100 thoughts on “UFC 210: Post-fight Press Conference

  1. Weidman totally tried to get Mousasi disqualified.  From the moment he took the stance with both hands towards the floor, he acted hurt and showed nothing but resistance to continuing the fight.  Then the knees are ruled legal and suddenly he can fight, everything is everyone else's fault but his own, and he hasn't stopped his unstoppable whining since.

  2. Mousasi 42 Wins who came to Fight Not Whine and He got payed $140,000 Less than Weidman ! Thats Bulls Crap. The UFC Should PAY Mousasi what he asks for Simple as that !!!

  3. I hate how these guys keep prying for info when the fighters or Dana clearly don't want to and aren't going to give it. Stop acting like kids

  4. Somewhat unsatifisied with this event, Mousasi and Weidman had a shitty ending, no one was happy about that one. The ladies put up a good fight. Silva vs Cote was quite entertaining. Johnson vs Cormier was very unsatisfying, I don't know what the hell was going through Johnson's head, it sounds like he lost his drive and completely abandoned whatever gameplan there was. We lost two great fighters at 210, Patrick Cote, past his prime, but still an entertaining fighter, and Anthony Johnson, still in his prime, but lost his drive and is seeking a life outside MMA.

  5. gegard won FAIR….

    gegard gets NEXT title shot..fuck the ufc… piece of shit jews creating a freak show out there, ratings now mean nothing, fuck it gegard goto Bellator, get paid millions…come back and DEMAND a title shot , fuck the ufc

  6. Weedman fail attempt at a DQ win.  How dare you try to screw Gegard from a fight he was winning! And even after everything is said and done, he still persists with his bullshit story. You're not getting a rematch buddy, kick rocks.

  7. I like Chris Weidman but he is a bullshitter. Next time an opponent is kneeing you how about you defend yourself instead of changing the position of your hands on the mat and then complaining.

  8. Anyone else tired of gym rats pretending they're athletes? MMA will always be a prettied-up bar room brawl (and now you have the benefit of having to suffer through women's fights).

  9. Lisa Ann, you're fucking every man that I've wanted to fuck. You took away my dreams. I'm gonna fight your fucking ass…..- DEMI LOVATO

  10. As a massive fan of Weidman, I have to admit that it did seem like he was looking for the easy way out, by trying to get Gegard disqualified.

    Had they continued, I think Weidman could have won the fight which makes the outcome so frustrating.

    Gegard was landing those stinging hits, but his takedown defence was nowhere near as good as he had hyped it up to be, and I could easily see Weidman getting it on the ground again.

  11. Weidman should retire.Thats what you get when try to avoid fighting and stall whit the hands down rule…they should ban that rule.That way the wrestlers will think twice going for the take down.He was obviously gassed after the 1 round.Mousasi would have won anyway.

  12. Now I understand why dc has embraced the role of a heel. However, i despise roman reigns. He should have never defeated the undertaker. I'm still mad as hell about that and sad as hell that undertaker retired.

  13. Wasn't the refs fault, how da fook is anyone gonna see that in real time unless you can review it by replay

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  15. Okay I think it's the right time to do Silva vs Weidman III. I mean they'll never get a better opportunity, it'll probably be the last chance to actually do that fight, and also it makes sense now

  16. gegard is a fucking wanker anyone who doesnt think this then your a fuckin wanker too. no but seriously cmon hes a prick man i thought rockhold was an asshole but gegard beats him hands down for asshole award, how isit cheatin puttin ya hands down pls someone find a clip with geygard puttin his handsdown or not fightin pls.

  17. ps bisping is no.1 cos hes champ i hope bisping denys him the chance of a title fight fukin GAYgard pussassi

  18. weidman wanted to win by an 'illegal' knee! Surprised by that – why not stop feigning injury and say it was ok and carry on. The MMA media have been so kind to him, why not call him out for being a bad actor.

  19. in the opening minute DC hit Rumble with an overhand right… pretty hard. it didn't come down to any game plans. simply rumble doesn't like being hit and he decided to wrestle. watch the fight

  20. DC a class act. Fair play to him. Jones needs to get in line and needs to earn a title fight. The UFC are shitting themselves with the prospect of promoting him.

  21. Weidman should have been defending himself at all times. Dana needs to give Gegard a good contract,, he's been fighting forever!!
    And why not have a Jon Jones VS Rumble?? this is the only thing that should happen at light-heavyweight next to Cormier

  22. Chris milked the situation and acted stunned to get the stoppage in his favour. Well, that backfired. I also believe he was starting to fade and would have lost the fight.

  23. Chris was robbed a little and us the fans should never had stopped the fight to be fair it took ages to find out the knee was legal so ref not to blame way to hard to call that one as for Daniel I used to hate the guy but he is winning me over least he is entertaining still want Jones to beat him but only if Jones is for real this time and not playing at been a fighter he is throwing away a such a special talent

  24. Chris Weidmann: tried to game the rules, got blasted in the head.

    Either way this went, he lost the fight and for my money he should be DQ'd and suspended for cheating after pretending to be hurt, and now he's sat there lying about it. Zero integrity. If he was really hurt, then the TKO was the right call and there's no controversy.

  25. Got to love Ariel Helwani for being the only reporter to grill Chris Weidman and watch him squirm like a punk ass little bitch!!!!!

  26. Floyd would make money on his own without Conor. He is good at self promotion. Conor isn't. Why are we even talking about those two mental midgets? They're both clowns. Nothing about how much money they make changes that.

  27. UFC is crumbling. I used to love the days when Chuck ruled the Octagon. I nearly missed this one through lack of interest, and the only fight i cared about…Weidman was a farce.

  28. dana white is such a hypocrite. When GSP announced his retirement in the ring he went off on one about shitty it is to do that without warning him etc. Now Rumble does it and he's like yeah he doesn't have to tell me?!

  29. good job laying on top of someone double cheeseburger…fat ass…your number is coming soon douchebag

  30. We were smoking and watching that one girl fight on the main card and Rogan said "she's got her back, but she's a little high…" and my friend said "same!" Lol

  31. Johnson quit because he knew Jones was next for him. If he won, he would have quit when he defended the title. He's scared of Jones, period

  32. People boo DC for four reasons: 1) He never won the title from Jones in the octagon, 2) He is clearly insecure about Jones 3) He is cocky 4) His fighting style is BORING. He can't do much about 3 and 4 but if he beats Jones, he will get rid of 1 and 2.

  33. cialis boy haha. 29 years old, prime of his career. arguably the greatest of all time…..

    "yup, my dick dont work"

  34. Weidman admits here at 9:00 that he was purposefully trying to manipulate rules so Mousasi would get the DQ. I like Weidman, but if you play that shit, you deserve the loss. No controversy

  35. The spokesperson and UFC president said "Fuck you" In an open press conference, THAT'S why I love Dana White, & the UFC.

  36. I always crack up when Mousasi talks, you can clearly see he's not eloquent and struggles to make his point :))))))))

    "Dye my hair blond? What the fuck" HAHAHA :)))))))))))

  37. bet weidman won't reach for the mat next time. I knew about the rule a while ago. watch the jre motherfuckers. be informed.

  38. I love how it's still ridiculous for anybody in the media too hear that they are to blame.. "blame the media"! In a condescending ass tone, dumbass people in the media acting like they are perfect and so unbiased but truly they are retarded and only have one thing in mind. To write their opinion and ratings, they ask dumbass questions where 99% hold no meaning, act as if they are so knowledgeable without being so. They're no better then paparazzi they just have a voice..

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