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Bro, what’s your name? Zilas With a “Z” Yes I’m Mathias Hi Mathias I’m Harold …hi Haroldszsh …Harolodzhsc I’ve driven all the way to Jutland and they’re fighting with swords.. ..roleplaying bullshit *Mumbles complaints* ..some roleplaying crap.. with like.. duct tape.. and stuff ..and swords made out of cardboard It’s not roleplaying. ..What? It’s not roleplaying. Let us show you, what it’s really about. We’ve got some serious weapons here What you’re about to see now is a one-on-one combat between Zilas and Mathias Usually, we fight five vs five, so you actually have a team but in this scenario, we’ll imagine that it’s just the two of them left. There’s a red team and a blue team, and now it’s all about knocking down your opponent, as much as possible. Really? If you get knocked down, you’re out. *scared sounds* There are more wasps here than people! And fight! Forget about it. Forget about it. And what are you supposed to be? Huh? I’m supporting the guy from Jutland! Shut the f*ck up! It’s not funny! It’s obvious to anyone, that those guys are professionals! I’m fucking yours.. Yes! And this one And then there’s this belt, that you wear around your stomach. Oh, a chastity belt! Exactly And then we tighten it right here We’re equally broad around the waist And finally, you get one of these, to protect your pretty litltle head. Just like that.. It just doesn’t… feel cool Put your shield and swords up! Ready? Fight! Are you okay? Excuse me?! Okay, are you ready? Sh*t.. he’s totally out. Ehmm.. try taking his helmet off. Yeah.. Sh*t Sorry! I’m sorry! Is he okay? Let’s get you some air Look up! How’s the jaw? Uhhhh…. Okay.. Can you get up again TJ? Can you… *Gibberish in attemp to be knightly* You can have a break, once you’ve beaten me! So let’s fight! *BONUS INFO: TJ actually broke a rib here* How the f*ck is it possible to land on your lungs..? *Winner – Mathias* Do you need to catch your breath? Let’s go again, and this time, it’s your turn, Zilas. You’ve made the Dan Oh sh*t We’ll give you one more round Against Zilas And this time you’ll beat them up Yeah, just go full throttle So.. TJ.. Zilas is not as aggressive as I am.. So you have to actually hit him! I’m not going up against THAT! Give him my sword! Ohhhh yeah! That’s awesome! Good job! Good job! Yeah, it’s awesome When you get knocked down, you’re finished! Wait a minute! Take this off! Yes The one who get’s knocked down, loses, right? Yeah, that’s right *Winner – TJ Olsen* That’s how we do it in AMAGER! Old boy. *Inaudible gibberish about hat* I’d say I went pretty easy on them.. What about with me? Oh with you? No, I didn’t go easy on you.. Listen to me.. I just want to say, I think you’re pretty f*cking cool. You won the last battle It wasn’t easy.. It was a workout *Special thanks to* Zilas, Mathias, Henrik, Harold and Rikke from “The Brotherhood” Like, subscribe and comment

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  1. ive been waiting on a new vid for so long and its with subtitles, thank you so much man you made my week. greetings from germany

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