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Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman break the scales: Crown Jewel media event, Oct. 30, 2019

Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman break the scales: Crown Jewel media event, Oct. 30, 2019

[MUSIC] And we’ll now invite
Braun Strowman to the scale. Braun is going to weigh in for
the match tomorrow night. And the official weight is 385 pounds for the 2018 Mr. Money in the Bank and winner of the greatest
Royal Rumble right here in Saudi Arabia, the 6’8″ Braun Strowman. Tyson will now step on the scale for
the official weigh-in. And the Gypsy King’s official weight is 260 pounds for the 6’9″ Tyson Fury. [MUSIC]>>Excuse me, gentlemen, excuse me. I’d like to start with Tyson, first off. Tyson, first and foremost,
how excited are you for what is about to happen tomorrow night
at Crown Jewel, your debut match in WWE?>>I’m very, very exited. I’m very ecstatic to be here in
Saudi Arabia at the Crown Jewel. This a fantastic stadium and
I’m ready to put on a show tomorrow night.>>Tyson, I couldn’t help but
notice when you were walking out here, you had a bit of a limp. It doesn’t seem like you’re quite
100% after the training accident at the Performance Center at the hands
of Mr. Strowman a number of days ago. What is your health heading
into tomorrow night’s match?>>Yeah, I’m good, I’m 100%,
I never make any excuses. I’ll be ready for the night,
don’t worry about that.>>Any concern about your undefeated
streak being on the line here at Crown Jewel?>>Definitely not, I’m undefeated,
30-0 as a professional. It’s going to be a good fight,
I’m looking forward to it. Braun, he’s the biggest
man I’ve ever faced, ever. It’s good to actually fight somebody
who’s looking at me eye to eye. We’re gonna put on a real spectacle for
the fans. It’s gonna be great night.>>Ladies and gentlemen, Tyson Fury.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Braun, I don’t quite know
how to pose this question. But there are many people who say that you
took a cheap shot at Mr. Fury a number of days ago at the Performance Center
when he was working out for your match. How would you respond
to those accusations?>>I wouldn’t necessarily
call it a cheap shot. It was more of a,
open your eyes, Tyson Fury. I told you, you’re stepping into my ring,
into my world. Well, you just got a little bit
of a taste, pre-preemptive, to what’s gonna happen to
you tomorrow at Crown Jewel.>>Braun,
you’re the first WWE superstar in history to step into the ring with an undefeated
heavyweight boxing champion. Does this concern you at all?>>No, not at all. Actually, this is
an unbelievable opportunity for me to showcase what the Monster Among Men
is capable of doing. Stepping into the ring with such a man as
Tyson Fury and what he’s overcome and, on the back end of that,
be a world champion boxer. This is an opportunity for me to show
the world what I’m capable of doing.>>And, Braun, finally, you have had
incredible success here in Saudi Arabia. In fact, you won the greatest
Royal Rumble of all time. Will you continue this success
tomorrow at Crown Jewel?>>That’s my plan, stay tuned. Tyson Fury, you’re gonna get these hands.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Ladies and gentlemen, Braun Strowman.>>[APPLAUSE]

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100 thoughts on “Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman break the scales: Crown Jewel media event, Oct. 30, 2019

  1. Do the Saudi people even care about this? 🤔 Any Saudi guy here? Lemme know what's going on there? Whether people are hyped or not

  2. ي رجال دزها بالثاني بس بالله ههههههههههههههه هههههههههههههههه

  3. Match spoiler Braun comes very close to winning the match but loses the match to Tyson 🤘 honestly as if Tyson would allow anyone to take away his winning streak especially not entertainment wrestling 😂

  4. 125 lb. Difference is big. Maybe we will see a great match. But honestly when r we going to Braun to good use. Dude is a champion. Give him the damn belt already.

  5. Tyson fury is gonna get the fury of Braun's Stromans hands his gonna get his first defeat bye Braun his in his world now

  6. Braun will loose the match beacuse of publictity stunt it will only give Braun a upper hand to get a title shoot at either Lesnar / Cain or Seth / Wyatt 😉 BS deserves to be the UNI or WWE heaveyweight champion

  7. You can tell the weights are fake. Strowman cant be 385lbs with all those things he’s wearing..He’d probably be like 390lbs cause of the clothes

  8. Only watched to see tyson but wtf is with this weigh in bs. This wwe ffs, not legitimate fighting.

    If tyson loses this, then serious questions will have to asked. No legitimate fighter will sign to wwe to lose

  9. Why does Micheal Cole keep saying that this is the first time an undefeated fighter will take on a WWE superstar. Didn't Floyd Mayweather take on Big Show years ago

  10. I feel Tyson Fury could lose this fight. He's already had his leg injured by Strowman in a cowardly attack. If Tyson loses then he will no longer be an unbeaten world champion and the effect on his confidence could be catastrophic. Tyson, If you read this, I beg of you, call off this fight and walk away, you are out of your depth.

  11. B's wm weight. Real scale don't go up slowly like that, it's intently there and go up and down a little bit, then finalizes it. Watching week always insult my intelligence

  12. There's no way Tyson is gonna lose. If they let him lose, what's the point of introducing him here that way at first place?

  13. am i the only 1 pissed bout this? i know aew is on the rise, and Mr. Vince has to keep the crowds, but this is getting out of hand. I was fine with Ken Shamrock, he was passible on the mic, and he was a very good wrestler. but having 2 matches with people from other promotions is kinda just not my thing. You have more than enough talent, why not use it? if this was wrestlemania, i'd understand. But Crown Jewel?? this PPV is gonna be like Insurrextion and just die out soon.

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