100 thoughts on “UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson 2 Press Conference

  1. As an outsider I find it odd that an athlete tested positive are given the opportunity for this kind of high level match. Is there a trend shift we are witnessing or is this unique to MMA, or even unique within MMA?

  2. And they said Khabib ruined his lagacy , Jon " juice " Jones didn't he ? 😀 3 times tested him all positive, Ultimate Steroid champion , like Germans cheated 1950 olimpic games 😀

  3. Pode falar quem quiser mais o Jon Jones e o pro Cop são melhores lutadores que eu já vi não leva eu sou fanáticos de lutas etc sou das antigas

  4. My prediction: Jones wins, but gets DQ for illegal substance use. Cyborg eats Nunes alive and gets a DQ for being double the weight.

  5. Lol Alex says he didn’t loose but you can clearly see him RUNNING AWAY from Jones last round sssssooooo iiiii don’t know man seems like a legit loss to me 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. It's amazing how someone keeps popping hot on roids, not forgetting the cocaine shenanigans and still fighting for the UFC. Fucking Dana is a desgrace including Jon fucking junkie follower. He will test positive for roids "residue" or coke again later on. The Jones's family are cheaters, one of his brother tested positive too the first time Jon did. Sharing is caring I guess.

  7. Dana white such a shameless bastard for promoting n supporting druggies n cheaters n criminals like Brock Lesnar n Jones thus poisoning the sport.

  8. Jones as a LIFE long Albuquerque native PLEASE move to another city! !!!! We have way too many criminals already that live here, please go back to NYC

  9. On 12/30/2018 who else is laughing at all the closet racist because Jon Jones beat that ass again? I guess your excuse is the same as the last time… Substance Abuse. As if that has anything to do with technique and skill 😂🤣😂

  10. so jones was either sitting at the presser for 20 mins with his pants unzipped or unzipped them at the table during the presser….???wtf??

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  12. I just realized how toxic the UFC fans are when someone trash talks and loses they call them shit when someone predicted the loser to win they call them idiots

  13. Jon Jones is an arrogant ego boy. Gus is humble and has real inner strength. Even if Jon won, Gus will always be the better man in my books.

  14. Jones is a cheater, this fight is a joke. They have to find a state that will allow the fight even with a illegal substance in his body.

  15. has anybody seen the fan made recap video of this conference that was a cartoon?? it was hilarious and can't find it again

  16. The only reason D. Johnson didn't get the recognition he deserved is because Dana White didn't promote him! Isn't that how it always worked before?

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  18. Ahah ahaha Jon “Cheater” Jones this guy fails drug test I hate you jones Alex is the best DANA IF YOUR READING THIS THEN UFC 236 cerrone vs Mcgregor ufc 237 Jones vs Gustafson 3

  19. This dude Jon Jones is so much smarter you can just tell that he is trying so hard to be humble. And not just laugh the entire time.

  20. Glad this was moved to LA. I live in LA and was able to buy great seats for the low and see the GOAT win that gold

  21. Oh waaah! Jones is the 🐐 deal with it…can't stop watching the fight.all doubt gone .as if there was any

  22. Oh no, Jones acknowledges one of the fans in the crowd, now the whole group of them just yell drunken bullshit at the stage nonstop

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