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UFC 239: Jones vs. Santos Commentary

UFC 239: Jones vs. Santos Commentary

Hey good evening this is the star report
oh yeah on a Saturday night giving you live commentary on UFC 239 pardon me
Jones vs Santos and Holly Holm vs. Amanda Nunez oh yeah I’m in the building
I’m the hottest nigga in Atlanta huh I got the block hot again we’ll talk
about that later or either tomorrow but tonight we we need to focus on a day one
a day one from live and direct the Star Chamber and the Star report in case you
don’t know Bronx pacino passed away on July the 4th for those of you who have
been with me you know over mine over the years with regards to my youtube journey
and we actually started out on Ustream myself and DJ Elias he may or may not
call in tonight he’s doing a party but yes Bronx Pacino has passed away and a
good friend of his he may be calling in tonight Big Al he and I were talking
earlier so we’re gonna show some respect right it’s not gonna be about me tonight
I mean I can’t talk about me me me me me but um let’s just at least you know
acknowledge what Bronx Pacino has brought to the table and helped me
personally accomplished we’ve had we had so many conversations exchanged so many
emails and he was a very instrumental person with regards to me putting
together my marketing jack my analytics you know things that I will take the
time if I don’t drink too much because I’m drinking it Saturday night with
regards to the Starr report and it’s it’s detailed but I want to show you and
put some respect on that man’s name yes leaving in a live chat how you guys
doing are you up to speed Bronx Pacino passed away I know there’s
some people in there you know don’t don’t
said you know um let’s celebrate his life tonight let’s celebrate the
incredible graphics and the banners that he contributed to the shows that we’ve
done over the years Bronx bachina if I’m not mistaken it was
the original the original banner maker right for live and direct and the star
of chambers so um we’ll talk about that shortly okay right now I’m also watching
um the UFC 239 fight let me go slow because
I don’t want to accidentally turn the volume up on the audio because YouTube
is very sensitive and I’m not trying to you know fuck up some type of a
Community Guidelines anyway so I’m watching the fight right now you have
see 239 if you want to comment if you want to chime in the link is up under
the video for super chat or you can cache app it’s on the screen and tonight
if you wouldn’t mind um you know liking and sharing this particular show in
honor of Bronx Pacino I never really bother you guys about you know hit the
like button or share it you know because you’re busy I’m busy but but tonight out
of respect if you have time please hit the like and the share a tab for Bronx
Pacino hang on a second yeah alright Big Al should be calling in let me just make
sure I’m I’m on point alright we will get to the UFC 239 Jon
Jones oh he’s looking strong he’s going up against Diego is it Tiago a see a go
it’s spelled with an H Santos Diego has lost six fights John Jones only lost one
John Jones looks really cool calm and collected to me I think I’m gonna ride
with John Jones with regards to amayo Nunez and Holly Holm all do I respect a
man yet Amanda Nunez oh – I respect her but I’m gonna go with Holly Holm tonight
Holly Holm when she sat Ronda Rousey down oh did I
so appreciate her now since then Amanda Nunez finished Ronda Rousey off
and she she took cyborg down you know cleaned her clock and Holly Holm has
been losing it from them if I’m not mistaken the last her last four fights
correct me if I’m wrong but um I’m gonna go with Holly Holm tonight now it won’t
be mad if Amanda Nunez wins because she’s certified bona fide qualified and
she’s a fucking a champion but I’m gonna go with Holly Holm all right and the
other fights welterweight light heavyweight and another wall to weight
fight we both discuss those as well all right other things let me just
ramble before I start taking calls are the phone lines working guys can someone
just um make sure everything is copasetic here I don’t do too much and
then you know we had that issue that we had a couple of days ago in case you’re
not the speed waka flocka flame we may not talk about that waka flocka up on
the gram talk him out shooting homos Lord Jesus or or does hotnewhiphop have
it fucked up now I watched the video as many of you did waka flocka is driving
talking about hearing with he and with you know the extra shit yada yada yada
you know all the gay complements and then if I’m not mistaken he said I’m
with the local shooter I didn’t even waka flocka say I’ll shoot you now
hotnewhiphop calm that’s the official source on a lotta you know stuff that’s
going on right now are they um are they putting out clickbait if they are I got
a perspective we’ll talk about that also that’s fireworks do you hit the
fireworks SN um can someone please give me an update on Coco from Atlanta if
she’s still playing at Wimbledon I was busy today I don’t know what’s going on
um Coco yeah she finished off Venus Venus Williams sat her down is she still
in the the runnings or did she you get you know taken out someone
please keep me up to speed and also the little animal the miner out in Lufkin
Texas the police have found her this is the little animal the little ratchet
thing who was in the Walmart you know looking ice cream
they got her but the police have to turn the investigation over to the Juvenile
Division because she’s a minor so they can’t release her name anyway those are
some of the things won’t discuss tonight all right phone lines all working I see
you I see you sit tight I just want to make sure I hit some of these topics oh
you know I’ve been getting situated here in Atlanta I’ve been coming to Atlanta
since the late 80s I’m not new to Atlanta and let me just say salute to
ghetto mafia the envy the creators of trap music
some of you babies you may not know this and this is no shot at ti but you know
ghetto mafia and you heard me interview one of the homies from ghetto Mafi back
was it 2016 2015 pardon me and I just reached out to them via Twitter today
because I just I needed some time to get situated but yeah I’m gonna put some
respect on their name a little bit later for those of you who know their history
going back to 1994 draw the line 1995 full blooded niggas 1997 straight from
the deck huh of course 1998 on Doug run all right I’m talking about that a
pioneering ATO hip hop okay for those of you who don’t know all right
we’re watching UFC 239 but let’s let’s make sure that if you call in put some
respect on Bronx Pacino’s name all right P and let’s get the show rolling hey
good evening 9:08 are you there Nunnally hey how are
you man I’m watching that yes sir yeah watching the same thing so you can
kill me with these name this pronunciations walking on walks you know
he lives in Tampa at the time okay her name is Amanda Munoz yes yeah welcome our bronze Pacino I’m
reppin the BX tonight Bronx Bombers you know
fuck fuck whoever else we talkin about bro all of you alright P my nigga are
you from New York oh I’m living a journal from Coney
Island okay so hang on so you weren’t from New York and you’ve now moved up
the ladder next up a house hey man thank you for the call I appreciate you man
and yes all right Peter Bronx machine of all thank you all ready yes sir it’s
Luke yeah man okay okay uh okay guys I’m watching the fight here what round is
this round two I cannot play the audio because you know as as you know those of
you content creators you cannot stream that fucking audio
or you will have an issue with YouTube you know hang on a second who’s texting
me hey Skylar Saunders how are you sir mr.
Schuyler Saunders on the check and he says good evening I’d like to call yes
sir please do : Scylla I will pause the show so people can call in and just say
you know our IP to Bronx Pacino a day one for my brand put yourself on the
check-in hmm what else why I got a bunch of notes here hang on a second I don’t
know if I want to do all this stuff tonight you know I kind of so much sort
of want to talk about basketball but maybe we shouldn’t I wanted to ask you
guys is Russell Westbrook is he trying to get out of Dodge is he now trying to
leave OKC because Paul George to my knowledge and Kawhi Leonard have joined
the Clippers is that official can someone please confirm that I saw a
couple of reports hang on a second a couple of reports I want to make sure my
information is a somewhat accurate you know I’m not a basketball guy to my
knowledge the first guy to report that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George joined the
LA Clippers was Chris Hanes senior NBA insider for Yahoo Sports host of the
posted up with Chris Haines podcast and then you had some other people that then
came behind him but that’s where a lot of people are playing too with regards
to a Kawhi Leonard going to the LA Clippers okay put yourself on the
check-in if you want to clarify this up or if I’m saying anything that’s not
accurate okay all right hang on a second let’s go back to the phone lines to area
code 773 good evening 773 are you there I miss all what’s going on hey I’m here
it’s always going on yes sir who’s this I saw three chairs
from Chicago there how are you I’m doing well I want to give a message oh no the
boss Pacino should also want to say I’ve notified you on your last broadcast
but you made sure you knew they are an apple hookup I am a employee at Apple
Store oh shit now we’re talking now we’re talking now are you in the
Atlanta area y’all I live the Chicago area but you care to make a purchase
I could kick it up in there okay nice nice okay so lets you and I talk behind
the scenes if you can shoot me an email I’ll respond to you tomorrow and we’ll
talk a little bit more yes sir yeah okay so now are you familiar with Bronx
pacino a day one with regards to my brand I appreciate that you also a month
or so you’re supported by crunch but you know I always do appreciate I really
appreciate when you pause the show and gay let’s respect to have you called a
matador and that was combat jack yes absolutely
i Reggio say he and I go back to when he was a oh yeah well he and I go back to
when he was a lawyer because you know hot 97 I don’t work I don’t wanna go too
far back but you know hot 97 was offering me nigga pennies and Reggie is
one of the people who told me to leave you know most people think I got fire
but I said now and he’s one of the people who told me Lee that shit alone
you should be getting something called cost per point okay good point for cost
yeah yeah Oh a chocolate hot chocolate for 18 one day Mara the data register
today with a that ready slide and he was all listed on there and he broke it down
there 18 things that you pull it off with a limousine a white women ever
played easy okay don’t start snitchin sir but
listen I appreciate you man shoot me that email I got to upgrade my
system here man thank you so much for calling thank you oh yes that’s Luke
okay I’m talking about limousines and white women shit okay you know um
Skylar Saunders I’ll let you get on the line sir if you’re gonna call in are you
calling you from area code 302 I’ll keep an eye out for that let me put a little
more respect on Bronx Pacino’s name right now before you know we start
looking at the fights and things of that nature so in the arena of what it is
that I do radio slash media when I talk to people for any form any type of
business I promote not just you know what is that I do but I give them a
marketing deck and the analytics and Bronx Pacino was very instrumental again
in helping me you know grow my audience and here’s a marketing deck I’ll just
try and show you some of this and it’s because you know it’s some of the things
why I sent this out in a PDF file electronic file but here’s someone to
show you this is a screenshot from 2014 to 2019 my audience most of my audience
is in the 25 to 34 year old bracket there’s the it’s the longest number can
you see that we must have receipts you can’t just say it you have to show it
the and to accomplish that you have to have a good marketing strategy and
here’s other things with regards to the marketing deck and Broncs Pacino and I
used to speak about this stuff the analytics the numbers consist
consistently growing audience retention rate average percentage viewed other
things mobile phones contribute 60% of our
total views this again I’m taking the time to show you some
stuff that Bronx Pacino and I did speak about behind the scenes so I’m not just
saying alright Peter say r.i.p because it sounds hot and we spoke about the
banners in terms of how to how not to to put too much information on the banners
because of the short and I say this respectfully the short attention span of
the the viewers what a banner goes up on the screen they just want to see the
basic information and make make the fucking fonts big Wow idiot-proof and uh
he was great at that he would just send me a banner and it would just be a
finished product or he would send it to DJ Elias and aeleus would actually
loaded up in the software and that’s just one of my memories of him now if
you have more stories to tell please call in he was married for 30 years did
you know that Bronx Pacino man for 30 years and there’s other information hold
on a second I’m gonna pull some of these other things okay Big Al just sent me an
email that said Bronx Pacino moved to Florida in the year 2000 okay okay
alright phone lines open um I’m watching the UFC fight and we’re talking about
other things as well let’s go to Evan can you turn that down the background
please 9 1 7 are you there I’m chillin welcome I called you before
first lab was born arrays I know when you cook you cook your craw I thought I
gave real height there don’t know Ryan heights Ryan everything here watching
UFC 239 saluting a good good friend even though we never met in person but he was
a friend Bronx Pacino you know just acknowledging
his uh yeah Peter I’m not too familiar with them but I’m super a big fan of
yours but I fell out a sellout of speed with you for a few years but I’m caught
back up I would say laughs yes okay you’re the truth are you you’re the
reason I am objecting to this they’re just psychology in college because of
you talking you sit on high today yeah I’m gonna bit of an object I’m not
really a technically we’re all haters but you know I don’t like I don’t use
the term player hater we are objective haters especially if you are a free
thinker or you are somebody who you know has an opinion that’s not necessarily
bias but I appreciate the call man anything else yeah absolutely
when I mention anything about John John not really your C dude I’d like to see
boxes used boxes and but are you mentioning Russell Russell Westbrook and
wait you may end up yes I’m a basketball being buzzed though okay
he’s one of our team so soon as they traded for I woke up and my girl career
on Avenue deep I passed out when I thought I traded my nigga to a mess well
the heat is also one of my favorite teams they’re saying the heat of the
most interested in get him right now so they saying maybe later maybe later in
the summer hang on a second slow down because to my knowledge to my knowledge
Paul George is has signed or isn’t the process of signing with the Clippers
what are you talking about the heat I’m confused now I’m talking about rust and
talk about Russell over looking at the Train of rusty black ass already oh yeah
what hang on because now the hater pays attention didn’t the OKC tried to trade
him to Toronto and Toronto said nano thanks offered either a few days ago or
a few weeks ago they kept it kind of vague but they’re saying that’s at the
moment Miami has already said we’re the most we’re very much interested in
although they’re talking about Miami is talking about New York the Mavericks are
always willing to give anybody paper but they say in Miami is looking the most
realistic okay I’m praying actually going out one last
question you say you are a basketball junkie well
no every Roth Oh everything okay perfect perfect
well Kawhi Leonard and Paul George push LeBron James into retirement this year they can go pushing the retirement but
they will get it and they go hard at security look in the same building you
may have to get another another hair replacement he wanted to get a new new
carcass a new Scout from a carcass that we gave over tile Thank You Man salute
thank you for the call you know yes sir thank you well peace yes sir okay oh
shit is that nomad Nick on the check-in hold on a second hold on a sec okay guys
again I’m watching UFC 239 but I will not be playing the audio that’s a
violation and I’m not trying to get caught out there right now Diego Sanchez
is fighting michael chiha will come back to that fight it doesn’t get interesting
let me also say good evening in salute to uh ha CB Thank You Hathi B for your
donation okay says salute star J max ends in a donation a papa life is never
too demanding to forget who created me hashtag troll life thank you sir for
your donation all right super Chet they got the fireworks going on up the block
and you hear it loud as shit hand cannon good evening sir sends in a super chat
says r.i.p bronx pacino thank you so much
beach balls on the check-in thank you sir for your donation seven dollars and
seventy seven cents r.i.p to our fallen brother even though
he’s not our brother bronx pacino UFC predictions are Rockhold Askren Nunez
and Jones okay okay thank you beach balls just notice on the check-in
sends in a super jet r.i.p bronze patina then Puerto Ricans must have caught him
slipping in Florida like macho time BX niggas stay catching ELLs down south
r.i.p freaky london know did I mention he he died of cancer if I didn’t mention
that pardon me pardon me I just I got so much shit on my desk here
Bronx Pacino died of cancer he wasn’t on social media for a long time and he and
I spoke I actually spoke on the phone it must have been seven or eight months ago
and I was just calling him to confirm that um I did get the custom Boston
Bruins NHL Jersey that he sent me with my name on the back so no he didn’t get
caught slippin stir he um he had cancer he was a father of uh oh hang on a sec
how many kids do you have okay he moved to Florida in 2000 beautiful wife 30
years I’m gonna let Big Al clarify how many children he actually had and the
ages of them before I say the wrong thing okay someone is asking about the
streams sir I don’t know what you’re talking about
I don’t do anything illegal on YouTube but thank you in a second you’re my hero
who is it someone says you’re my hero okay okay
I did okay thank you so much any chance you have okay folks I would like to keep
this particular stream up as long as I can all right that’s all safe right now
all right um let me go back to some phone lines
let me see if Skyler Saunders is calling us Carla are you calling in so where I
am looking for your number in the he okay says I can’t get through on the
phone I’ll make this brief Bronks Pacino and I conducted business
regularly even when I didn’t need a banner I always liked it when he said
hey Saunders I knew that it was time to get on my grind rock in power to mr.
Bronx Pacino thinks yes thank you Scylla Saunders and and bronze patina uh pardon
me Bronx Pacino and I also used to vibe on
the group Iron Maiden he was in a rock-and-roll like myself we should talk
about the different Iron Maiden albums you know son of a seventh son peace of
mind and so on and so forth right oh let me see if this is Nomad Nick on the
check-in hey area code four and five Nomad Nick is that you sir what scoff to start no man they called
from the bay good to me man good here boys was bothered why not what’s going
on man uh UFC UFC 239 man it’s here let’s go
let’s go you’re on July 13 get all these niggas mad let me get all these a couple
of people are upset that you’re using the Eternity all right got you a man of
color or are you white I forget I am you are like you’re a man of color okay so
they were emailing me something black yeah they were saying stop letting the
white boy use the n-word star good yeah you saying I was gonna say first of all
rest in peace bronze Pacino yeah first and foremost you know it’s to get a
machine you know I’m working I work at a startup I get what it’s like to be a
small business owner and for somebody to help you out and build this machine to
where it’s at right now I know that it’s not easy he did a lot of really good
work in the early days I remember yes you were running a special through him
to get other people’s banners up and running
you were running deals with them so I get it rest in peace the Bronx and Chino
person first and foremost secondly secondly I also wanted to say when it
comes to you know when it comes to the car tonight there’s a lot of really good
fights that are going on I don’t even know the second point I was trying to
make if I’m drinking I’m drinking whiskey right now yeah Saturday night it’s America it’s
America yeah and by the way what happened to all these fool thing and
they were gonna put money to sit me down what happened hmm so hang on a second
nomads Nick you’re talking reckless and you’re saying where is this brother I
think I want them to sit me down okay hang on okay folks were walking the
folks someone asked how much to sit Brown I’m sorry how much to sit no mad
Nick down for 30 days and I think I said $250 or even 300 so no one has sent in
the scroll so you still rockin only show here they don’t got it they like my
voice they like hearing from me if they really wanted to give me off they would
send in it we’ll all group up together as a chatroom does and they will all
send in $5 and say you know what this instead of sitting Oh mad Nick down fun
but then if they not then I trying to do because they really enjoy hearing from
oh no in fact I dare them to try to get me off before the end of the show okay
all right so who’s fighting right now no mad Nick I I’m going over my notes here
and I’m trying to do you know so basically yeah so the first fight was
Diego Sanchez versus michael Chiesa yeah that just ended in the unanimous
decision for michael Chiesa michael Chiesa was a tough enough not even tough
enough Ultimate Fighter winner going up against Diego Sanchez who was a very
first fighter to ever win the Ultimate Fighter which is their reality TV show
that basically crowns who’s gonna be the new up-and-coming fighter so it’s
basically like you know father time basically caught up to the first guy
Michael she has to ended up winning he’s a decent fighter has had a couple losses
against some really good fighters like Anthony Pettis so you know it’s to be
expected father time is undefeated yeah okay okay
all right so we have another fight coming up no bad Nick hang on stay with
you I want to put a little bit more respect on Bronx Pacino’s name I’m very
back all right stay right the okay all right folks I want to get this stuff in
now before I again get into the fight and and I just you know
have a drink or two because tomorrow I’m gonna have to hit that treadmill extra
hard and the weight bench that I did put together in my my den here anyway
so for those of you who knew of Bronx Pacino as I said he was very
instrumental in helping build live and direct with myself and DJ Elias and also
the Star Chamber salute to Grizz Grizz came in and helped
at a time when Bronx Pacino had other things he had a newer project he was
focusing on salute to Grizz but I just want to show you something here in case
um you didn’t know bronze Pacino helped the star report when I first started out
doing the star report after store in the morning consistently stay in the top 5
and and fortnight here’s fortnight number one he’s he that
and there’s the star report number three okay I’ll show you that what else what
else okay I showed you the audience retention I want to show you what bronze
Pacino and I also used to talk about and this is important to know please just
allow me to talk about this mobile devices more people watch the star
report on mobile phones number one invent computers and then tablets and
then TVs and if you see all of the the numbers going up can you see that this is what he and I
used to talk about on the phone so we weren’t just on the phone talking about
you know old shit we were talking about how to get live and direct Star Chamber
especially through that whole Afrika Bambaataa you know world phase pardon me
pardon me period maybe I should say period we were talking about how to grow
the audience and then also here the top video podcast here’s information from
iTunes that Bronx Pacino helped me with top 5 iTunes see that 1 2 3 4 5 top
video podcast episodes alright so I just want to point that out um let me look in
the live chat for a second how you guys doing anybody um and they I want to say
RI Peter Bronx Pacino I’ll come back – no man Nick in a second Giovanni good evening sir okay someone
else says who’s Bronx Pacino he was a day one he was a day one and I
am pausing the show to put respect on his name okay someone else is just
talking crazy as you should be someone says yo strong I’m rocking with
you okay Kiki Stewart hey sugar yeah he passed away on July the 4th okay Kyle
addy good evening to you all right all right let me go back to um super chat
cash shot let’s take our time this evening all the things we want to talk
about but I do want to at least allow people to call in and say what they want
to say I think eight one four is that can now see is that my son canal excuse
that you ate one four hey what’s that man gonna hear from you not so good to
you so uh what happened those fucking drunks whoa whoa slow down
Sloane it now Kanaskie you’ve always called in and
showed a bronze Pacino respect did you guys do business together did you just
you know 12 yeah that’s forty uh he wasn’t they one actually made one of my
first banners right got my show popping about three years ago and uh I’ve always
had a beautiful relationship with them and then towards the end you know we we
have a site going every bunch but other than that people’s feelings get hurt
it’s the business don’t take it personal here today gone tomorrow like to
Europeans keep it moving hey man how’s your chin listening you missed me it’s
great to hear my voice I respect and appreciate ya I love you too I
appreciate you too listen you send me emails and you call me dad and I
appreciate that real talk so now um how’s your platform going you want to
promote your platforms and I know what before we go any further no I have a
podcasting and broadcasting all that much I’m pretty constantly moving
towards growing and expanding my social media as far as on IG shot ninety seven
underscore crab daddy with a carrier on Twitter it’s a straight shot
ninety-seven crab daddy with a K but I’ve been killing it in real life I’ve
been making moves and working with professional athletes I still she’s my
date job got to Sausalito and things are going properly at the operation is a
success great I’m glad you okay say listen on
the line with me uh can I ask you I have no madnikey you guys have spoken in the
past any predictions tonight can ask you want to give us John
John Jones Amanda Nunez who are you going with well I wanna sneak licked
honesty RFP Bronx and it hit home so that’s why I called right and like I
said in the past I’m a pugilist I’m not a Finn but if I had to pick Nunez verse
times I think is fighting tonight that’s the fight I would be looking at by word
or watch and pay for this but really don’t don’t sleep on news she could got
dynamite in her hands where Katie Holmes has a lot of potential and she’s a
seasoned vet and she has skill where news has
true born god-given abilities to women crush and up combating opponents did you
say Katie home or Katy Perry eligible who you say homes its Holly at home
Holly home on bitch it’s a girl Nomad Nikki on the line you want a jime in
with Ruben get free french fries what’s happening star yeah I mean yeah he’s
saying her name is Katie Holmes I don’t know what to say to that he is who he is
who he is I’m never inside really gotta know listen man say what you want say what
you want bring your champions to me I don’t give
a shit what’s your name we’ve talked before that’s nomad Nick you knows you
know that is no magic okay good you do yeah yeah what do you want to talk about
what kind of question is that now what do you want anything no Betty
boo I’m responding to your email Betty boo thank you so much and guys let me
make sure that I let you know that Betty boo is the one who hit me on Instagram
and said hey star Bronx Pacino passed away and then I contacted big owl and
I’m waiting for big out to call in tonight a hold on a second guys let me
see if he’s on the line so much shit going on here Pitino is actually been on
my platform and I’ve done several shows with me I haven’t tried it ties now but
I think I gave him a Greek mythology lesson two years ago one being little
Buress and our Ariat if I believe negative positive because he’s always
negative something happens something happen I remember with all my other had
documented when and when we start to decline I know your soffit was different
I talked to you and he died of cancer now see he died of cancer
ron’s but you know okay well you know tells me everything you know what I mean
you can’t put yourself out there with these trolls to
takes very serious issues and pretty much violate every right you have so I
hang the second guys I see Big Al on the line canal ski and Nomad next day right
there this is a hole in a second this is Bronx
Moschino friend hey Big Al is at you good evening man good to hear from you
thank you for checking in I appreciate him and we’re keeping a shout out to my
my soldier just passed away from casino aka will yeah the man another man um
we’re gonna acknowledge his life we’re not just gonna do a little shout out
we’re getting knowledge his life Bronx Pacino a great man in my book helped me
in tremendous ways you guys were friends for over a decade yes more than 17 years
okay you originally from the Bronx yourself and you got into some shit and
you had to get out of town and you went you went to hide in Florida yes mm they
got married have kids you know yeah you moved down here in 2000 as well away yep
yeah amen and let me just say salute to you because I went through your your IG
page and I saw that you you you left a really heartfelt message about him and
you yourself for a family man beautiful family salute to you what are they what
is it that you want to convey to us man because I I’ve already spoken about some
of the just some of the things he and I spoke about and the great human being
that he was anything you want to mention his legacy or something is only GoFundMe
page what is it we need to to know about I mean I just want you to know the man
that you think was greater than average Tom he was a rough individual honestly
there’s more no words can really say what I feel for him you know he’s like a
brother the mother has it so sad that he left
too early I’m devastated yeah what form of cancer did he had because he was he
wasn’t on social media for a close to a year right yes yes sir he kept the
private fortune didn’t want nobody to know but he had a colon cancer and his
family ran his father passed away he had another brother – passed away and then
one of them beated and I thought unfortunately world couldn’t beat him
and overcame him when I guess when he went to check it out it was too late
it changed the man then once I knew and so the man he turned into and then he
passed and it was just heartbreaking well how old was he when he ultimately
passed away 35 years old how old four five right right he and I never really
discussed his age he always called me you know old nigga
and I appreciate ya yeah he sent me a custom Boston Bruins jersey with my name
on the back we you got were you involved with him in the merchandising aspect of
what it was that he did yes yeah he did the jury thought I do more
of the kicks you know sneakers and stuff like that okay okay yeah I mean we was
down to clean avenues I guess you could say but we know those up with the
product or whatever but I knew you like he was so computer savvy you that yeah
that’s why he took off in his career and and the graphics and everything like
that you know you get it DJ music a lot you don’t like straight up you know like
hip hop head yeah yeah rock roll head love music you his you got a fuse
archive in his house and I because Fenian see if you can send me some
pictures of video man I would love to put that stuff on my channel and he was
really really good at 3d fonts for those who don’t know 3d fonts I mean he taught
me a lot yeah you know some of the stuff he was doing
was uh it was so intricate in detail that we had to simplify it because it
was just you know in terms of people catching it you know it was it was a
little bit I’ll just say advanced advanced yeah yeah well listen man I
appreciate you calling in and and keeping me up to speed again
Betty boo is one who reached out to me and Instagram and she sent me urine for
me from yeah yeah yeah yes so listen if there’s a GoFundMe page or anything let
me know so that I can promote that and let’s um let’s continue to honor his
memory alright I appreciate it brother Dan so much software you find that it
leads a lot it really does I appreciate you man
take care big out you probably have a great yes sir thank you okay
Big Al in the check-in all right all right all right um guys hang on a second
we’re doing a lot I see the phone lines are lit up when we talk about the UFC
fight as well and then we check on cash app hole in a second see if people are
putting respect on Bronx Pacino’s name okay that’s uh David hey Thank You Man I
got his cash app he’s the Apple employee I want to talk to him because I I’m
gonna get a brand new 27-inch iMac for the show I need like some real power
just more RAM more uh more memory you know get this shit looking crazy down
here okay thank you Betty boo I got your cash app hold on a second Hey a golden
deep I got your email thank you darling crab daddy okay grab daddy’s online
we’ll come back to him that’s it right now all right all right um
nomads neck are you there sir area code four and five Nomad neck look yeah
what’s happening to start you missing a great sight with Luke Rockhold and Jan
and yeah I’m watching it right now but listen
wait wait everyone I had to pump the brakes for Bronx yeah you know man like
you know signal him he’s so instrument so instrumental in in my brand
development so I just saw the knockout holy shit I just saw the knockout yeah
you’re missing a brutal fight man Luke Rockhold is basically coming to 205 this
is the guy the guy that just got knocked out it’s done not that with the left I
saw the light John Jones okay why they wanted what’d you say now ski yeah give
me a play-by-play as if I was a listener at home with 2,000 on the horn what’s
going on in the fight I was on mute you weirdo white boy you always get these
weird dudes like him and chases by fuck out of here man hold on no man Nick hold
on no mad Nick canal ski he is one of my sons he only shows me respect calls me
dad get either weirdo though that’s okay he’s a six foot five white boy he shows
me respect you Wow weirdo can you then talk to Nick okay Nomad Nick I don’t
know where you live but don’t let me find out that you’ll fuck someone for us
to live it’s to live no magic no mentally I’m sure here
Slayer pal look at me my your fucking nose ring you fucking around hard look
at your life so beautiful yeah we’re done my life is fucking beautiful Sugar
Shane are you calling in I’m getting your text messages Sugar Shane where are
you are you at the beach house what’s poppin che text me first thing
weirdo hang on guys um salute to black tea he sends in a super chat he says our
IP to Bronx Pacino true true day one live your life people enjoy every day
yes sir Thank You black tea for your super jet Cola second guys I mean what’s
happening in the fight okay so no Manik tell us what’s going on with what with
the fight who’s coming up next no Manik next fight you could have been
a splint versus George as you would be hating would you I just spoke and asked
you um you come on talk to us Nick going up against George masa dog yeah you
weirdo going up against George mastered all
gonna be a really really good fight then asking one of the top wrestlers in the
world joined up with your in Georgia mastered all that had great hands it’s
gonna be a good fight man okay yeah and then after that you got that Mendon
Nunez vs Holly Holm and keep it moving yep yeah somebody called in earlier I’m
sorry note an appointment for me let me slow down somebody sent me an email that
said Nomad Nick is wrong again you put hold you predict you said Kawhi Leonard
was going to the Lakers I remember that yes no no no I didn’t say the Lakers I
said he’s gonna stay in Toronto but Jerry West pulled out all the stops to
get Paul George he and no man Nick I could have sworn you said Kawhi Leonard
was going to link her so you sure I said huh sure go back and watch this video I
said he was going to stay I said from the very beginning I said
I like the way that Kawhi Leonard was playing this offseason because he wasn’t
doing the same thing that KD was doing where he was buying for homes in New
York I said from the jump I thought Kauai was nice but the thing is Jerry
West pulled out all the stops Jerry West pulled out all the stops out Jerry West
is who people who don’t know which one said LA Clippers please keep the logo
for the NBA yes former LA Lakers legend to the NBA
legend yeah yeah yep all right hang on a second
let me get a kink announced key back the line all right canal ski good to talk to
you man if you want to say in a in leaving or heading out the door now ski
well I just like to say that uh I know the chat room loves me and I love the
chat room I’d like to say that I’m a very spiritual man yes sir and I don’t
want anyone to walk around too heavy because tomorrow’s not promised hmm you
know I was never a fan of Brock but you know this getting the fuck out here
talking recklessly was he going was he going Highway boys
reckless that’s my son he’s reckless fuck yeah take your own advice stark stay away
from them sorry he’s my son I love him he’s my son I love him he got there he
sends me emails he always says dad and they stop you then hold on a second
sugar share you there sugar sugar sugar sobbing Shh good evening I’m sitting
here sipping RI Peter Braunstein Oh che did you ever talk to bronze patina oh
you like you were the newer people yeah whatever I’m one of you day one a sister
didn’t know me because you didn’t know me when I was rocking with you from day
one yes Mia Brock Pacino we are and we had a
lot of a couple of shows together in a we trust
each other a couple times um I just want to say respectfully you know I hate I’m
not a hater but one of the things that I do hate is cancer so fuck cancer you
know understand and you know I don’t want to bring down the mood of my
condolences to his family he was a stand-up dude you know I’m saying he was
on some fetish shit we had it we actually did applause was our first
boxing match that we covered together with Fox Pacino I remember him to
checking in on that when he called in he was in Florida he wasn’t there hold it
you know he’s gonna show I mean he called it but yeah I just want to say
you know I’m not watching the fight tonight so take up most of your time I
just want to say salute all my supporters make sure you guys follow me
on social media and RIT Bronx Pacino because he was a real nigga are you
going live what are you doing tonight meetings name actually I just got back
in my mom just now coming into the beach house you know I had a little bit of
sand in between my toes earlier today got a chance to let’s pay
attention Marion Meadows you know he’s doing his thing on the house of
saxophone and it had a guy giving me a free CD because he said I had a fad I’s
and I was looking good in my skirt you know it was nice it was nice but now
this unwinding and like I said I know my haters insane okay so you know I don’t
want to mess up oh you’re so sorry listen sugar shade you want to want me
to put your mute or do you have to go I mean what do you do talk to me on the
line with you look Shea I’m watching the fight it’s not a regular show can you
get this stream and and help me with some commentating Russian yes well I’m
not watching the fight tonight I’m not paying for pay-per-view for that you
know I think we’re watching the free league much the feeling oh yeah you know
I don’t think we’re surprised tablet or equal to
what happened a lot nomads Nick with the hard shot pay attention
Oh note that no bad she’s got a Mickey Mouse five no no bad Nick don’t worry
about my I best don’t worry about it player don’t worry about it please don’t
worry about it sweetheart okay my up seven one six blue label blue
label multimedia where are you area code seven one six hang on guys they want to
call input some respect on Bronx Pacino’s name and then we’ll come back
to the actual fight I think this might be them right here hold on a second is
it 7 1 6 or 6 1 7 is that blue label screaming hey who’s this hey what’s up
Mike how’ve you been going on from walking her bears which one Mike foster
sorry I’m rolling for Holly home I love and respect a man a man dat Nunez well I
want Holly home to win tonight because you know I just I think that she’s got
to prove herself she’s a hell of a boxer and if Amanda Nunez wins I won’t be mad
but I’m going with Holly Holm and I’m going with John Jones tonight as I’m
going I just I just think I’m an otaku complications you know babies come out
on top is so powerful with her striking ability you know I mean I just I really
like the fighter you know right and money I said I’d like to add that I
think that you should definitely get rid of the dollar general headset mechs I
can’t you have to shoot you what’s your problem is our problem is weirdos that
like you that caller with these Ricki big fucking fisher-price headsets man
get a real one man just walk to go to Best Buy go to something man I don’t
know what the fuck you’re talking about a few question please guys you can say
nigga all day but let’s not do the f-bomb please that’s what you went to
right that’s what your mind goes to right Oh everything that you have to say
down to what you fuckin just come out live your freedom you’ll get no it sucks
I get every fucking time get there man you wouldn’t say that’s right you could
lick my hand and slap in the face okay alright guys talking about Jason you
have a little weird if achoo a shinai good to talk to you man thank you for
checking thank you Mike what what happened I had to answer the phone to
homey choke no joke on the check in choke a fly ass up pool parties
you got you guys are going ain’t shit sugar shake can you text Jason to see if
he’s calling in tonight Shay what sugar shake why you got me text him Wow in
your right mind would you think I want Jason to have my phone number are you
done do you know how to put them on the block alright hold on guys everybody slow down
I’m looking for a blue label multimedia area code seven one six where are you I
don’t see seven one six am i doing too much what the fuck okay seven one six
nine three six I don’t see the number no joke on the check-in at a fly ass pool
party he didn’t invite me didn’t invite me
well it’s all good though that’s my nigga for real so the area code seven
one eight um good evening seven eight we’re talking that crazy shit tonight
and we’re also putting respect on Bronx Pacino seventy are you there good
evening hey baby hey sugar hey girl come on come on pick
it up pick it up what’s poppin what’s poppin I’m gonna get her the fuck out of
here she ain’t focus focus on a pimp baby focus on a pimp don’t play with me
fuckin play me area code sub 1 3 good evening 7 1 3 respect them
yes sir good evening what you mean yeah none came to put some speckled work
between domains man this one like a brother and he’s like family to me
I mean his old family dog that I knew the whole thing that was going down big
hit right on the edge like he fell back when he found out you know your pops
passed away his brother yeah you know yeah
you know but he died of cancer in case you don’t know houston he died of cancer
and his homie Big O no I know you don’t know when you got it okay that’s like
yeah man who wearing them real tight like brothers your bone sounds like shit
Houston can you fix the African headset please please fix that head say oh the
African head yeah yeah mother mother mother
you got me nothing nothing yes sir yeah you saying okay yes but I have to call
and put on some respect on Bronx named uh because uh he helped me out with all
my banners everything you have a lot of people out with a better than anything
you do for free he gave niggas the layaway plan let’s go come on yeah he
gave them the layaway plan it’s a lot you know hang on a second you stare at
the end somebody just got knocked the fuck out okay jump in here no man about
it hang on used to hang on who got knocked
out no man who got knocked out then ask when the wrestler just went up against
the striker George mastered all they started to fight he literally ran in
through a flying need to start the fight and laid out vent Oscar and he’s out
he’s still on the ground yeah hold I told you this was gonna be a
great look oh baby he’s making him now oh that’s fucked up
Wow amazing no cuz they talked a lot of shit back and forth no this is one of
the most shit-talking fights in the UFC in recent time man
this was like a lot of bad blood and massive Adal just came in there and just
put the work on it flying me to start the fight yeah look at this watch the
replay quick what’s happening in Houston are you doing boss it’s gone man I’m
over here man just didn’t start it but I kind of knew it was gonna happen we got
it as well but I kind of knew this was gonna happen
flying me well hang on a second uh no madness now Houston listen I didn’t want
it like you know take the the mood of the showdown
tonight because of course you know we’re watching the UFC 239 but the Bronx
Pacino is so important to me and to others so I don’t mind you know giving
him his problems now you feel me I don’t mind
yeah no but he was real adamant on getting you that costume shit that he
sent you I got know that yeah send me the Boston
Bruins jersey with my name on the bank custom-made yeah
yeah he was real adamant on that Dan you know if that’s the kind of guy he was
and didn’t want us sitting up here being sad and shit he wants to fuck you yeah
that’s what he told ya that’s how I talk too so don’t nobody be sad we listen I
love him I love his family but we need to talk shit just like we’ve been taught
he wouldn’t want us to be sad about this man you know hey Houston also our sugar
shares on the line she ain’t in the basement amor she’s in a little beach
house beach house we finally got a pea soup the club up by seeing a live chat
he says Bronx Pacino the legend salute who else in there putting respect on
Bronx Pacino’s named Shawn Smith he says r.i.p Bronx Pacino yes sir Thank You
star don’t care about Spanish people Scott Rodriguez Spanish people in Spain
or Hispanics here in America there’s a difference what are you saying are you
Hispanic and you speak Spanish and you’re confused fuck you saying Bronx Pacino was a proud Puerto Rican
party Gua love the Puerto Ricans I used to hang out with King tone King tone I’m
more than a Latin Kings the fuck you talking on the
live chat bitch nigga sorry um no man there can you tell us what happened with
the um to fight here please yes George masters at all up against Ben
Askren flying the fastest knockout in UFC history happened in five seconds
George masters at all still out of it he’s still having to be carried out mm
he’s wobbly can’t stand on his own accord it’s a it was a vicious fly I
mean you couldn’t have planned that any better he literally ran in the napkin
was I told you he’s a superior wrestler he was going in for the takedown and
George Matt’s little hopped right above him and meet him when I say Square in
the fucking forehead he fucking nailed him square in the forehead knocked him
out and for all they forgot to mention mass Badal is rocking the corn rolls
mention it yeah yeah yeah yeah he’s rocking some cornrows talking to Joe
Rogan right now you know the the the division it’s up to him who he wants to
fight after tonight yeah okay okay all right listen Houston good to talk to you
man I got to get some other people in here man – put some respect on the Bronx
but you know anything you want to mention something we need to know about
this man’s legacy his impact what use him man all I know is he’s a stand-up
dude and then you always help you you know yes sir Houston your headset sounds
like shit thank you sir can I thank you yeah you know I’m sitting here man and
I’m I know it’s gonna hit me later I know it’s gonna hit me later but I’m
doing the show we’re doing the show the show it’s the show what a good guy Bronx
Pacino huh a more dad eh I’m not saying he was Latin King but you know just MoDOT hey what a good fucking man good
man his name was will that was his real name for those who don’t know he loved
the Jets the New York Jets sarcastic funny shit your ranking on
people he loved to park he loved doing remixes he was a DJ called into my show
he and I used to talk about crazy I mean we used to talk about Dan thore
Danzig pardon me anthrax we used to talk about fucking um
Paul Gilbert you know who Paul Gilbert is and we looking at live chat see if
anybody knows who Paul Gilbert is hole in a second he didn’t know that he
didn’t know who Paul Gilbert was but he knew the band host Paul Gilbert guys
I’ll come back to the UFC in in a minute I’m supposed to respect on that Puerto
Rican man’s name party Gras well we don’t you original man step on it yes
sir he passed away on July the fourth Mike Kemp said start really gonna cry I
might after the show that was my nigga man what might shed a tear money go to
fuck mm super a set of guitarists yes but can you tell me what band he played
with that motherfucker was the truth Paul Gilbert oh who is that uh tame mad
cow there you go Racer X who I was on that crazy white boy
I was on that crazy white boy shit yo awesome I said star get drunk for your
boy I should right I should just I should fuckin black out and start
talking lazy and when we were talking about iron
maiden and then I was telling him that Steve Harris the bass player for Iron
Maiden most of the times especially on stage he
played a Fender precision bass with a maple neck not rosewood and flat wound
strings as opposed to round well flat wound and he was like yo my nigga star
you’re doing so much oh I love that nigga Bronx Pacino oh my god a to the
Puerto Ricans are you in the live chat where are you I’m turnt up tonight all
right hang on a second guys I’m looking for a blue label multimedia they sent in
a donation they always do I fuck with them heavy hold on a second
hold on a second blue label multimedia where are you hold on okay
seven one six seven one six blue label multimedia are you there the label no no
good evening I’m late pardon me I’m late I’m doing a lot good evening sir how are
you please promote your brand first promote your brand deals we’re not here
to promote star we’ve just here to give you know a good going home to a good
dude okay well Bronx Pacino man he’s there every banner I probably came out
with baby on the favorite maybe a suit ladies always love you star he did you
up he’s brought me into the family yeah and um it’s higher right right now man I
know I cried my eyes out earlier yeah I’m new in five years that me and
Kenneth see y’all share a little you know after D you know we are cool times
the great we all share about this man and it hurt I knew he was sick for a
while kept it under wraps um and it’s just hard
love this show yeah I love him awesome real shit I love that man he helped me
he hoped the foundation of my machine so much to the point where you know that
people call me about you know radio jobs but you know it I’m not trying to you
know cater to that older demographic if I can stay within the 18 to 34 or the 24
to 35 5 year old demographic that’s why I want to stay he helped me thank you
for saying yeah you ain’t looking wrong right there the man the man was a
machine when it came to business me and my business partner to me we still out
and still always will be right and did you check any of my banners out you’re
gonna see Brock Pacino yeah I mean star the things we talked about need to be
talked every day yeah yeah and you know this is a sad day but at the same time
we’re not gonna get down and out and go watch this fight he will celebrate
Bronson killing tonight yeah ya know everybody that’s on a ride across Pacino
trail right now let’s not fool each other you know you hate it Bronx you get
you work you get your smoke that’s he cursed out Dana with the data cursed her
out did he say to our people he loved and I loved and I spoke to Dana earlier
but bronze Pacino brought Danny heat or put some respect to his name you but hey
they had people talking Ross Pacino don’t cosign that bullshit yes that was
a slogan Thank You salut thank you okay Blue
Label multimedia on the check-in I started to do some crazy shit and I just
I caught myself hang on a second I’m gonna put this away I try to put
something on the screen hey did you catch me a few
minutes ago I held up the crystals I got I got the burgers now I know I shouldn’t
be fuckin with this I know I shouldn’t be fuckin with crystals I’m working out
now I got the treadmill I’m I got a weight
bench but I’m sipping tonight in honor of Bronx Pacino and I need something so
that I don’t drive you know to the store you know after the show folks I’ve been
coming to Atlanta since the late 80s this is not the place you want to fuck
around and get caught up driving on the road drink him you’ll wind up in that
fuckin paper what’s that paper called just busted or something shit like that number nine online Jean Richmond is that
you sir number nine good evening hey man good evening to you
hey man how are you and I got this terrible news about our friend Bravo
Chino yes was a good man he made two banners
for me to original number nine banners he did for me you know I can’t you know
I spoke to him on and off while we did the show and I was sad to hear that he
he uh he kicked my ass verbally sometimes but it was always a respectful
to me and it’s you know it’s that he was he got at you and told you to step it up
it’s not being fucking lazy I remember calling me a lowlife because he called
me a lowlife dirty Haitian to several different occasions but he was a good
man good man how are you man how you doing tonight yeah I’m okay you know how
to sweet few cocktails you know and I’m seeing you here which a White Castle
burgers crystal burger I’m sorry showing off that’s right and I hope you
don’t get behind the wheel drunk I have no intention of driving listen I’m home
tonight I’m safe at home I’m going nowhere
I’m home yeah are you a huh you’re gonna have someone come over you
can have some one of your fucking business business curious children say
are you there number nine is on the line Sugar Shane where are you see ya yeah
number nine is on the line hey there sweet cakes how are you tonight are you
how you doin Elmira I saw you soliciting I thought you
soliciting a few weeks ago on your page oh shit Holly home
Oh where’s nomad Nick Holly home coming to the ring whoa whoa there’s no man
next to be drop out what the fuck nomads Nick Holly I hire you if you care me
Holly home Oh fight time we bout to get it we bout to go to the ring yep
what are your thoughts I think the fights gonna go I’m going with Holly
home number 90 there’s no Jean Richmond are you watching the fight yeah I’m
Holly Holm – Holly Holm Holly Holm I’m gonna give my little rundown of the
fight comes our let me get my little rundown of the fight and I think that uh
I think the reason I got Holly Holm was winning this fight she can really box
Holly’s home the game plan for house don’t follow my lead now no man Nick you
were rockin with Amanda Nunez don’t let up don’t do that no I have it
are you lying to yourself you’re lying to yourself I’ve been with Holly home
from the very beginning I think is a stylistic matchup that favorite Holly
home she’s got a box of piss Nunez off the catcher with something okay and this
is the thing about Nunez and home the reason I picked Holly Holm is because I
think Holly Holm stick to a game plan a lot longer than Nunez something doesn’t
work for Nunez she gets aggravated and she starts going she gets real wild okay
hang on a second I got a super chat from Kiki says star if Nunez beats
home sit no mad Nick’s punk ass down for a month he don’t know
shit okay also krill from Florida hey krill good to hear from you man thank
you for your constant support he says I never met Bronx but he did a banner for
my nephew that plays baseball respect to him and his family and motherfuck cancer
yes sir thank you Creole from Florida okay guys shit is
about to be lit it’s about to be lit the fight is about to come at a bad time
yeah yeah whoo Holly Holm and folks uh Holly Holm there’s no s on the end of
her name please it’s just eight OLM number nine you were saying sir I wanted
Ronda Rousey but I take Holly home okay ain’t no bad Nick she’s over in WWE
because of what she did yes I know man she went in a world of fake wrestling
who already know Eric Bischoff downtown for for today no you didn’t Oh Amanda
Nunez walking to the ring this bitch is focused she’s not smiling she’s not
joking she’s not dancing she’s focused focused mother fuck who number nine met
downtown rock that shit Amanda Nunez put his ass at home walking to the ring
folks I can’t play the audio during the show because that would be a YouTube
community guidelines violation oh look at imagining yes focus she ain’t
grinning nothing oh we got ourselves a fight he a hole or a second hold on a
second ok number 9 I need you to sit tight
sugar shave sit tight Nomad neck I want you to walk us through this what do you
see Nomad neck Amanda Nunez she’s not
smiling she’s not laughing she’s focused what are you gonna say she’s trying to
take she’s trying to take herself into that angry place that place where she’s
ready to knock holly holm head off right you know like i said
holly holm is an amazing amazing boxer amazing kickboxer I think that Amanda
Nunez is better than 99% of the UFC women’s division I just think that Holly
Holm is a terrible matchup for her because she’s the kind of person Holly
Holm can stick to a game plan she can box from the house side kick to keep
distance to keep away Amanda Nunez from throwing any kind of you know submission
and kind of Brazilian Jujitsu and I just think I don’t know man this is this
would be a big fight it could be over really quickly got to be over really
over over the five five rounds okay stay right there let me go to cash app you
know Mon that’s I’m on the scroller chase a salute to uh gutter city 44 says
my wife is sick of sugar Shay please get her black ass off this show what the
fuck all that was crazy okay hang on a second
who is this okay that’s the bitch you know thank you so much guys you can join
the conversation via cash app super chat the link for super chat is right up
under the video okay and cash app is on the screen let me also say I’ve never
asked you before but tonight I’m asking you in honor of Bronx Pacino can you
please hit the like and the share button for the show the like and the share
button for this show for a good man someone who has helped many people have
come through my machine over the years okay okay okay back to the grind number
nine are you hanging out or do you that you have a date tonight what’s going to
you number nine oh I’m hanging out man and who I be no there’s nobody business
might know about this I got you okay okay all right all right all right
um so okay so they’re in the ring who amanda Nunez vs Holly Holm hey Holly
Holm pacing back and forth hoping we’re gonna say she’s juiced up because she’s
juiced up hold on a second here we go he’ll be coming in at 135 holly holm
coming in at 130 3.5 okay they fight Holly Holm pacing back and
forth she knows this this could be the final curtain if she doesn’t put out
salute – loose cannon and I spoke to him earlier here’s old man say against again
I said she’s 37 years old you know she’s getting up there in age yeah this is a
young man’s sport young woman squirt you know it is what it is I’m sipping on a
glass of Pinot Noir and I’m and I’m wearing white socks with a tank top and
boxer shorts how about that she was if you want to know my business Amanda Nunez doing deep squats if you
doing deep squats getting ready whoa was my drink thank you fish you want to be
up all of my business that’s what I’m doing Amanda Nunez stretching out over
the cage getting herself ready teasing these kicks these little getting
herself limber look at Mike buffer all right Peter Bronx Pacino in salute to
all the Puerto Ricans that move from the Bronx down to Florida and who enhance
their lives salute to you real talk Bronks Pacino moved in here mm put it
down okay here we go here we go now we’re going he did your first banner
store I don’t know if he did the first place but he was there he was there for
the whole everybody on the machine everybody need Elias good man here we go
here we go she post that shit out of respect tonight go here we go here we go get ready guys you ready round one go
Wow round one here we go I five each other in the middle of the stage each
other out doing anything Holly no I Holly Holm faints a couple of times
try to see what kind of reaction both very tentative yeah yeah fill in each
other out nobody thrown a real punch right no punches no kids have been
throwing yet there’s still just just weaving and bobbing okay Amanda Nunez
she fires a kick nothing no no no real impact hang on a second here we go
still feeling each other out just a lot of Bob no even bobbin and Weavin Bob and
a weaving round one no action yet four minutes 18 seconds round one okay Amanda
no yes trying to throw a couple of punches nothing okay
fires a kick right foot nothing oh whoa whoa whoa Holly Holm just a chin check
demand Emmanuelle back a little bit let’s watch your nerve lots of nerves
let’s go Holly lots of nerves you got that right let’s
go Holly Holly Holm circling circling Tara left yeah trying to see if she can
walk her into something hmm lioness is actually fighting from a counter-puncher
standpoint but she’s throwing off a lot right nothing really connecting good leg
kick by Nunez yeah she keeps fainting Holly Holm keeps on trying to feint back
nice kick to the knee a huge head kick from Nunez up top but
Holly Holm box blocks it yeah yeah I would say both both fighters are showing
eat you know the other fighter a lot of respect just they’re very cautious what
your watch for sure for sure so this is a thing Holly Holm has the reach from
both the kick and the punch right she’s trying to find the right distance to
keep Amanda Nunez at the end of the kicks and the punches right while Nunez
is trying to fucking come in and counter when she throws these little Saints and
that’s why Holly Holm keeps on kicking her knee to see if she can slow her down
so that she was wild punch from Amanda Nunez wild punch it mists be able it
missed oh okay yeah shaking it up shake it out there in the clinch nice little
nice little life nice little kick to the knee that uh Holly Holm keeps on
throwing to Nunez because she wants to be able to come Oh believe her yeah oh
okay we have we have a takedown then now they’re back up back up on their feet
the quick takedown swing there swung at swung out of it pardon me swung out of
it Oh Holly Holm keeps on circling to her
to her left she’s trying to walk her into like a right head kick she keeps on
circling you see what I’m saying she’s time it’s not happening I’ve circled to
the learning he’s trying to she’s trying to talk she’s trying to she’s trying to
find emit a nice kick to the knee beautiful kick to the knee she hit her
Holly Holm keeps on throwing these John Jones like kicks to the kneecap where
it’s like a straight kick so that hyper the way so that if he’s straight oh nice
oh that was a nice right shot from Amanda Nunez to Holly Holmes nice right
shot yeah left right left right yeah yeah yeah
left right that’s what you call it – peace – peace nice little piece dude
that’s smiling Nunez smiling she’s having fun yeah great body kick by Nunez to Holly Holm
oh oh my god Holly’s down Holly down fight is over
you gotta be kidding me you gotta be kidding Mike over you gotta be chin
dramatic oh my god the head too early they stopped it they stopped that was down so Holly Holmes the blonde chick
yeah she down don’t you mind your fucking business Blackie don’t you want
your fucking business she was in danger star she was in danger
but that if she was in danger I can I’ll say okay but I just think was a little
too fast let’s watch the replay yes wants to replay well basically a new
hitter with the head kick I’m not saying she got robbed the message but if it was
a fucking as a right head kick from Andy Nunez to Holly Holm okay here we go
replay hold on guys he’ll hold on pow oh is a hard shot hey Rach – shit knocked
it down and then you had Amanda hard shot hang on his replay okay she’s
pummeling her pummeling her head kick right to the face
left to the face I think those early you know what I got right up you know what
I’m sure Holly and her camp will not agree with it but I have to say I think
it was a good is a good thing it was a good the rep did the right thing we’re
stopping I’m gonna say that let me say that oh yeah look at her wobbling look
how her Wahoo’s watchin yeah she got she got rocks she got her chin says she was
doing the Harlem shake like Zab Judah just a great kick great kick
Holly try to feint kick one of those knee kicks and literally just ate it
Amanda Nunez is the truly the fucking food in now listen I said before the
gotta start putting Engler up there I said before the fight started if she won
I would not be mad because she’s she’s at the top of a fucking game right now
you know she’s cleaning out divisions going a different way classes yes built
in two different weight classes she’s the truth man I just thought that
holly was gonna be a a weird matchup for her like sometimes you know they say
style makes south-south make fight yeah and yeah Holly Holm all right Peter
Holly that’s it it’s over babe she should go to the WWE with Ronda absolutely Vincent mana give her a job slow to choke no joke calling me from
the pool party but did not invite me did not invite me huh yo yo yo that’s my
nigga bags I think I feel some type of way I’m I can’t get an invite to the
party my nigga come on man joke no joke going ten toes down in the
hole Rockefeller did you see the video they hated mrs. nothing okay hang on a
second guy a very back everybody sit tight and we
get Joe Rogan Joe Rogan talking to a man man to me is
let me pause the audio guys so I can hear this and not necessarily fuck up my
algorithm in the building holy shit Holly Holm just got her shit
Rock yo she’s out of here yeah yo she’s out of here Holly Holm Wow end of the
road yeah Amanda Nunez just she’s too much for us
who’s too much for the kick to the fucking head and she started pummeling
her you know just beat her like Oh Virginia slave shit was crazy alright so
we’ve got the main event coming up Jon Jones versus Thiago Santos is it ta go
or ta go it’s spelled th I AG oh can I get someone who officially knows the
Spanish language hey leaving in the live chat how you guys doing
should I leave this stream up guys Bronx but you know that was my guy I
don’t want like you know take it down I know we’re a little sloppy tonight I
know we’re just you know rambling but that was my guy man what a good man a
good fucking man I had to go to the kitchen heat up my um my crystals burger
yo I get get on the treadmill early behind this shit Irene oh fuck I’ll come
back to those folks in a minute guys guys I’m coming right back buddy said
owe me a second give me a second let me check on super chat and cash at whoo
what a beautiful day here in sunny Atlanta and folks in case you don’t know
I’ve been coming to Atlanta for a lot of years since the late 80s hmm flew to the
oh geez that have been checking in with me just to say stall you’re okay you
need anything I said yeah yeah I’m good I’m good but judges I have
some rounds to make and please make sure you reach out guys if you if you are
related to anybody you know you know in connection with ghetto mafia all those
wooden it goes back in the days huh ghetto mafia most of you should be up on
their their album straight from the deck which came out in 1997 or full-blooded
niggas 1995 good niggas man I’m talking crazy but I used to hang out in a club
called Sharon’s showcase nice to come down here back in things 1998 or II
didn’t know I have to get used to hang at the Doubletree Hotel down there by
the airport hoes used to come in there with you know just let me stop let me
stop I’m doing so much slow down this little fuck down cash up who’s on the
check-in no well hey no well greetings sir he says salute boss nigga Thank You
Noel salute to you thank you for the cash yep sir
okay Bronx Pacino on the check-in ok guys I’m gonna check out any and all
Bronx Pacino videos after the show okay let me check on who was hotnewhiphop did
you guys see the video with waka flocka flame talk about shooting homos Lord
Jesus is he he from Riverdale Georgia I got some family down there in Jonesboro
which is right next to Riverdale there that niggas don’t give a throb I was out
there last month okay guys listen I’m gonna I’m gonna
shift gears here unless we can have a conversation talk about the fight okay
she’s a shame she’s a mediocre person you guys going mediocre person yeah okay
say hang on sugar say hang on no madness Hey I said hold on hold on hold on Nick
listen i’ma get you guys out of here I’m gonna talk about the fight they mainly
been the main events coming up right now Shane hold on good time che sit tight
okay I’ll go Santos all right what do we got no man Nick walk us through this
please we got Thiago Santos running up to the ring right now he’s getting ready
to get into the cage yeah main event 205 weight class light heavyweight versus
John Jones it’s gonna be a great fight man so I think with this fight I think
you know it really boils down to whether Thiago Santos is gonna be able to
connect a bit of a wild puncher he’s a bit of a wild chick he’s basically just
a lot of energy that isn’t as focus as John Jones John will systematically
break you down watching you with the most vicious shit that you’ve ever seen
in their life I think it’s gonna be John Jones by pummelling I think he’s gonna
tie with them for a little bit just to give people a little bit of value for
their money for the people that order this on pay-per-view but yeah man Thiago
Santos if he’s gonna win he’s gonna have to win in the clutch he’s gonna happen
in the clinch he’s gonna have to clinch him in those clinches he’s gonna have to
go to work to the body to the legs but stay there instead number 9 are you
there sir are you watching the fight gene Richmond where are you sir oh I’ve
been listening to this I see why everyone hates black one also I can’t
afford pay-per-view all right sugar stay sit tight folks we have the main event
coming up John Jones versus Diego Santos and Nik dimensions as
Santos Carmen has six losses versus John Jones who only has one loss he does but
he’s yeah he does but he’s gone through a bit of a tear you know with with MMA
it’s not like boxing there’s a lot more variables in MMA so a lot of these guys
that have losses of like four or five it could have just been poor matchmaking
early in their careers a lot of these people are just trying to get off the
ground and get some money so like they end up taking fights where their way out
of their depth so it is one of those things but Thiago Santos is a true you
know he’s a true contender for the belt but the issue is that John Jones is just
too strong he’s just been too good he is you know arguably now the goat like I’ve
said for the longest time that I thought Anderson Silva was the greatest but John
Jones is a new iteration of player like basically the same kind of jump that you
saw from like the dr. Jays to the Mike Magic Johnson’s the Larry Bird’s and the
Michael Jordan’s fair enough yeah hold on hold on the ring right now look I’m
gonna switch up hang on a second I’m gonna switch up at the last minute and
I’m going with Thiago Santos last minute okay last minute I’m going with Santos
he’s gonna knock out Jon Jones round to knock him out no rocky we’re coming from
I’m taking a wild fucking guess he’s good chin check him and knock him out
round two I’m down I’ll sit him down I mean this guy comes he’s very creative
syringe I know all about Jon Jones he had the car accident he got out and ran
from the vehicle then he went back to the car to get the fucking blow
allegedly wait yeah I know I know coked out of his Mane combed out of his
mind that was mine allegedly or back in the past I’m going to Santos supposedly
we’ll see make another drink okay I
is my rider whole in second sugar Shay are you watching the link share do you
just hanging out we shouldn’t shake honestly I’m not watching that fight
tonight I’m not interested in what if I I wanted to show my respect
Bronx Pacino and just kind of chop it up with you for a little bit let me get
this clear I’m gonna say this and then I’m you know whatever I don’t really
care no Manik wants to disrespect me as a female on the line at the end of the
day is nothing that he can say that’s gonna make me believe that what he’s a
full black man into opinion is worth anything because this whole commentary
this last hour has been dry dry rise fall and I’m gonna be the first to say
it okay if you call it Haitian or not but that shit was whack it’s fucked I
wouldn’t you want to watch the fights because of his commentary how about that
okay can I ask a question can I ask a question are you are at the media our
opinion in our ask the question in the house of a 65 year old if I was a 65
year old white man who wanted to have you for one night
how much would it be sure you responding to him and I’m talking about it I’m not
gonna let no grown-ass man come on the phone and think that he’s lost and not
because he’s screaming at a female that’s how much of a meanie
when I was in the kitchen she I don’t know what you guys were talking about I
was in the kitchen I know anything like I was I was telling his dumb ass we were
gone you eat you feel more like a bitch odd female like first of all if you can
sit up here and argue with a female that shows how much of a caliber of a man you
are feeling are you and I rather be mediocre but I know that I’ll never be
coming up the middle like him so I don’t care you can you can say all you want
but he’s all right Peter Bronx but you know hang on a second guys suffice get
me to start black races on the check-in good evening sir he says via superjet
r.i.p bronx Pacino I hope God keeps him and blesses his family salute thank you
sir salute to you black racist hb2 and good evening
he says RI Peter Bronx Pacino times like this remind me that when no vag neck
dies whoa he won’t get the same respect and the trolls will rejoice
hashtag sandbox che okay hb2 n going hard in the paint
no vag neck okay all right guys uh the the fight is coming up sit tight I’m
gonna comment it I’ll be right back right hang on hang on okay here we go
here we go here we go ring announcer talking whoever’s got
that in the background you can’t do that I’m gonna put you guys on hold
I’ll put them on hold because we can have that nothing in the background
YouTube is not playing that game uh Jon Jones Santos available okay I’ll come
back to him in a minute mm lights out how’re you guys doing in the live chat
good evening I’ve been kind of swamped tonight but I appreciate you being there when they’re talking crazy mmm the
Santos I’m going with Santos round two it looks ready looks ready I thought
John Jones named it his record okay no man Nick you ready beast you ready
with it let’s go okay go okay can you turn the volume up turn the volume down
in the background Nick it’s need you to turn down the volume so I have no
problems at YouTube and I give you a muted okay I want you to UM my TV muted
okay you and I are gonna commentate this round one coming up folks round one John
Jones versus Santos Diego a thought having too much fun I’m Jake I am gonna
later okay now I know why everyone read for real sends in a super chat saying
how much to get Shay and Nick in the Octagon question mark I have no idea man
a couple of rats I’m sure okay here we go round one let’s go here we go both
walking in on each other yeah John Jones is pressing the offense
walking them down yes Thiago Santos is trying to find an
opening Santos bobbin and Weavin off the old joke a Jonjo just caught him a nice
little kick to the neck nice little kick to the neck John Jones gave him a nice
kick to the knee kept circling each other
Santos looks a little fun he looks good a nice leg kick up to me Santos
got a nice little leg kick nice leg kick go towards John Jones caught John off of
God when he looks shucks no come on Santos pick it up man pick it up are you
going my action my action basically circling to his right a sense of Circle
inches right but he got a nice little leg kick on John Jones that that spun
him around right so I don’t know if that actually hurts switches stance he
switches to southpaw Santos switches to southpaw and John Jose comes right to a
leg kick to the body but mrs. Santos keeps on kicking them to his leg John
Jones isn’t checking the kick yet and then Thiago Santos goes right back to
its traditional no action folks in round 1 3 minutes and 24 seconds feeling each
other out short kicks to the legs nothing really special both fighters are
very cautious although John Jones is trying to be a little bit more
aggressive more aggressive ok now the author realize ok John Jones just
grabbed Santos spun him around pulled out
I just want those those leg kicks hurt at this weight class yeah yeah I’m
watching you hitting with the torque of a 205 pound person trying to talk right
right on that knee shit hurts man so a lot of these heavy weights in that you
buy heavy weights these are like kicks a couple of them will actually really slow
down the fighters yeah so I give that any fighting yourself no
Manik any type of MMA fighting or bouncing I thought I bought keep in
shape at the gym okay I’ve been only doing that for like the last two years
I’ve always been a fan of boxing but it was one of those things where I never
actually can you tell us what weight division what weight division have you
been boxing I’ve just been done away gym I haven’t actually been like amateur
boxing anything no but uh I’m around 220 okay and how tall are you 6 ok 6 9 okay
I can punch out ok so we had a break in the action John Jones mouthpiece fell
out now now both men are the bottom up beat we have a minute 40 seconds left
round 1 no real action yet just uh just feeling each other out
okay well we’ll exchange nice exchange that I would Michael okay Santos now
trying to be the aggressor is he getting try to the bullshit I see
you ready get it in okay Shawn Jones with a nice spinning kick that if they
take missed it was just a look hi he didn’t connect meaning connect hey
know that Nick when you when you said six did you mean six inches six feet bro
okay okay John Jones is trying to walk down Santos he’s trying another spin
around kicked nothing right leg kick nice leg kick from Santos Santos talk to
John John yeah I think you’re like a guys somebody’s
got a television in the background I’m gonna have to shut that off let me see
if this number 9 I think that was number 9 okay I’ll bring him back on after we
finish it can’t believe that YouTube’s algorithm birth all right
I think Santos left knee is hurting well same 14 seconds left
round 1 could he keep on switching between stuff yep yep Santos versus
Jones who lifts head kick ok that’s the end around yeah like John Jones
alright UFC 239 John Jones versus Diego cent Santos end of round one in case
you’re just now joining the show folks Holly Holm who I was rooting for she
lost to Amanda Nunez round one kick to the head and then she just started going
to work on her I’m sort of working like a chicken bone up in Harlem I get that
first round of John John’s do you okay raid for real sends in a super chat
saying no mad Nick only gets in real fights if it’s over a purse at Macy’s who’s nicer
no sir no sir hey I said let me check on cash at see if anybody timing in okay
round 2 gaming start start around – yeah round two coming
here we go John Jones John Jones trying to stand his ground a little bit more oh wow hmm
kick to the leg by John Jones okay David Santos is hobbling yeah nice and change
though he came out of it swinging Santos came out swinging John Jones was
gonna keep on attacking that nap I can’t go kneecap watch I knew that right knee
that I knew was hurting because he kept on switching between southpaw I thought
it was more for like a stylistic just to give him a different look and find a
different angle but it looked like it was actually because his knee was
hurting those kicks I told you man at this weight class once these guys get up
and wait the torque that you get on a knee kick like that is it hurts when got
145 150 it doesn’t hurt as much look well let’s see if it really you
know has any effect in the long run you know right now Santos is uh looks like
he’s what their toes is slowing down good he’s not hopping up and down as
much trying to he’s trying to get his rhythm back John Jones is waiting for
the perfect counter he knows that ten toes is hurt so he’s just toying with
him now look he’s trying to catch him with one he’s trying to walk it on him
and I got your cash yep thank you sir salute Donovan I got your cash yet I
don’t see a message but I get to cash yet
okay all right round two guys three minutes and twenty ten toes abilities
limited John Jones with a vicious kneecap kick oh man that shit hurts Santos turn the punch out his mobility
is limited though it fucks with it fucks with his balance right right right plus he’s a muscular guy those kind of
muscles require a lot of oxygen do you think John Jones is avoiding the
exchange the hand-to-hand exchange 90 second alright no man dick I’m gonna
have to quit like go back into the line because the phone line is getting ready
to shut out Nick I’m gonna have to call back all right I gotta call back the
phone lines shutting off on all right okay all right round two guys let me
shut this off round two Oh Santos goes down he slipped look like
he slept john jones track shredder chin shechem slow action around – not a lot that’s the second guys hold on sec guys okay round till we have some action here
mm-hmm let me just jump in here for a second before I go back to the phone
lines John Jones is the aggressor Santos is backing up but they are you know
trying to fight it out looks like Santos his left leg is is
bothering him from the kicks from John Jones I would like to see a brawl I just
don’t see it it’s just oh okay Santos is he’s trying to now do around well he did
try to roundhouse kick nothing nothing there hold on hold on trying to punch it
out John Jones with two roundhouse kicks that miss John Jones okay and around two
guys and around you hold on okay here we go round three coming up
whoo it’s not a bra I was hoping for a bra I think a lot of people hoping for a
brawl you know it’s it’s not a whack fight but it’s just not really
action-packed you know both fighters being very cautious being
very cautious let me see if that’s nomads Nick hey Nick you on the line
whatever okay great second round I give two acts actually give that I give that
round to Santos Lily one one okay yeah okay here we are
well there’s that leg is hurting it I don’t know what we’re saying
now I’m saying I think that leg is going to give out I think that Santos has to
press the knockout now or I have to do something that’s why I think I’m trying
to be a little bit more active the problem is if if John Jones can survive
this round he’s gonna have a lot more stamina going into the third fourth and
fifth I’m sorry in a fourth of this one sit sit
buddy yeah John Jones is pressing them yeah Santos’s I’ve been drinking with
whisky go ahead go ahead Santos is off his brutal leg kicks by
John Jones he’s basically targeting me he’s countering him right now he’s not
actually being aggressive if he’s just waiting for Santos to throw something
and making him pay for throwing whatever he throws right right right I think it’s
a risk on Jon Jones part to just not really you know fight it out I’m talking
about like you know hand-to-hand combat he’s doing a lot of kicks unless that’s
a strategy to wear him down or to wear down his knees and then to go in but
right now I think it’s risky who strategy what street fights is different
you street fights is different you know you want to go ahead and blow your load
and suck it knock somebody out quickly put in in play-based fighting you know
sometimes it’s okay to take somebody whoa Santos instead of running like hang
on what was that a slip or did he didn’t get changed
I don’t know if it was more of a slip I think it was more of a slip but looks
like John Jones is sensing something he jumped in please kick John Jones decided
kid Santos and he actually fell yeah you try to hit him with a flying knee right
miss fell down Diego Santos had the advantage for a second but they both got
spread up John Jones knows he’s better off at a distance like this he’s playing
the smart game he’s doing the long game he knows Santos is going to be gassed
and he’s gonna really be hurting so for the longer he draws us out the more
easier it gets for John Joe well sing because it slows down the fight see hang
on a second guys what a lousy world sends in a cash app catch this one star
did you see the video of the tranny in Walmart rinsing its mouth with mouthwash
and then spitting it back in the bar spitting it back in the bottle and then
put it back on the shelf stop it you’re trolling stop it
you play you send me that link Lord Jesus III we saw you know the the young
girl the minor licking the ice cream down there in Texas the police did find
her little monkey ass but thank you for your superjet what a lousy world okay
what do we got nomad Nick oh okay Santos just went down that now they’re
roughing her up he’s back up he’s bleeding through his neck cut on the top
of Santos area yeah John Jones with a spinning kick that kind of misses in
humanism don’t face Jones John Jones is basically walking santos’ down
he knows Santos is hurt he’s basically picking a shot for his knee and we have
not commented on Jon Jones conditioning for this fight he looks like he’s really
really in good shape he’s been the aggressor going back to round one yeah
he’s not panting for air he’s shooting kicks yeah very very much John Jones is
fucking good cause John Jones is actually taunting him now he basically
instead of throwing a knee kick to the knee cap threw a punch to kneecap you
know he’s basically just joking around right now he knows he’s in complete
shouldest by Santos has nothing to do there’s nothing you can throw back at it
you know Santos is firing back slow down all right funny man
yeah but there’s no power behind it because of the damage that he did to the
knee like you have to understand like it throws the left for a job you can’t you
can’t throw anything with serious power like hang on a second no man next day
right there stay right there big pork 29 cents in a cash absolutely
sir I got your cash at big pork twenty-nine salute okay hold on Nick I
want to see this we’re all way around here eh yeah 27 seconds left now round 3
5 seconds left John Jones looking like he’s in control Santos backing up avoiding the smoke
there’s a reason there hang on Nick hang on I want to hear it I want to hear it
he he’s swinging out of he’s trying to swing out hold on hold on what do we got
what do we get oh ok Sean Jones well-conditioned ok into
round 3 what do you say Nick no manic jumping in like I said like to throw
these power punches your knees have to be working I can’t hurt you have to be
able to use your your you need to be able to leverage these punches and if
your knee is hurting and your lead left knee you know when you punch throat
punch even throw a Phantom ghost plunger did you see the elbow from Jon Jones to
Santos head that that was a beautiful shot elbow Wow yeah I mean he’s hitting
him with textbook fucking clinical precision Jon Jones is that guy he
trains the right way you know he’s a genetic freak like his endurance is out
of control he actually I feel like he doesn’t really have any drop lock even
in these five round fights like you know the fighter that he comes in at round
one is the same fighter at round five because even at his best
it’s more clinical it’s more precise hang on a second oh man Nick we’re
coming up to round four and also let me put some respect on mr. Lewis who sends
in a cash I’ve he says star only a ratchet animal would pick up
20 40 minutes Oh only a ratchet animal would pick up a $20 bill that isn’t hers
as a guest in someone’s home that’s all I’ll say mr. Lewis thank you sir for your
superjet okay Ralph oh shit wait a minute
Santos just caught Jon Jones hold on a second caught him in the side of his
head round four with like what a detention yeah yeah will it will they
got John Jones attention with that punch will lit right now John Jones is gonna
make him John Jones is doing the matrix yeah be doing a praying mantis
that’s the praying mantis from back in the day I think he’s faking fronting
myself from Christ kid praying mantis I think it was a Jackie Chan movie from
back in the days three minutes and 50 seconds of round four John Jones is
trying to find his right off he threw a punch to the knee fake faint to a
roundhouse kick to the head just ruthless this guy just keeps on
switching between southpaw and traditional stance trying to find the
right angle Santos does it back huge leg kick by
Santa by John Joseph Santos John Jones is trying to fucking sneak him into
something he’s not sure what it is yet he’s trying to find that opening like
this fight going five rounds no man Nick it’s a five-round fight I mean at this
point I would say so at this point I would say sir I think that John Jones
has the ability to turn is I’m asking you technically is this a five-round
fight technically yeah it’s a five-round fight any time it’s a championship fight
and let’s remain event it’s a five-round fight okay fire oh yeah John Jones
stalking us Santos is moving slow keeps on throwing
punch left right okay just flips every code eight five eight are you on the
line eight five eight who’s that yeah hello hello good evening how are you sir
we’re watching the other fighter you watching it Round four I’m not watching
it okay what’s going on not after much action was calling me early because I
wanted to talk some shit to that to the dude who was disrespectin to the
gentleman who passed away RP oh you talking about canal ski King he’s off
the line man we’re showing nothing but respect to on Bronx Pacino saying good
guy good man all right Thank You Man thank you sorry yeah thank you
okay Peter thank you he wanted to curse out king canal ski wholesome like area
code 83 to are you watching the fight round for Santos versus Jones a 3-2 oh no okay big miss roundhouse elbow by
John Jones mrs. Santos Santos lips we have a call from overseas good evening
are you on the line overseas are you there testing testing good evening good
evening no hello what happened who was that
moving kind of slow round for April 5 good evening who’s in line April 5 euros
going on sorry I’m gonna gonna checking hey what’s that man how you was crush a
mom sitting here watching the fight you
watching uh Jones versus Santos yeah I got that link I gotta leave I’m against
again how delicious I said I got the link I’m tuning in and out of it dog I
don’t a point I gotta do more assaults on all of them are fucker reporting oh
shit against again I said I said I came to put some respect on the ball more
recipes yeah you know man man fuck cancer bro – it’s not a joke man
it’s not a joke man I lost my grandpa my godmother to lung cancer you throw me
saw understand that’s just bad bro I said it’s really sad man okay so you say
you’re working on a Sunday youngly gonna check in working on not have a
presentation to do tomorrow yeah it’s some bullshit it’s not nothing to do
with Church of nothing but it’s in hell shit so yeah I got a presentation good
2500 on the pocket you not I mean that’s a tax off that’s all okay and the round
for in the round for all right so nope no partying for you tonight young check
you don’t need to write blue with me man I got work to do I can’t can’t touch my
nose all the comment all right well this man good to hear from you man like why
the holla man okay young need gonna check in who is this calling from
overseas good evening are you on the line overseas oh you
there hey what’s hit me much thanks for the
commentaries and much appreciated yes sir how you guys doing up there
because Kawhi Leonard has signed with the LA Clippers yes sir I hear Drake is
very Seton’s I saw a bunch of means kidding
as Ben I just found out I just found that evening as I was driving and
listening to the radio that that you signed with the papers were like 114
million yeah Drake offered quite limited some type of
position ovo and quietness and fuck out of here I’m outta here right yeah but
but I know we’re trying to keep him here he’s got a lots of offers like free
eating fries like in any restaurant in club great offer him a high-ranking
position in Tokyo and he said no I’m out of here
hang on a second sir stay right there stay there okay round five guys Santos
picking picking up the action wait a minute wait a minute okay wild wild kick
from Jones it did not connect Santos trying to bring the heat trying to bring
the heat he’s got the screwface wild left punch picking up the action hmm
kicking Jones in his shit he’s got the ice girl fuck you nigga was poppin mmm
okay okay mmm three one or two two okay soso you’re calling you from
overseas are you watching the final way you just want to call it in
sorry all right Peter Bronx Pacino no I know what’s the point I’m just listening
to your commentary so that’s kind of how I’m keeping up with a fight
thanks so much guys for giving the right-hand-drive update but yeah have a
good Sunday salute yeah yes sir thank you oh shit Santos just clocked John
Jones twice little action going on hey little action right what are you saying
no man Nick what do you see Santos trying to pick up this is round five yes
round five I mean it’s an important round this is important round it it
could be three one or two two Santos is sticking in the pocket even
though he’s getting fucked up he’s paying the price to his legs no I feel
like that you know he’s staying in there he’s staying in there and you know it
imagine if this is to – this round could kind of cake the fight it could be this
could determine who the what his knee is really hurt depends on how the judge yes
Santos no yeah imagine oh yeah john jones it’ll kick for the kneecap picking
on him speaking on his leg kick kick kick
he kicks at the kneecap to hyperextend the leg so that these guys can’t punch
no look Jones had come on great little leg kick back into the
family’s problem and he’s wobbling hang on a second he’s wobbling yeah let’s see
if John Jones takes advantage that situation kick him in his shit kick them
in his shit hold on he’s in great distance
well hold us you bitch ass nigga holders kicking your shit mmm kick them again
right on the kneecap punch him in his face fuck ass nigga hole that Santos is
looking exhausted he’s he looks like he can be dropped like a bad habit at any
point here not looking good not looking good
I think I think Jones is just toying with them truthfully I think it’s
treating this like a sparring session at this point look well he needs to either
get him out of here or do something because it’s not it’s not a great win
for John Jones me it’s a fight it’s not it’s not a great fight I’m not gonna say
that it might not be action-packed but you know for him to win and doing the
least amount of damage to himself this is the Floyd Mayweather effect like a
lot of these guys now they don’t care about going in there and creating
classics they want to go in there and win and do as little damage as possible
Santos now it’s in the pictures boy to stalk these guys yeah one minute and two seconds left in the
final round final round Jones is respecting his power though
Jones is respecting his power holding hands in the middle of the Ring yeah I’m
gonna find distance you know possum hey come on Santos step it up here 39
seconds left in round five kick John Jones and wait gave out on him the knee
was too hurt he’s basically walking backwards John it’s the final round Nick
is the final round yes final round again final round yep 15 seconds left in
round five John Jones is just tapping him with the jab it just it seems like
he’s just fucking with them he doesn’t want to hurt this guy he runs away from
him he’s not even throwing anything back he’s skipping he knows the game is over
he knows the fights over they’re both embracing is very a very gay moment
right now it’s a very soft embrace and they’re talking to each other it’s it’s
very uh very homophobic some type of bromance going on right now and I guess
that’s a good thing Hey a salute to still a lousy world just
sent in a super chat hang on a sec let me see if this is the link holy shit
wait a minute wait a minute oh my god is this okay we’ve got ourselves a white
tranny drinking oh holy shit drinking out of Listerine gargling and then
spitting it back in then walking off what the fuck is that real yo who just
sent me that that’s crazy guys if you go to Tony O’Donnell on YouTube what was
that something on liveleak is this now a challenge
Tony O’Donnell on YouTube you’ll see a tranny drinks mouthwash then spits it
back in the box no man dick did you see the video I saw
that shit crazy this is the new attention economy star you attention
economy oh holy shit attention economy yeah we had the final
a decision hold on a second no man Nick what do we got what do we got
yeah that was a crazy video like my guess is it somebody just sent me what
does well I guess it’s gonna be either I think is gonna be three two or I don’t
know man three two I think it’s gonna be three two or four one it’s towards John
Jones Santos should win the fight what do we got what have we got final
decision Oh John Jones John Jones won he won he
won no bad Nick I’ll talk to you I got a gun I can’t have the YouTube on the
television I’ll talk to there Thank You Man thank you all right no mad Nick on
the check-in all right John Jones one that’s a bullshit fight bullshit
bullshit fucking fight guys I’m gonna sleep I got a lot of shit to handle
tomorrow it’s Sunday thank you for bouncing with us this evening our IP to
Bronx Pacino ah man um I’m gonna try and do a show at some point today but I do
have some ripping they’re wearing to do and that’s it all right enjoy the rest
of the evening coming up now we have Ronnie’s banner Ronnie he’s been calling
into the show she’s a gamer and we’ve been talking behind the scenes about a
God of War Tournament of sorts okay I’ll let her bring you guys up to speed on
the full details of it his Ronnie’s better and I’ll see you guys well
actually today is Sunday already later on this this evening
take care you

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