [inaudible]. Okay, I think you get it. So once again, some references to this as
a mixed reaction. And of course if you put wenty one thousand
people in a stadium, you’re going to have some of clowns. But it’s a very negative reaction overall
to onald Trump. Now this is why this is so interesting. The UFC, okay, Trump is friends with big Trump
supporter and UFC president Dana white white spoke at the Republican national convention. He’s a big Trumpist. ne would expect UFC to be more Donald Trump’s
crowd. This is not some stereotype than anyone who
likes fighting is a Trumpist, but different sports have different crowds. And to some degree, even in ew York city,
you would expect the somewhat friendlier to Trump crowd to be there at a UFC event. So this could be a signal about wenty twenty
it’s definitely a signal about Donald Trump’s impeachment, which continues to grow in popularity. But it’s also a story about media propaganda
as Fox news insisting once again that people just loved Trump showing up there. Check it out. No, it isn’t pretty. Also, UFC fights like these guys are fighting
to take it all the way down. The president went to Madison square garden
last night, watch Jorge Masbeth all I take on Nate Diaz. The call was that the fight was actually called
after hree rounds because of the cut for Diaz, but the president got a big reception. You know, the media can say what they want
about it, but this is a crowd that loves their, this is not a PC crowd right here. This is a crowd that appreciates the brawler
style of a brawler president who was there in ew York city, city to belly of the beast
to watch this fight or somebody half. It’s actually saying that they mostly heard
boos. This has become so juvenile. If you actually listen to the video and the
audio there clearly were, were a ton of tears, so Pete hedged or Hajj bath or I could have
trouble saying his name, whatever his name is. He’s correct in that this is not a PC crowd. And yet they still were mostly disgusted by
onald Trump appearing there. You definitely shouldn’t trust the people
who even days ago edited out the booing at the world series to tell you if there was
booing at the UFC. The videos I think tell you everything you
need to know. But what onald Trump really needs to be doing
is just go to a NASCAR race, go to a NASCAR race in, you know, orth Carolina or eorgia
or something like that. And if they boo him there, he’s really in
trouble for wenty twenty. Um, I don’t know that onald Trump has any
interest in going to NASCAR, but that would be my recommendation to him. Make sure you’re following the David Pakman
show on Instagram at David Pakman show clips of the show, pull questions behind the scenes
pictures, including of the main studio of paths, layer of the entire thing. And while you’re there on your end, the Graham apt follow me as well at David
dot. Pacman, we will take a quick break and a lot
more coming up on this Monday though. ortieth today

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100 thoughts on “Trump BRUTALLY Booed AGAIN at UFC

  1. Thank the heavens. I guess more people are slowly coming to their senses.
    I still don't trust the country, though, because the fact is that racists and sexists and plain ignorant people still make up almost a third of this country.
    At least the "undecideds" know not to vote for his criminal and treasonous orange self this time.

  2. It's simply the reality of seeing him outside of his bubble of orange Koolaide drinking CULT 45 supporters at his rallies and in the REAL WORLD.
    Of course his supporters are in delusional blatant DENIAL.

  3. The main even was a Cuban fighting a Mexican. Why the PHUCK was TRUMP there? You know damn well he's not a UFC fan.

  4. David, I attended the UFCs event at MSG and it was a bit of a mixed reaction. My friends in one section said it was more cheers but I heard boos and slurs from my section. UFC President Dana White said that it was the “loudest ovation ever in 25-years when he came out of the tunnel” but Dana White is one of the biggest lying scum bags you’ll ever meet.

    Also, they showed a lot of people on the Jumbotron inside the arena like actor Josh Duhamel but never showed Trump. I believe they were scared of the reception. I’ve written for MMA publications, and have been a major fan since the 90s. Just look up Dana White on MMA journalist Loretta Hunt. I wish the media would actually do an expose on Dana White.

  5. Jesus, Trump is such a snowflake pussy!!! 😂 Fox news has to powder little baby's bottom!! 😂😂😂😂 Gawd, There's nothing worse than a "news" channel that is nothing more than the National Inquire, and a man SO WEAK can't handle the heat he dishes out himself! Total pussy coward weakling. God, it makes me sick!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  6. What everyone is missing is the fact that they paid $60,000 for him to attend the event, and he only stayed there long enough to watch a single fight and it wasn’t even the main event!

  7. Trump is not liked by the World. Immagine Trump standing in front of the world Crowd. He would be Booooed to hell.

  8. The ballpark was DEFINITELY boos… this sounds a lot more mixed to me. Less distinct boos, not necessarily distinct cheers eirher… mostly just loud noise. A lot of whistling too, which is usually positive.

    Not a Trump supporter, just analyzing the video for myself.

  9. To Add salt to the injury, Kevin Lee, one of the winners that night uploaded a photo to Instagram of his K.O. that night against Gregor Gillespie with the comment "BERNIE SANDERS YOU BASTARDS".

  10. Yes…Trump appears at supposedly “packed” rallies. The Grateful Dead packed halls more or less continually for 25 years yet Jerry Garcia never could have been elected president. Yes…there are Trump-Heads. Democrats should stop fixating on the and focus instead on how voters are poling in “battleground” states.
    BTW…NASCAR attendance has been falling for years. George Wallace made the most famous presidential candidate appearance at a NASCAR event right before he won the 1972 Florida Primary.

  11. Too bad scumbag trumpie didn’t get his fat, grotesque yellow skinned head bashed in.. that would be awesome 🤗🤗🤗

  12. Reports are that he will be in attendance at the LSU vs. Alabama game this Saturday. If that is not a Trump crowd, then I don’t know what is.

  13. Honestly, it was a mixed crowd. I've watched a lot of angles and there's plenty of people clapping or waving. I located the "boo" people by their hands being over their mouths 🙂

  14. It's just sickening how FOX says, "You know, the media can spin this any way they want, saying that Trump was booed," when THEY are the media that is spinning the falsehood. I saw all the booing videos directly uploaded from users on Twitter, minutes after it actually occured. I wasn't fed this info from CNN or NBC. I'm not supposed to believe what I see and hear that's direct from the source? FOX is telling me I shouldn't believe the man who uploads a video of something that just happened? These news reporters ought to face consequences for deliberately lying to the public.

  15. I don't think it's possible trump even won the election. What if they know he didn't win but have to keep it secret cause it would collapse the idea of democracy.

  16. I don't think it's possible trump even won the election. What if they know he didn't win but have to keep it secret cause it would collapse the idea of democracy.

  17. I don't think it's possible trump even won the election. What if they know he didn't win but have to keep it secret cause it would collapse the idea of democracy.

  18. I would love to have a conversation with Trump about UFC, and what he likes most, who he was cheering for, what he thought of the techniques, did he understand the rules, does he know what UFC stands for, does he know where he is, who he is, why he's such a complete asshole, all the key points

  19. I would love to have a conversation with Trump about UFC, and what he likes most, who he was cheering for, what he thought of the techniques, did he understand the rules, does he know what UFC stands for, does he know where he is, who he is, why he's such a complete asshole, all the key points

  20. What about the other events where he was cheered, why not mention that aswell?

    Also, who here wants a new world order without borders, no culture, low paying jobs, high taxes enz? That is what we are going to get if with most left liberals. Do you people want that?

  21. What blows my mind is that 40% of Americans still approve of Trump.

    WTF is wrong with your country? Is your water contaminated with idiot-juice?

    Please, America, get your shit together.

  22. RUMOR: Trump will be heading to the Alabama vs LSU game coming up this Saturday.
    IF true, I would be interested in the reaction considering either state is full of trumpanzees.

  23. Of course the owners of said sports who are rich are Trumpists.. but these owners perhaps now have a perception of how their fans, just regular people feel about Trump.

  24. I watched ufc 244 live and it wasn't that bad. You selected a couple of videos of boos. In reality it wasn't anything like this. I saw this live with my own eyes

  25. Funny, you always hear trump cultists saying they'd inflict physical violence on anyone who disrespects the orange clown. If any were there, seems like they bitched out.

  26. I thought the presidents position was to be an adult about everything. Carry himself with respect. And try his best to bring people together. Not badmouth everyone he doesn’t like and call his own people radicals. Say he doesn’t like flippers but yet he rats on everyone. Trump carries himself like a bully child. A thin skinned idiot. The things he says is foolish and dangerous. He’s gonna cause a catastrophe.

  27. He got a big reception alright lol they were booing his ass; and what was so funny his two sons dumb and dumber was there with him.

  28. I'll go to a baseball game because that's merican and merica loves me and I want everyone to show their love for me for killing that guy.
    That went well. So well I'll do it again. UFC loves me.
    That went equally as well.
    Yay me!

  29. He's supposed to attend the LSU vs Alabama game, in Alabama, should be interesting to see the reception he gets in what should clearly be "Trump country"

  30. Dana Whitewash the whole event.
    He didn’t put his entrance on video because he didn’t want to create a definitive negative reaction and officially have it recorded for pay per view. I’m not surprised mother fucker

  31. Breaking: trump set to attend Alabama vs LSU football game this week. Surely to god he'll get a good reception what with all of Americas brightest people in attendance.

  32. The dudes that cheered were the old coots. 👴
    Nobody in NYC who knew the the first thing about Chump voted for him.
    I'm surprised the crowds didn't shower him with food and drinks! 🍺🌭

  33. Im trying to figure out, trump has time for Golf, constantly going to our sporting events, time to be manipulative and shady, all while trying to shame or get an ordinary citizen fired because they don't like him or boast about his disgusting self. He has no time left in the day to do his real job…

  34. What a crock.
    Anybody in their right mind sees and hears how crowds of thousands love our president.
    Come on David,this BS is why you're losing subscribers left and right .
    How many boos do y'all hear?
    You see supporters waving and chanting. USA,USA,USA.
    You hate America so go where you think is better.
    We'll buy the ticket, one way.

  35. I'd like to know where battleground states stand on the utterly moronic voting machines. Because that's the only way Trump can win: cheating. There is a good reason other modern countries still use paper ballots….. A machine you use every 3 year just ain't worth it, especially if you are not gonna do the security updates…. I really wonder who took the moronic shortsighted decision of introducing voting machines in US elections, certainly not a technician….

  36. I like baseball and UFC a bit more after they served up those delicious boos. I wish I could have joined in. Maybe one day I’ll get the chance.

  37. I watched the card and they never mentioned trump. When Dana White talked about it, he said he's never seen people so hyped up and the place explode for one person like that In a positive way

    Then you watch what really happened and all you hear is boos 🤣🤣🤣
    But let's not forget, this was in New York so obviously the crowd would be against him. If this was in Mississippi, different story.
    David is wrong when he says this is indicative of the election. It's New York bro. They hate trump

  38. Trump and Fox ought to go to "lovers of guns and trump" rally. It will show the difference between "make america great" chant verses one syllable "boo"

  39. Woops, miscalculated the "people's love" quite a bit. So trump's grown sperms are saying that this is not true, that it was "the greatest entrance in UFC history"…..These creepy kids are starting to sound like thier sociopathic narcisistic sperm donor father.

  40. Did anyone else notice the song that was Trump's "entrance" theme? Back in Black by AC/DC – this was the song for the #BerniesBack Rally in Queens NY a few weeks ago. Just wondered if anyone else caught that 🤔

  41. The incompetent-in-chief got booed where the “normal” people gather. In response to attempt to heal his ego, he had to have a rally of his non-thinking lemmings in Kentucky to stroke his wounded ego.

  42. The crowd was “juvenile”? Excuse me?There is ZERO cause to complain when one supports this Whiny Little Bitch who complains 24/7 about “unfair” treatment, who (almost always) avoids locations where he is unpopular and who shits his shorts … er, diapers, at every single insult.

    Life is just SO hard when you step outside The Imaginary Land of Trumptardia and step into The Real World of truth. Boo Hoo! 😭

  43. 05:07 Don't push it. Those are some hardcore Red Neck Confederate Flag wearing country bumpkins. Anyone who can be entertained by a bunch of numb nuts making left turns for a living while driving a car that can only go straight isn't mentally all there in the first place.

    Formula 1 for Life B****!

  44. @David I don’t get it. This doesn’t sound like a crowd of people booing. It sounds like a crowd of roudy people with a bunch of easily-distinguishable “boo’s” – so i don’t really follow you on this one.

  45. I lost nearly all respect for Dana White when he came out as a Trump supporter combined with the whole fight against fighters having a union in the UFC. Stopped watching the UFC tbh. Good too see that so many fans are not in line with Trump/Dana though 🙂

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