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Two MMA Gyms Stacked with UFC Fighters

Two MMA Gyms Stacked with UFC Fighters

I heard you lived up in north cal how was
It training over there? Yeah I was up there
For a couple years when my wife was in Grad school actually was able to had the Most epic Experience of training up there I
Trained over you know at El Nino Training center you know Jake Shields
Gilbert Melendez met the Diaz brothers Rick story and you know one of my
Practice one practice of Jake Shields he Was doing wrestling over at AKA and you
Know he invited me to go train Down there and i ended
Up training there regularly after that And because it was just training with
You know with you know former UFC Champions you know Cain Velasquez
Current light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier you Luke Rockhold know
All these are just great fighters and And there’s such a strong team that they
Have such strong bonds with one another And it was just such a great experience
It was epic I mean they’re that it’s such you know
Daniel Cormier former Olympic wrestler You know doing wrestling practice with him
Just like change my game like completely Like I just became such a better MMA
Fighter it was the most epic experience I Loved it was great living up there and
It’s great training with all those guys And I have so much respect for everybody
Up there it’s great.

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