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UF2 242 Countdown: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Dustin Poirier

UF2 242 Countdown: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Dustin Poirier

>>Narrator: Between the vast
desert sands that surround the Persian Gulf lies
the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, a once barren expanse, now
rife with culture, and industry. [car engine revs up]>>Narrator: Over
its rich history, this now-bustling metropolis
experienced rapid growth that brought man-made wonders, including an
11,000 seat arena…>>They don’t play
around in Abu Dhabi, man.>>Narrator: …erected in 2010 for the purpose of hosting the
Ultimate Fighting Championship.>>Mike: Live on Yas Island
in Abu Dhabi!!>>Buffer: It’s time!>>Narrator: Four years
later, the UFC returned, and on September 7th
of this year, the promotion will touch down in
Abu Dhabi for the third time, with a higher capacity stadium
than ever before, to host one of the biggest lightweight
title fights in history. Undefeated champion,
Khabib Nurmagomedov…>>Anik: There’s the tap! Still undisputed!>>Narrator: … and interim
title holder Dustin Poirier.>>Joe: Oh!>>Buffer: And new!>>Narrator: Will unify
the belts in a headliner to determine who’s truly
the greatest at 155 pounds.>>Poirier:
I’m going to show the world
that I’m the best fighter to ever fight in the
lightweight division history.>>Joe: He’s
earned his spot here.>>Joe: Just another level
of pressure from the top.>>Khabib, let’s [bleep] go!>>Narrator: Co-main event will
run back an instant classic, with a rematch of
the 2015 battle between striking virtuoso
Edson Barboza…>>Joe: So fast.>>Narrator: … and dangerous
rising star Paul Felder.>>Joe: Whoo, this
is a wild fight.>>Barboza: It’s
making me very excited.>>Buffer: Edson Junior!>>Because I know I’m
going to win again.>>Joe: He’s a monster, man. That kid is a monster.>>The stage is set for
this one to be redemption. The Irish Dragon
is coming for you!>>Narrator: Witness four of
the world’s best lightweights prepare for glory in the UAE.>>Right here, that’s
what I should have done.>>Narrator: This is
UFC 242 Countdown. [sirens wailing] [car horns honking] [fans screaming “Conor!”]>>Joe: Alvarez’s got
to clean the cobwebs, he’s been cracked before
and come back to recover, but has he been cracked by
a guy who hits like Conor? Oh, tagged him again.>>Narrator: In
November of 2016, then featherweight champion,
Conor McGregor…>>Joe: Oh, man. He’s done.>>Narrator: … Captured
the UFC’s lightweight belt.>>Mike: History has been made!>>Narrator: Achieving
mixed martial arts supremacy.>>Joe: The first man ever to
hold two titles simultaneously!>>Ooh, that looks good! Ooh-hoo!>>Narrator: And the same night
saw McGregor’s greatest rival…>>Joe: Khabib’s
still all over him.>>Ref: Move, Mike!>>Narrator: … put the Irish
double champion on notice.>>Joe: He’s going
to break his arm.>>Ref: That’s it!>>Khabib: Irish,
only six million. Russia, 150 million. I want to fight your chicken, because this is number one easy
fight in lightweight division.>>Narrator: The ensuing years
would see McGregor spend more time outside the
Octagon than inside of it.>>Max Kellerman: Conor
McGregor, he’s fighting one of the greatest pure boxers
of all-time, Floyd Mayweather.>>Narrator: … leaving the
lightweight belt dormant and Nurmagomedov
aimed to capture it.>>Joe: This to me is
the waiting in the wings to see what happens
with Conor McGregor.>>Narrator: A pursuit
would send the rivalry between McGregor and Nurmagomedov
spiraling out of control.>>They call him champion,
bring this guy.>>Come on, you rat!>>Where’s Conor? He want to fight with bus.>>Relax!>>Smash the windows!>>If you want to find me,
please, send me location. I want to fight
with real gangster.>>Joe: Al’s trying hard.>>Jimmy Smith: Yeah.>>Joe: But he’s in
there with an animal.>>Buffer: And new!>>He said, “Say location,”
here is he is right here in front of you. I’m right in front of you.>>Khabib: I come
here to smash this guy. I think it’s going to
be long night for him.>>Trust me, mate, I’m
ready for a long night. [dramatic music]>>Narrator: Their war of
words would be settled in October of last year in
the most highly anticipated, most witnessed MMA
bout of all-time.>>Anik: Welcome back,
Conor McGregor! When he left the game in 2016
and realized a $100 million payday in a boxing match
with Floyd Mayweather, some suggested he
would never return. But, Joe, if you know the man,
you know he cares deeply about mixed martial arts
and his MMA legacy.>>Joe: He loves this, his
loves being the champion, and he truly believes
that he has the style to reclaim his throne. I’ve never been more
excited for a fight.>>We’re going to
keep this clean. Touch gloves now if you wish to. Alright, let’s do this.>>Anik:
Well if you bet that the
fighters would not touch gloves, cash those tickets. Khabib versus Conor,
here we are.>>Fight!>>Anik: McGregor lands early.>>Cruz: Pressure right
off the bat by Conor.>>Joe: Khabib got ahold of
his ankles, he’s got his leg.>>Cruz: Good defense
by Conor so far.>>Joe:
Look at this, Khabib looking
to complete the takedown and he gets it. Khabib does such a good job
of wrapping those legs up. He’s just so good at squeezing. And it’s something
you see him do against every
single guy he fights. They know what he wants
to do, they can’t stop it. [horn sounds]>>Anik: Exactly the start that Khabib Nurmagomedov
was looking for in round one. McGregor fires the knee,
appeared to just miss. Oh! Massive right from Nurmagomedov!>>Cruz: Nasty right hand.>>Joe: Wow, big
ground and pound.>>Cruz: And Khabib said he
wanted to make Conor suffer.>>Joe: He also said he
wanted to change his face.>>Khabib:>>Joe: Oh! Conor’s getting lit up!>>Cruz: Conor hasn’t
had an answer at all for the grappling
of Khabib one bit.>>Come on, Conor!>>Conor! [horn sounds]>>Ref: Stop! Hey, stop! Stop!>>Anik: We head to
the championship rounds.>>Anik: Good entry
by Nurmagomedov, McGregor trying to use
the fence to his advantage. And he gets tripped right down.>>Cruz: This is where
Khabib really starts to get ahead
from this position. Once he gets here, he
doesn’t let go of that grip.>>Joe: Full mount. Back mount.>>Cruz: There’s the choke.>>Joe: He’s got it,
it’s under the neck.>>Anik: There’s the tap!
>>Joe: He tapped.>>Anik: Still undisputed!>>Ref: Stop, stop, stop!>>Joe: Look at him, look at
him screaming at the corner. He’s screaming at Conor
McGregor’s jiu-jitsu coach. Oh, no, no, no, no, no!>>Anik: This is going to
stain an incredible performance for Khabib Nurmagomedov and
out of character for him too.>>My belt! My belt! I need my belt!>>Joe: I feel like this
entire event has been marred by him jumping
out of the Octagon, after such a
spectacular victory.>>Stop!
Hey, hey, hey! [indistinguishable]>>You got to cool down.
You got to cool down.>>Yes, yes.
>>Hey, you got to calm down. [Woman singing]
♪ When the fighting’s done ♪>>Cruz: This is not how you
want it to be in this sport. [Woman singing]
♪ When the battle’s won ♪>>Cruz: This is not how we
want to represent ourselves. [Woman singing]
♪ Will it come undone ♪>>Reporter: The Nevada
State Athletic Commission voted unanimously to suspend
UFC star, Khabib Nurmagomedov.>>Radio Commentator: Nine month
suspension and a $500,000 fine.>>Male reporter: We could
actually see Khabib Nurmagomedov sit out for an entire year.>>Radio commentator #2:
The belt can’t be
on the shelf that long. That would be one of
the rare occasions where they do an
interim title fight. [Woman singing]
♪ When the fighting’s done ♪>>Male Reporter: It’s
official, it’s signed. An interim lightweight
title fight between Max Holloway and Dustin
Poirier will headline UFC 236 on April 13th in Atlanta.>>Narrator: With Nurmagomedov’s
return date unknown, the UFC would introduce an
interim lightweight title, to be contested for by featherweight
champion Max Holloway and 155 pound
contender Dustin Poirier. American Top Team’s
greatest lightweight took the long road to his
title fight with Holloway.>>Obviously I want
explosive reps, okay? So take your time with it.>>Narrator: One
that began as part of an impoverished community
in Lafayette, Louisiana.>>Poirier: I know
it’s probably cliche, people say this kind
of stuff all the time, but I’m telling you the
honest truth– I had nothing.>>Strong grip, strong back. Good, strong core.>>Poirier: I wasn’t born
into a good area, a rich family.>>Trainer: Perfect. Good.>>I never finished 9th grade. Everything I have in
life is through fighting. I’ve earned it one punch at a
time and I take pride in it.>>Trainer: Drive! Drive! Drive! Let’s go! Let’s go!>>Narrator: During Poirier’s
relentless 31-fight journey towards the top…>>Florian: Poirier’s hurt!>>Ref: He’s out!
He’s out!>>Narrator: … he never
lost consecutive bouts. Defeats were instead a
catalyst for improvement.>>Joe: He will come back
stronger, more determined, better and more experienced.>>Anik:
We’ve got a new lightweight
contender Dustin Poirier. Gaethje nearly out on his feet. Poirier continues to land.>>Poirier: I’ve been
close to the mountaintop, I’ve been knocked down, and I’ve climbed back
over and over again in two different
weight classes. Dana, Sean, Khabib–
let’s [bleep] go. I just never quit, never lost focus no
matter what happened. Whenever the belt was
going to be on the line, I was going to win it. Oh, nice combination there!>>Narrator: By 2019…>>Cormier: Big knees,
Alvarez is hurt!>>Narrator: … with 16
UFC wins to his name…>>Anik: Oh, big right hand!>>Cormier: Dustin Poirier
is finishing the fight!>>Anik: That is it! Dustin Poirier
knocks out Eddie Alvarez!>>Narrator: … it
was finally time for Poirier’s shot at
a championship belt.>>Buffer: Dustin
“The Diamond” Poirier!>>Coach: Best in the world. Best in the world. Who better than you?>>We got to show them, baby!>>Joe: What we’ve
seen is a culmination of all his hard work
and experience. He’s earned his spot here.>>Woo! Let’s go!>>Anik: Max Holloway comes in
with a belt over one shoulder, trying to get
one over the other. They are two of the best
fighters on the planet and one of them will leave with the interim
lightweight championship.>>Ref: You ready? You ready?
Fight!>>Joe: Many expect that
this is the weight class where Max is going to
physically be much better.>>Cormier: How’s he going to
deal with the power of Poirier?>>Anik: Poirier closing
a +200 underdog tonight.>>Joe: Ooh, good left
hand by Dustin Poirier right off the bat. Oh!
>>Cormier: Oh, he got clipped.>>Joe: Max clipped him!>>Anik: Poirier resets.>>Joe: Oh! He hurt him! Dustin’s got him hurt!>>Yes! yes!>>Cormier: You
can’t just stand there in front of a
big, strong Poirier, because Dustin isn’t
going to waste a technique. He’ll find the shots.>>Joe: The difference
in power is very clear.>>Anik: Holloway has
started to close that gap.>>Joe: Ooh.>>Anik: Holloway,
certainly the more active guy in this second round.>>Cormier: Oh!
>>Joe: Oh!>>Anik: Big one there!
>>Cormier: That hook was bad. He’s hurting him bad in a round that Max was
doing really well in.>>Anik: Holloway’s volume now!>>Joe: Holloway pouring it on! Oh!>>Anik: Poirier, got
to be careful here! Dustin’s just non-stop.>>Cormier: Just the
ability to push-push-push, it’s crazy to watch.>>Anik: Oh, that
knee caused some damage.>>Let’s go, DP!>>Anik: Oh, Holloway
busted wide open, Joe!>>Cormier: Dustin
Poirier is a savage. The heart that he has
shown in so many fights, has been truly phenomenal.>>Joe: Oh,
Poirier’s all over him!>>Anik:
The standing ovation has already
started here in Atlanta!>>Cormier: This is
such a crazy fight. [horn sounds]>>Anik: Poirier and
Holloway go the distance.>>Joe: What a fight.>>Dana: Great fight, you guys. Great fight.>>Poirier: You want a fight! You want to be a fighter! What the [bleep] up! That’s how you [bleep] fight! [fans cheering and clapping]>>Poirier: I’m the
best in the [bleep] world! I earned that [bleep]. I earned that [bleep].>>Buffer: And new
interim UFC lightweight champion
of the world: Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier!>>Poirier: I’ve got knocked
down, I’ve climbed back up, I’ve overcome adversity so many
times, man this is my belt, I earned this in blood. Paid in full, this is mine. [fans chanting “Poirier!]>>Anik: Final ten seconds
and the standing ovation has already
started here in Atlanta.>>Narrator: From
underprivileged youth… [horn sounds]>>Narrator: … to UFC
world champion…>>Buffer: Dustin
“The Diamond”–>>Narrator: Dustin Poirier’s
interim title victory in April of this year
was an achievement he dreamt about
for his entire life.>>When Dana White wrapped
the belt around my waist, it felt deserved, earned– it felt better than I
thought it was going to feel. I felt like the king
of the world, you know? I’ve overcome adversity so many
times, everybody out there, there’s people telling
you, you can’t do it or you’re the underdog. I’ve been told that my whole
life and I’m the world champ. If I can do it, you can do it.>>Narrator: Poirier’s story
is one that transcends sports. And his wife Jolie has been
along for the entire ride. [music]>>Narrator: There journey began
as high school sweethearts in Lafayette, Louisiana, where
they now use Dustin’s platform on the world stage to
give back at every turn.>>Me and wife run a charity called “The Good
Fight Foundation.” You know we’ve
done a lot of things with women and
children’s shelters. We’ve done some stuff with
schools before in the past. [sirens wailing]>>Poirier:
We’ve done things with fallen
police officers’ families. [fans cheering]>>I appreciate you guys, man. Thank you.>>Woman: Dustin.
>>How you doing?>>Dustin?
>>Yes, sir.>>Hey, Joel.
>>Nice to meet you, sir.>>It’s so nice meeting you.>>Yep.
>>Thank you for doing this.>>Hey.>>This is my wife, Jolie.
>>Hey, Jolie, nice to meet you.>>Nice to meet you.
Thanks.>>We’ll sit over here. Everybody is you know, fired
up and proud and excited, and Dustin’s the man, the hero. But the fact that you’re
doing what you’re doing with the accolades
that have come your way, is what we really
appreciate and respect so much.>>Poirier: I try to spread as
much as I can about our goals, but beating Max Holloway in a
main event at the pay-per-view, really pushed that much
more and it was just time. The mayor decided to give me the
key to the city of Lafayette.>>I want to present to you,
Dustin, a key to the city. [crowd clapping]>>Dustin: The amount of
people who turned out for it was incredible. Young fighters with
their kids on their lap, still in their work clothes
coming to show their support. That means a lot to me. All you guys coming out
and supporting, just shows, you know, what Lafayette is. I’m trying to not to
get emotional up here. You know I fight for a lot of
things, not just for my family, but for people
to smile you know? That’s why we
started The Good Fight. I just want to keep it up and I
want to give back to Louisiana and show these guys,
show these young kids how to be a world champion. And thank you
guys for coming out. [crowd clapping]>>Poirier: I see
myself in those people, in those young blue collar,
hard working fighters hoping to change their life. That’s the people I
want to represent. Can you hold this for
me while I sign it?>>Oh, okay.>>Poirier: You got that? Don’t drop it,
it’s a little heavy.>>Anytime you have somebody
that reaches a level of success and can stay
connected to Lafayette…>>You drew this for me? Thank you so much.>>Joel:
It shows that he clearly has
a love for this place and we’re so thankful for that.
>>You want to hold it? I’ll sign your shirt
while you hold it.>>Joel:
Because it’s just another
example if you work hard, it’ll take you as far
as you want to go.>>I appreciate you guys.>>He’s exactly you know, what every community
would want to have.>>My pleasure
meeting you, dude.>>Thank you so much, man.
Thank you.>>Proud of you, man.
>>Thank you.>>Narrator: Lafayette inhabits
a small district of Louisiana, surrounded by marshland that
spans as far as the eye can see. There are no super camps
crowded with top athletes, but this region has
always had fighters. Before Dustin Poirier,
there was Tim Credeur.>>Now don’t use any
pressure or any muscles. I don’t want you
to do anything, I just want you
to grab his knee. Now, this elbow needs to come
all the way down to the floor.>>Narrator: Louisiana’s
first jiu-jitsu black belt and founder of the
state’s first fight team.>>2008, we opened
the Gladiator’s Academy in Lafayette, in a freezer space behind a
Piggly Wiggly shopping center. And that’s where we
trained for a couple years until I could kind of save
the money and build the gym. I think at the time,
Dustin was 17 and I was like, “Man, this kid is going
to be a world champion.”>>Narrator:
Credeur now operates out
of a 20,000 sq. ft facility, where the next generation
can take guidance from their home grown hero. And Dustin Poirier frequently
brings knowledge gained from established fight
teams across the country back to The Bayou State.>>Poirier:
In Louisiana and that area
especially where I’m from, you don’t get that
kind of training.>>Man: This is just a drill, so you can move
your partner around, have fun, whatever you want.>>Snatch, get
inside, and wrestle. Be relaxed. Single with combinations. I’m going to get it on
a takedown on Dustin.>>Spin behind or you
can reshoot, whatever, but get to a
dominant position, a good punching
position and back up. I try to bring back
as much as I can and urge these young
fighters to ask questions. I let them know that
you’re not bothering me. Please, I want you to get
as much of the knowledge that I think I
have as possible.>>Tim: Cut the corner, corner. It’s great to have a kid like
Dustin go and win a world title, but who’s he’s
become as a person is more of what
our academy is about. Time. Nice. Good job. The man that he’s become will
withstand the test of time. [pad thump]>>Land back like
I would normally. [pad thump]>>Then I’ll switch
back into my southpaw. [pad thumping and
fighter grunting]>>Poirier: Years from now I
won’t be fighting anymore, but I’ll still trying to be
helping people in Louisiana. That’s just what it’s about.>>Narrator: Poirier’s
next bout will take place in a much less
familiar region of the world. [music]>>Narrator: On
September 7th in Abu Dhabi, Poirier will attempt to
unify the lightweight belts in a headliner against
the undefeated champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov. And while this territory
has been a major hotbed of Jiu-jitsu for decades, its people are excited
for the rare opportunity to accommodate a worldwide
leader of mixed martial arts.>>It’s going to be a
big show for this region and not only for this region,
like all in Arabic countries, because in Arabic countries, this sport is just
on the beginning. In future, I think
it’s going to be number one sport
in Arabic countries.>>Narrator: This Middle Eastern
destination for UFC 242, is within reasonable
traveling distance of the Caucasus Mountains, where Nurmagomedov came of age
in the hills of Dagestan, making him the hometown favorite
for his second title defense.>>Khabib: A lot of my friends
can come watch and enjoy live.>>Khabib: Everybody is like
calling me, send me message, “Hey, where can
we buy tickets?” [crowd chanting “Khabib!”]>>Khabib: What time is it? [crowd yells Khabib Time!]>>Khabib: My family and my
friends and my father is going to be there.>>Narrator: Nurmagomedov’s
father, Abdulmanap, is a pioneer of
martial arts in Dagestan. [Khabib speaking
foreign language]>>Narrator: Prevented by
visa issues in joining his son for both training camp
in California and fights in North America.>>Abdulmanap:>>Khabib:>>Narrator: But at UFC 242,
Abdulmanap joins Khabib on his walk to the
Octagon for the first time.>>My father, he’s
very excited about this. When I call him he’s
saying he’s preparing too. He wants to lose weight,
looking good.>>Abdulmanap:>>Khabib: When I
go to Abu Dhabi, it’s going to be
good memory for us. [music]>>Narrator: Nurmagomedov’s
father instilled in him a humble approach to combat. So even with an undefeated
professional record of 27-0, Nurmagomedov never loses focus.>>A lot of people,
they’re hungry, they want to just
become champion. Okay, they become
champion, they have money and they’re famous. They lose everything.>>Anik: Here he is
with the support of one of the biggest
fanbases behind him.>>But if you have inside
like fire, you never change.>>Florian: He’s a superstar
here and abroad. He’s still such a humble guy.>>Khabib: Right now I feel
same energy, same focus, and motivation. I want to improve my
legacy in every fight.>>Narrator: The next chapter
in his storied career, comes on September 7th, when
Nurmagomedov defends his title against interim champion,
Dustin Poirier.>>Buffer: “The
Diamond” Poirier!>>Trainer: All
the way up, come on.>>September 7th, and still.>>Narrator:
Dagestan’s unbeaten champion,
Khabib Nurmagomedov, rose to become UFC
lightweight champion, while training at the American
Kickboxing Academy in San Jose.>>Smash him. Smash him.>>Narrator:
And his achievements have
learned many more from his Russian
homeland to do the same.>>Everybody wants to be
champion, that’s why we come, that’s why we train together. We all help each other. More because Coach Javier.>>Narrator: The gym leader
is Javier Mendez.>>Oh, David! You spar with Suave. Okay.>>Narrator: Who welcomes
new members with open arms.>>Got that.>>Coach! Who spar?>>Javier: Khabib, you’re
going to want first, right?>>Narrator: And the team who
recently returned the favor, by bringing coach back
to where it all began. [Accordions and music playing]>>What I remember the
most about Dagestan is the hospitality. When invited guests
comes, I can say they roll out the red
carpet for you. We love the food, family.>>Khabib: In Dagestan he’s
very famous and he feels this. I’ll show Javier how I grew up.>>Javier: This is
why they’re monsters.>>Khabib: Show Dagestan,
show my village where I’m from.>>Javier: Look at this thing. No! I’m good here!>>Khabib: We
showed him everything. Everything grows because
this is everything organic.>>Javier: Each fighter took
turns taking me to their house.>>Let’s go.>>Javier: They invited me
to eat and the whole bit but almost on every trip,
they all were there too. They’ll all be there together. I’m on diet. I’m on diet with this one.>>Javier: It’s a
family affair here, right? We’re here for support.>>Yes.
>>Javier: Yeah.>>Coach: We’re
doing five rounds now. Some of you can work the wall. Some of you can work
out on the mat, okay. ♪♪>>Narrator:
Nurmagomedov and his compatriots
are fiercely loyal, so they band
together once again, to help Nurmagomedov maintain
a perfect 27-0 record…>>Khabibi, where you at? [yelling]>>Narrator: …when he
next faces the poised interim champion,
Dustin Poirier.>>Javier: Dustin feels
like he ain’t gonna be broken and this is his
opportunity to shine and Khabib’s job is to own him. ♪♪ He’s always a pressure fighter. He’s looking to beat on you. He’s looking to get you
tired and break your will.>>So unnecessary. ♪♪>>It’s what I do all my life. ♪♪ I want Dustin understand
when he go to the cage, he have to be ready, because
if not, I’m gonna finish him. Thank you so much. I want best Dustin
come to Abu Dhabi. This is what I want. ♪♪>>Narrator: The UFC’s
highly anticipated return to the United Arab Emirates is being promoted
across the globe. ♪♪ And those efforts included
a London press conference, where the headliners
could size each other up for the first time.>>Announcer: UFC 242,
we’ll see one of the most highly-anticipated matchups
in recent memory to unify the lightweight belt. Interim UFC lightweight
champion: Dustin Poirier. ♪♪>>What’s up.>>And his opponent, UFC
lightweight champion, #3 ranked pound for
pound fighter in the world: Khabib Nurmagomedov.>>Reporter: What do
you consider to be the most dangerous
thing about Dustin?>>Khabib:>>Joe:
Nurmagomedov just tremendous
strength and technique, a lethal combination. His dominance on the
ground is really unprecedented.>>Narrator: Bolstering an
athlete’s wrestling acumen to match that of
Nurmagomedov’s would take years to achieve.>>Centers out, face tails. Go!>>Narrator: But the small
window of a single training camp will suffice for Poirier, whose adopted fight
team has covered all bases for nearly a decade.>>Let’s scramble. You have to get behind me,
tuck your back into it, right.>>Dustin:
Wrestling’s been a main focus since I’ve moved
to American Top Team. It’s part of the reason I
came here from Louisiana is to work on my wrestling
and that’s Khabib’s game.>>Joe:
The whole wrestling division
has to elevate their game. They have to realize
this guy’s out there.>>He’s a guy who
makes you uncomfortable by giving you
constant pressure. And a lot of guys
fold under that. But that’s not gonna be
the case with Dustin.>>Cormier: This young
man is just a fighter. The heart that he has shown in so many fights has
been truly phenomenal.>>Dustin, if you
don’t knock him out, he’s gonna keep coming at you.
He’s a [bleep] dog, man.>>Dustin: A lot of guys get
taken down and stay in guard or get their arms
trapped behind them and get pounded out by
Khabib, but I’ll roll the dice. I’ll put myself in bad
positions to get up. I’ll put myself in bad positions
to advance, to make him work. This is gonna be a dog fight. ♪♪ Let’s go!>>Joe: This is a
phenomenal knockout artist, a guy with tremendous cardio,
fantastic work ethic. He’s earned his spot here. ♪♪>>Narrator:
Poirier’s will to win has been
no match for champions, and former champions alike.>>I’ve fought the
best of the best!>>Narrator: But in order
for the interim title holder to reign as undisputed king he must become the first
to defeat Nurmagomedov when they throw
down in Abu Dhabi. [woman singing unintelligibly]>>Khabib:>>Joe: He is fighting the
best striker he’s ever faced.>>Dustin: I just need to be me and I’ll show you I’m
the best in the world. I told you so!
>>All: ATT! [yelling]>>Joe: This is a
fantastic matchup.>>Khabib:

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100 thoughts on “UF2 242 Countdown: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Dustin Poirier

  1. I wish Conor went into the Khabib fight believing he hadn't accomplished shit yet. A 0-0-0 record. Put away his fancy cars and bought an early 90's Honda Accord with dirty seats, no heat and no stereo and just became broke and hungry. His camp would trash him daily and say no one cares about you because you haven't dun nuthin' yet and you ain't shit. The Proper 12 was replaced with a beat up Lucozade bottle filled with tap water and the label ripped off. The press conferences were respectful but cold and distant. No arrogance and no chances taken to prove he belonged and prove everyone around him wrong.

  2. I could see Khabib vs Poirier becoming one for the combat sports history books. The internal drive of both these fighters and the solid, rounded skillsets with their specific specialties makes for an exciting matchup.

  3. When you give respect for khabib culture and see he is really decent guy you also realize this is fight GAME and regardless of insults etc. It's all part of the game and personal life aside the art of promoting a fight is a game Conner worked this beautilly khabib is terrible at this strategy completely lost in this aspect Conner despicable actions of late aside and khabib total zero in ability to promote is major league boring but even tho that being said the fight will prove who is superior physically

  4. Porier can't can't Khabib's ju-jitsu. No one can. He will take him down , trap him and pound him until it is stopped. Any money put on Porier is a sucker bet. Period.

  5. There's an old saying in boxing–Don't hook with a hooker. In this case–don't grapple with a grappler. Poirier can't wrestle Khabib. Poirier's gotta take Khabib out with his fists. Khabib is just way too dominate on the ground. No upset on Sept. 7. Khabib shows his dominance in the lightweight division.

  6. Dustin you might be second best in the world but what are you going to do when he drags her to the ground and pounds the shit out of you?

  7. That little terrorist BASTARD Khabib should be hung for what he did the last time he had a fight and so should his terrorist buddies.

  8. It was so easy to be against Khabib’s opponent (as I’m Khabib’s big fan) in a previous fight, but here..Dustin seems to be such a great man too. Looking forward to watching the fight and good luck to both of them 🙏🏽.

  9. Respect is something that you earn, is something that money won’t buy you. And is something that Conor and whoever supports his actions won’t get it.

  10. When everyone says khabib is savage for talking shit while on conor isn't savage like it's acc just shows that when khabib can acc TALK when he is sure he will win

  11. It’s funny how everybody thinks Khabibs striking sucks but he beat Al Iaquinta two rounds striking, and held his own with Conor in striking and landed the most effective shot on the feet against Conor.

  12. So UFC suspend Khabib for jumping over the octagon but leave McGregor for smashing Khabib's bus.They then use Khabib's video to get views yet condemn his acts lol.Such losers.

  13. Conor McGregor donated $75,000 to the homeless in his hometown.

    Khabib makes videos laughing at homeless people and offering them pennies to do pushups.

  14. I'd be possed if I was Connor McGregor for the UFC subtitling what he said the Khabib @7:07. They made him sound like a straight up pussy. Which he is against Khabib. At the same time I can see why they did it.

  15. All bark no bite from conor.
    Same thing with the irish fans. The russian fans destroyed them aswell.
    Poirier seems to be a good man. Respect to him but khabib will win in second round.

  16. This is the weakest PPV I've seen in a long time, But this Main Event is pretty goddamn exciting.
    I buy every PPV but this one I'm on the fence with.

  17. They still have to mention Conor in any Khabib fight. Fact of the matter is Conor changed his life. Khabib would still be getting 60k paydays as a champion.

  18. Now, I don’t pretend to be good with languages, but something tells me that As-Salam-u-Alaikum, doesn’t translate to “Hi, how are you?”

  19. khabib fight with a wrestler and lets
    see if you are good enough for example st pierre…you are chicken …thats why you dont play with st pierre

  20. Damn, the production value of these countdowns are getting better and better. They use to be just some edited training clips and some family moments sprinkled in; however, now I feel like I just watched a inspirational movie about two warriors.

  21. Respect for the human and the man Poirier is. I hope he's gonna find the inner clarity and strenght he'll need to overtake Kabib. He has the heart to do it

  22. Cant see him beating khabib due to khabib ground game…but if theres that 1 in a million shot…I hope he lands it and at least rocks khabib ….just so it's not just khabibs take down and g&p till submission….

  23. When that dude said he’s the best in the lightweight division EVER. I choked on my own laughter. It’s either Khabib or Connor and NO ONE else

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