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Trump Fights Obstruction with Obstruction | The Daily Show

Trump Fights Obstruction with Obstruction | The Daily Show

Robert Mueller, as he continues
his methodical pursuit of the world’s most brilliant
criminal mastermind, we’re seeing casualties of his
investigation pile up. This week, a federal court in
Virginia began hearing testimony in the trial of Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former
campaign chairman, and world’s sketchiest
LEGO man. Thanks to Mueller,
Manafort is now charged with 18 counts of tax evasion, bank fraud, money laundering, and using his roommate’s
HBO GO password. Oh, you didn’t think they could
come after you for that? Yeah? Yeah. You guys are in
a lot of trouble. But before prosecutors
got into the details, they wanted to introduce
Paul Manafort to the world. TV REPORTER: Prosecutors
focused their efforts on portraying Manafort as a man
who spent lavishly while cheating on his taxes. TV REPORTER: Multiple homes,
expensive cars and watches. $1.13 million
for home improvements. Nearly a million dollars
that he spent on landscaping, including a flower bed
in the shape of an “M”. TV REPORTER: Manafort spent over
$18,000 on a karaoke setup. Goddamn, Manafort was balling. $18,000 on a karaoke set? Yo, if I spent that much money
on karaoke, it better come with drunk Japanese businessmen
to sing for me. $18,000? Yo, let me tell you something,
let me tell you something. If I spent that much money
on karaoke, best believe at my house, every night is
karaoke night. Every night. Be like, “Yo, Trevor, shouldn’t
we watch the Super Bowl? Uh, I think we should
be singing karaoke. I’m getting my money. ♪ Ebony and ivory. ♪ I’m singing. And as lavish
as all of that sounds, there’s one part
of Paul Manafort’s life where he spared no expense. TV REPORTER:
In just five years, Manafort spent $929,000
on suits. TV REPORTER:
A $15,000 ostrich jacket, also more than $18,000
python coat. Okay, first of all, if you’re
trying not to seem evil, maybe don’t dress up
as a snake. Uh, also, also, what’s the point
of wearing ostrich if you’re gonna take off
all the feathers? That just seems like a waste. Like, If I’m wearing ostrich,
it had better look like this. I want to see that I’m wearing
ostrich, people. (laughter and applause) I want to feel it. (cheers and applause) And, look, you know, it’s really interesting to see
what’s happening here. It feels like the prosecution is trying to turn the jury
against Manafort by showing them
that he’s the kind of asshole who owns
a $15,000 ostrich jacket. Yeah. And after seeing a picture
of this jury, something tells me
that it might work. It might just work. So, of course, everyone is watching this trial, but nobody is watching closer
than Manafort’s former employer. REPORTER: President Trump today
wading into the trial of his former campaign
chairman, tweeting… (reading): Okay, I’m sorry. “Alfonse Capone”? Who-who calls Al Capone
by his full name? Every time I think
Trump has hit peak weirdness, he gets a little bit weirder. Like, is that–
is that just his thing? It’s just like,
“And then I was talking “to Kimberly Kardashian, “and she was so grateful
for how I helped her husband, “Kanye Westeros. Great guy. Great guy.” Now, look, Trump
is clearly not enjoying the fact that Mueller has his buddy
on trial. But what’s really got
the president riled up was finding out that Mueller
is a few steps closer to having a chat with him. REPORTER: President Trump
was outraged after learning that among the topics Special
Counsel Robert Mueller wants to question him about
is obstruction of justice. Sources say it enraged him so it prompted
this extraordinary tweet that critics say
could amount to obstruction. The president writing… (reading): This is so insane. President Trump
may have obstructed justice because he’s mad
about being accused of obstructing justice. Like, he’s just proving
their point. It’s like when someone tells you
to calm down and you’re like, “What do you mean calm down?
I am calm! I’ll kill you for saying that!” Calm down, man. (cheering and applause) And now, although it seems
like obstruction, according to the president’s
lawyer and spokes-gremlin, Rudy Giuliani, we are
all getting ahead of ourselves, because Trump words matter. As we said immediately,
it’s an-an opinion. He used the word “should.”
He didn’t use the word “must.” And there was no presidential
directive that followed it. -But– -He didn’t direct ’em–
he didn’t direct ’em to do it. And he’s not gonna direct ’em
to do it. You should get the (bleep) out
of here. (cheering and applause) Like… Rudy-Rudy Giuliani
is making it sound like Trump’s tweet
was just a helpful suggestion and that Trump
is not Jeff Sessions’ boss and the most powerful man
in the world. You know, it’s like Darth Vader
telling you… (inhales) “You should really
consider joining the dark side. (inhales)
“But no presh, no presh. I mean, whatever.
Just a suggestion.” And if you weren’t convinced
by Collude-y Giuliani, uh, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, wow, she had
an even more creative defense. There’s a reason
that the president’s angry, and, frankly, most of America
is angry as well. And there’s no reason
he shouldn’t be able to voice that opinion. Look, the president
is not obstructing– he’s fighting back. Ooh! The president
is not obstructing– he’s just fighting back. Yeah. Fighting back against
an investigation of you is obstructing. Like, Sarah Sanders
wants to frame it like it’s just self-defense. But that’s exactly what
self-defense is, obstructing the punch
from hitting your face. That’s obstruction. Oh, and-and Team Trump
has one more defense. REPORTER: The president’s
lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, told The New York Times… (reading): What they’re trying to do
is stitch together an obstruction case
based on public tweets, on the exercise
of First Amendment rights. You know, people don’t obstruct
justice in public. If you’re going
to obstruct justice, you’re gonna do it in private. (laughter) That, that is
a brilliant argument. Until you take a moment
to think about it. Because obstruction of justice isn’t about whether it’s private
or public. Private is just how most people
do it, right? But most people also don’t want
to bang their daughter. (groaning) And even those who do, even those who do don’t talk
about it on The View. Donald Trump
is not a normal person. Like, what’s crazy
about this is, if there was a tape where Trump
told Sessions in private that he should end
the Mueller probe and we discovered the tape,
that would be the end. It would be obstruction,
impeachment, game over. But just because he did it in
public, he can get away with it. Like, it-it’s amazing
that Trump has this superpower– he does the bad things in public
and then somehow– Like, I-I don’t know
how to explain it. Like, there’s no other instance where doing a bad thing publicly
is better. You know what I mean? Nothing else works like that. Like, when you see someone
masturbating on the subway, no one’s sitting there, like, “Well, I’m glad
you’re doing it in public. “That makes it better. Good job.”

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100 thoughts on “Trump Fights Obstruction with Obstruction | The Daily Show

  1. This shii made me soo sad. I’m here working two jobs just to pay for my tuition this dude is spending 18k on mf karaoke set?! And 15k on jackets. How manny times will you even wear that jacket. Jesus bro.

  2. What crazy logic! If you are going to do something illegal you do it privately? But doing it out in the open it's ok????

  3. Graham, you really are too immature to know what you are talking about! GREAT PERCENTAGE OF THE CRIMES TODAY, are provoked by INNER HATRED! So maybe you should go to Chicago and see the mess over there? Most Crimes are under-layered by a HATE or EXTREME BEGATIVE emotionalism! It is all part of the haywire emotional system, and
    is, and can be considered as a Hate Crime in many instances, as seen in some Jury Trials and convictions!! Even Parents of convicted Criminals talk about their kids being MENTALLY ILL , where somebody should attend to those matters, but it is they themselves who must stop this virulent inner self! HATRED is the state of the emotions being out of control at times, and should not be left unattended, especially by the Parents who see their lovely little Angel commit mayhem! Many Parents say it is Mental Illness, but maybe they, and ourselves, should narrow-down the real cause a little bit more, and bring in HATRED as a Basic cause of the Kid's mental disturbance and Crimes?

    But the point I am making, and your idiocy cannot change it, is if Mental Illness is causing crimes such as murder, assault, destructiveness, etc., etc., Isn't HATRED part of that Mental Illness complex? By the way, that hatred might partly be inner directed at themselves, so that must be considered more! So HATRED is a CRIME PAL, and allow your simple mind to assess that fact, then maybe some of the people can be treated for HATE, and stop many crimes from being committed in the future? Isn't it best to really know what the basic cause is?

    The point being that if Mental Illness is causing MANY CRIMES, then HATRED, another mental Illness, should be stopped or attended to too! It is an unstoppable disease that may cause pain to you, your Kids, your mother, or any decent person? You talk as if it is not important, or isn't presently doing its dirty work all over the Streets of America! You are out of touch Pal, so come out of that Cocoon of yours, somewhere in Suburbia I guess, and witness reality as it is, not what your Idealistic view of reality is! Hate is based on negative emotional feelings about life where the affected person sees only that his targeted people as evil or corrupt, but dismisses what his own people are doing?

    I think you should learn something and spend some time either witnessing HATRED yourself, or seeing what it can do to the Communities all over this Nation! HATE is the FORCE that has led, and will lead, to many unfortunate Crimes in the future, but you quibble about my concern over the matter! HATE is a CRIME, even if it is just punching some innocent person on the street with no cause, but only that he or she is part of his HATE Complex! You are not informed enough Pal, and Books won't teach you the real facts? I am NOT HAPPY that you are a citizen of the U.S., for we will fall apart with people like you at the helm somewhere?

    Academics should tell you that you are omitting real facts out of fear or some other feeling, so look at it clearly and even if it will hurt your simple mind, and tell the truth? But I don't know if you have the Courage to do justice to the many victims of hate all over this Country, and each group provides its share of responsibility no matter what Group it is? Only reality will give you the clues as to what hate really is, and those pleasantly written text books will not get-into-it properly enough to be listened to! Academia can't ever be counted on to admit to all the facts? They will often beat around the bush, so as not to disturb anyone? Our weak institution in some ways, and yet many adhere to every word written or spoken by those in charge of teaching our Kids!

  4. What's really funny is all the libturds commenting here are completely oblivious to Killary Clintont's murderous path of (now unmasked)deception. But, but, but he's an asshole so that's worse… Good Luck in 2020, perhaps lay off the weed a little and get to work or keep


  5. I watch the news using Trevor Noah! He turns everything funny and yet he also has such a serious side that keeps me watching 💗

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  8. Trump does know WHY Manafort got solitary, right? I mean the witness tampering CAN'T have escaped his notice, correct?

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    Every time you bat an eye 👁

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  15. Omg trevor noah please do us normal thinking humans a favor and give yourself the Clintons special 2 shots to the back of the head and we call it a suicide the world will be so much better without your bull shit show and to all the trump haters you all can suck it he will be back in 2020 I can't wait for all your little liberal heads to explode after it happens. You dumb shits get news from trevor noah bahahahahhahahahhhaa guy is the biggest hack I've ever seen then again so is the dnc In 20 yrs I'll still be laughing at you libtards ahahahahahahhahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahhaahahahahhaahhaahahahahahh. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahhahahhahahhhhahhahahahhhh!

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  17. Thank you, Trevor Noah, for your outlook, and concerns. Now I go thru the day with a chuckle thank you sir, you are a treasure.

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    Modus operandi… He does public executions… The key is "public". Brazen, shameless sociopathic narcissist.

    A live action mob movie.

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    SMH how can some people support this so called billionaire!

  23. I remember when I started getting watched, they realized I wasn't crazy or a criminal Instead they seen I wasn't you're average person lol I found that out all by myself since people like to hide things

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  25. Doing a bad thing in public. I was trying to figure out what this reminded me of for several minutes:

    THIS is totally what the bad guys do in "The Man Who Was Thursday" by GK Chesterton, since, they reason, they can talk all day about creating anarchy, as long as they do it in public. Then no one believes them. If they'd gone into a closed room and locked the door, THEN everyone would care.

  26. That's the Trump administration's secret weapon: it's almost impossible to process that anyone could really be this stupid, so they convince us that it's way more complicated than it really is

  27. The government is open. Pay your bills pay your rent. Do not order anything from Amazon. do not go to the mall. Go to the grocery store stock up on some food like it's a hurricane. Trump is going to close down again put your change under your mattress. When close his. Banks again stay home and watch watch mr. Mueller catching witches. Don't forget the popcorn.

  28. Why would an orange jackass named "Donald" expect an elf named "Jeffrey" to end a "witch hunt" and get a vampire named "Rudolf" to bitch about it? …I don't get any of this.

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  30. I can't wait to see democrats explain to the American people, that Trump is guilty of trying to obstruct an investigation that found him innocent. I doubt this quandary has even occurred to mindless Lefty herd. Where's the popcorn?

  31. Gee Paul,
    the government thanks you for giving them all your expensive shit.
    The Trump administration is such a joke like a saga in comic books.
    Trump committing shit in public he considers transparency.

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