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Tyrell Fortune Bellator 225 Post-Fight Interview

Tyrell Fortune Bellator 225 Post-Fight Interview

one man did it though reasonably the way
you expected it to go I was actually surprised that he didn’t come with more
pressure at the beginning I was expecting a barrage I was expecting a
lot more pressure in the first round of him to take more risk and more attempts
kind of took me by surprise that he didn’t and you know I had a little bit
of you know rust a little bit took 8 8 months later you know so I thought I was
expecting a lot more out in first round I just took patient that’s when I
started executing the leg kicks when I realized oh he’s trying to sit a little
bit so let me take his legs oh yeah definitely I mean I’ll have to say that
every time I get back in the cage I feel more and more like home and more
comfortable at just the lay overs this don’t make sense when I’m healthy I’m
trained in why am I not in the cage I’m undefeated I’m knocking guys out you
know all these fights and yet there’s a catch-22 you want experience you want
these big fights they see there’s an experience how much does a drug crazy
bet here basically what you want you back up something you can control
right how am I gonna get that experience with not in the cage you know and that’s
why I’m actually wanting to take a boxing match here in two weeks September
14 you know to get more more ring time more hand time and become a complete
martial artist this whole thing I’m not arrested I’m a martial artist and I’m
trying to be a complete martial artist so it’s just getting more competition
you know in wrestling we compete every Saturday we have a tournament or every
couple of weeks so it’s just that’s kind of frustrating especially when I don’t
get all the sparring I said because it’s hard to find sparring partners that
heavyweight who want to bang every Friday you know this fight behind you consumes a lot of
joka said he said talk about how this fight came together obviously guys known
each other for a long time sort of tit-for-tat are you happy to do what
this fight behind you it yeah this was just like any other fight
dad that stuff that really bothered me at all I just thought that he had asked
for the fight you know and that’s how it was presented to me that he asked for
the fight and if you asked for the fight I’m taking it so that’s that’s the only
thing it was with me oh I just told him hey man I know you didn’t ask for the
fight good job congratulations keep your head up man let’s grab a drink
afterwards catch up yeah he was cool I mean this is
this is our job you know it’s like you can’t be mad at somebody for going to
work same points in your career definitely I definitely think I could be
seeing Rudy again I think a lot of guys are gonna have a hard time beating Rudy
in the future and he’s gonna get better he’s gonna go back get better develop
more he’s gonna come ready next time you want to get back in there faster than
six months seven months eight months what kind of opponent you ask for what
kind of timeframe I’m healthy and I’m ready to go so whenever I mean
whatever’s gonna get me paid really I’m just trying to get back in the cage and
make build my brand I hope you know that’s what I was told last time and now
it’s been eight months you know so you they say a lot of things in Wildings
don’t happen so we’ll see what happens submission second second round Victor do
you feel this might be more about okay we now get taking stairs so we now gonna
put them in with the Javy Ayala may be the winner of minute converse Johnson
fight he’s now ready yeah I think definitely but like I said I need to be
compensated for fighting guys like that you know what I mean so I best that’s it
I’m ready to fight anybody you can put me up against Rory knows
any veteran that that’s out there that want to fight doesn’t matter to me I’m
ready to fight anybody I trained with Ryan Bader he’s the champ champ of this
of this division this company so doesn’t I mean anybody else doesn’t really
matter who I don’t even know who that is he’s not he’s not even a real fighter I
mean seriously this that guy’s a joke I don’t think I need to that guy doesn’t
want to fight me I called a mountain and he went and called out fader he’s scared
he doesn’t want to fight a real fighter he should go back to WWE talk to the
tree champion to say the biggest thing they learned about the business of
chance of teaching about what do what not do their business we don’t really
talk too much about the business more or less the experience and the advice that
I get from him and I would say just like that learning curve you know you’re
going with the guy who’s the champion of the weight of the weight division and as
I seen my progress against him I start to feel more confident more everything
just feeling getting better at sharper and stronger so I think that’s the
biggest thing is being able to just to use him kind of as a guide in the tool
that to help me along the way mitchum card on one you like being in
the ball big fight I’m not just a wrestling I’m just a strike arrests or a
true mixed martial arts now you have a submission win it’s not longer we go
watch on the wrestler we go watch out for the footwork it’s now we’re gonna
watch out for a complete game of course nobody’s ready for that nobody’s ready
for that you celebrate this win go home and get
ready to fight again I go right back in the camp when I get back like I said I
got a boxing match in two weeks so I’m going right back to the gridiron

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