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Tulsa Ninja Warrior

Tulsa Ninja Warrior

I am NOT a ninja warrior’ there’s no
secret I’m hanging out though today at be a ninja warrior the owner Venn has
totally been helping me out with my charity Glocks for the Homeless so
we’re here today to shoot a promotional video for him but before we get before
we get there where are we going guys “INTRO!” what are we doing you got to talk to the
owner and the curator of a spot like this is so. Dude’s famous, like serious I
can’t believe he lets me talk to him but we got Venn, “hey guys guys” how many
times have you been on American Ninja Warrior
twice now twice yeah and you’re a pro bull rider yep BB our level professional
bull rider dude that is awesome so what tell everybody about about what you do
here real quick well we are a it’s kind of different and its unique the American
Ninja Warrior is kind of what started it but I’ve got a gymnastics background on
an elite level I’m a professional MMA fighter of seven years I have two
different black belts and different martial arts like seven professional
write of writing professional bulls for the last 14 15 years and now American
Ninja Warrior so I’m teaching all these people different things from all those
different elements that I’ve learned over the years
dude that’s also minutes for a biack ninja warriors right here in the Tulsa
Metro it’s awesome that we’re in a bigger thing for me then is helping us
out with Glocks for the homeless so they’re taking donations up for us just
awesome now they’re helping out the cause so a great business great guy and
it gives back to the community

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9 thoughts on “Tulsa Ninja Warrior

  1. How cool is we have a man like Venn in Tulsa! Seriously! He is a great guy with an amazing resume and a HUGE heart to help folks! Next time he competes on American Ninja Warrior be sure to cheer for him!!

  2. This is such a good video! Great job, Ray! Also, I kind of want to go check that place out now. I've wanting to challenge myself and get into better shape :).

  3. I'm here because of Karma, but I've been into (watching) parkour since about 2000 when I discovered "Sasuke" on the G4 channel. Sasuke is the Japanese precursor of American Ninja Warrior.
    I'm also a fellow "person of size", and it's good to see you so active. On the floor with the cat and your daughter, helping in the community, filming and being active. I'm liking what I see, Ray! 😊👍😻✌

  4. Wow. I came to your channel first because of Karma Kitty from Cory's Mean Kitty. Then I loved your daughter Dawn. And a dog named Zombie I've gotta fall in love with. And now as a fellow Okie in Oklahoma City, you lead me to this cool Ninja Warrior place in Tulsa….and you help the homeless too? Lol! This is just too cool. So okay. I'm hooked to your channel.

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