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TURN ON CC || Dumpsters, TV Shows, Related to The Yogscast, Oprah and More || Driving With Me?

TURN ON CC || Dumpsters, TV Shows, Related to The Yogscast, Oprah and More || Driving With Me?

Hey, it’s Mei and welcome back to another video Say hi Jack. Oh, hey Me: Whats your secret hidden talent? Jack: Pokemon mmm, go Jack: uh uh, lithium *looks back very confused* That’s like- thats an element !!! Jack: *quietly* I know… I like how for a second there I was like ‘yeah, cool, pokemon’ Jack: Yeah i love that pokemon … *We were talking about our favourite shows as kids* Me: What was that show called; the scared one Jack looks confussed Like… * I realise no one understand me* Jack: The scared one? Me: No on ABC 3 With… it was like… Jack: whats the plot line? it was like this guy this scrawny guy with a big round head and he was like afraid of everything there would be a new fear every episode Jack: *gasps* Me: you know what I’m talking about Jack: Yeah, Figaro Pho There we go, see this is why we’re best friends Jack: that was the best dude Me: I hated it Jack: I hate you *jack artistically dabbing hoping he can’t be seen* *little did he know… i am not dumb, or blind* Me: are you dabbing?!?!?! sToP *even more dabs* STOP DABBING! I CAN SEE YOU! “lord be with me today” *at this point I should have thrown him out of the car* I was big into the Yogscast as a kid Jack: Well I mean yeah, you’re related to one of them Me: Nope, nooo Jack: you said.. he was like your second cousin or something Me: That was a lie then! I would, I know myself Jack imitating me: he’s like my fourth, fifth cousin He’s ah.. distantly related to me because we’re both british in distant pasts Jack: You’re irish and vietnamese… Well, look I don’t know One of them could’ve been lying They could have had enough afair with a British man Jack: You’re IRISH and VIETNAMESE Well one of the irish men could have had an affair with a british lady *hes so done with my BS* oh also my camera getting unstable Jack: You’re a special child Mei. Me: I know, aren’t we all. Aren’t you? Me: Your mum dropped you as a kid so its fine Jack: She drops me now The dad drops you. Me: Your mum DOES drop you now *inside jokes* *me trying to say something funny to jack without my dad knowing the situation and it just goes very badly* Jack: what? me: alright, dont worry DAD: yeah that was weird, what you just did was weird Me: Leave me alone dad *can’t stop giggling* *my dad continues to tell me it was weird and jack mocks me* *me dying inside* Me: I was gonna make a joke Then I decided it wasn’t funny *I ugly laugh right here* Me: Why did I sound so weird just then? Jack: You constantly sound weird Me: Fff, nn, sll… STOP Me: oh my god, one time I bet BLANK That he couldn’t break my ruler by karate chopping it because I thought he couldn’t and then he broke my ruler Jack: How much did you bet? Me: Like 2 dollars… and my ruler Jack: You’re out of profit there. Me: I know!!! Me: Hi welcome to the vlog EVERYONE: this is my bestie Allana. I love you gurl! Me: Allana what was your favourite TV show as a kid? Allana: Hi-5. I was a big high five fan Me: I loved high five. Jack: I can respect that Allana: We just walked(?) past a guy and his name is ohksdu wqiudhi me and jack: it’s what? *explains the name* us: ohhh Jack: I thought you said Oliwrawry Me: I heard that too Allana: *joking* Yeah he’s foreign lots of laughs Me: That sounds so racist Jack: No it sounds like a Svedish name *inside joke* Me: Eww its Mei, she’s so foreign Jack: You’re a disappointment Me: I know Me: Look he (Jack) failed math for a reason Jack: I didn’t fail- wait do D’s count as fails? Me: Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn’t fail Jack: D’s dont count as fails (they do) Allana: *quietly* my science teacher gave me a D Me: your what? Allana: My science teacher Jack: Wait which D are we talking about Allana: I’ll let you decide Jack: Alrighty, so now to… the WEATHER Allana: ON MY REPORT CARD Jack: We’re expecting some rain in sUNnY Canberra *Some how we get on the topic of Oprah and it spirals from there* Allana: You could be like Orpah You get a car, you get a car Me: I would love to be Oprah, the white small version of Oprah Not sponsored by Oprah Oprah please sponsor us Oprah if you’re watching Which I know you are because you love us Please chuck us a sponsor. Thanks. Love you bae, see you on tuesday. Maybe maybe yeah, Maybe Oprah, Obama and Bill Clinton will be there to greet me at the airport Jack: Who’s Bill Clinton Jack: Is that- … no, that’s Hillary Clinton Jack: Is that that president Me:, oh, wow, he’s dumb Jack: Who the hell is Bill Clinton Allana and I: Her Husband! Literally everyone but Jack: He used to be president Me: Come on Jack: I don’t even know who the Australian Prime Minister is *more dabs* Jack if you dab again I’m gonna punch you *dabs* *punchy punch punch* Me: Let go Jack: Nah I’m keeping it here Me: Allana, will you do the honours She beats up her 17 year old sister soooo Me: But you know now she’s a professional MMA fighter and I’m living in a dumpster I come to visit her every once in a while. I get my food there. Me: Let’s me shower. Allana: I use the ToOtHbRuSH Me: I take her food but she doesn’t know about it Jack: You’d be in the dumpster, I’d just be dead though… Jack: I’d be dead in the exact same dumper Me: Dumper?? Hi guys, this is my dumpster and my dead friend Jack: *white trash voice* Hey welcome to my room tour So over here we’ve got my bathroom also my dead friend. Me: its just a literal pile of shit Jack: So yeah me…I’m worth nothing!

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