100 thoughts on “UFC 223: Weigh-in


  2. Joanna such a bitch and a fake person… she don't give a fuck about that kid… she want love from audience.

  3. What's up with this Guys Wig does he wish he had some if that Pure Aryan Blonde hair and Blue eyes in him instead of those shit brown eyes and shit black hair.

  4. Joe "Joanna what did you just say to Rose?" Joanna don't give a sh*t to the question and starts her speech

  5. Its amazing that with all the different matchups they placed in front of Kabib this week he did even flinch and accepted the fight. But as much as I love Kabib, I really hope Al win! just for the simple fact that no one is giving him a chance. Which ever one wins it should still be a great fight! LET'S GO!!!

  6. just super depressed with this main event
    Holloway fuckin piece of shit cant even cut to 155
    who BTW is a 145 er

  7. '' This is a fight between two of the best fighters in the world '' Allright allright DC chill the fuck out 😂😂

  8. Rose is emotionally unstable and a manic depressant…..Thats a DANGEROUS PERSON let alone, a UFC fighter!

  9. Al vs. Khabib is a title fight? I thought it wasn't? They have said it twice in this video that it is. I'm confused

  10. The UFC should be ashamed of them selves for putting Al laquinta out there for this "Title Fight". It should be canceled until they can get somebody worthy of a title shot and even more important somebody who will actually give Khabib a challenge. all the UFC cares about is saving the card so they dont lose anymore $. im surprised Khabib is going along with it. he talks about his legacy over $. Well this title is a joke. hes not fighting somebody even close to the top. all Laquinta is is a warm body that weighs 155lbs. And all because Tony had to be wearing his sunglasses inside and saw somebody and made a quick reaction to say hi.

  11. Max “Crooked Face” Halloway talked all that shit about “I’ve been training” and I’ll be ready to make the weight don’t worry…Stop trying act gansta on camera and just be yourself. Leave the redicoulous acting to others and represent that strap as a badass. If you don’t know how to be a humble badasss, go and learn from BJ Penn…..Sorry to say, but I prefer that strap on someone else. Hate this gansta act..What a clown.

  12. If I’m Dana I’m telling Rogan to stop smoking weed before weigh ins, and if I’m Joe I’m inviting Dana to come smoke weed before weigh ins.

  13. Забит,сделай красиво! Хаба,не оставь сомнений,никому!!!

  14. В прямом эфире) Дурачок соперник Забита,не в его позиции бодриться)

  15. If Iaquinta's official weight is 155, why is that fight a catchweight fight at 155.2? Wouldn't his official weight be 155.2 and not 155?

  16. this fight sucked it showed Khabib the apparently unbeatable khabib he has weaknesses and can be beaten probably by any fight with talent….ive never seen McGregor fight but anyone with ground game and martial arts can probably beat this guy… he didnt fight well not to mention the fighter was replaced twice which was also disappointing mind you he did pound the crap out of the guy just couldnt finish him for whatever reason.

  17. i wish khabib had fight mrwith his boring wrestling brawl…yeah .i know i coukd kill himm ..legal or illegal..i will kill kill him..period

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