56 thoughts on “UFC 229 Pre-fight Press Conference: Khabib vs McGregor

  1. It's crazy how Dana let this guy talk a lot of disgusting thing.
    1.Ali terrorist snitch.
    2.My heart is black towards his team and his people.
    3.smelly dagestani rat.
    When you have a beef with someone, you don't have to mention his family and people. That's a very bad move. Now i know why khabib was pissed. For me all the blame is on Dana white. You can't let him disrespect khabib family. Dude was standing here laughing at everything Mc gregor says because of money he generates. It's the first time i watch this interview. And wow,what do you expect, this is America,Hate is there #1 culture.

  2. I'm not laughing at Conner. The guy got beat by the best fighter. He has knocked out the best of the best. The P4P king who was unbeaten for a decade. He made the sport what it is the last 5 years. He is finished now. No way back for him. His legacy is set in stone

  3. I don’t care if what anyone says if khabib stood toe 2 toe Conor he would get destroyed khabib can only wrestle witch imo is shite

  4. I was inside that arena during the press conference and it was electrifying. Conor will be back even better and more ruthless than ever and will face off with that cubby bear wrestler Khabib and will finish him epically. MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. so….what happend to you Connor? hahahahaha! All talk! blah blah! u better off punching a retire old at the bar eh? psh! what you say to Khabin after he woop you? All business? hahahaha!

  6. You can see it in his voice and spirit and energy. This was the last day before Conor was broken inside. He’s never sounded or seemed the same since he lost that fight. I hope he turns his life around and gets back on track

  7. I would celebrate a rematch so much between Khabib and McGregor. And I would love to see Khabib loose the fight. His Islamic and politic propaganda is not good for the sport. Then I prefer a little bit to much trash talk of McGregor.

  8. Never diss a man's faith. McGregor found out the hard way. Called his people terrorist etc. It is unacceptable. U can't disrespect someone and hide behind freedom of speech. It's the way of a coward.

  9. Conor; go for peace and if there’s no peace go for between the eyes….I remember Conor getting his face redecorate and after the bell he said; it’s just business….😂😂😂…you have no Hart and your soul is in the proper 12

  10. Look at how happy Dillon looks at 31:38, he had no idea 2 days later khabib was literally gonna fly out of the octagon and kick him in the head.

  11. What i've learned from this vids is
    Conor is nothing more than just a salesman who trying to sell his horse pee taste whiskey, and on top of that is he's trying to sell his story.
    He should consider changing his career as a salesman, he is good at twisting a words

  12. Then the Wanker took another L his worshippers were silenced
    As for the warrior Khabib 27 – 0
    Alhumdulillah !
    Rematch in Dagestan

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