100 thoughts on “UFC 239: Post-fight Press Conference

  1. Dana White: “Jon Jones was completely dominant in that fight”
    Jon Jones: Has to be helped out of the octagon

  2. Nunes is a freakin CHAMPION! She slaughtered the dude Cyborg and a great champion in Holly Holmes.She deserves it all what a knock out artist!!

  3. Amanda….. why the shitty blotchy tattoos? Stupid to get them overtop your own skin for one thing but for fuck sakes couldn’t You have chosen something that shows skill? You have Money so why the sleeves of crap…lol.

  4. Masvidal – Under- Promoted forever. Now Dana'a new boy at 34. Shame we never got to see him at this level until now but so glad its came around for Jorge. ' Yo Snoozeman. that was less than 30% right there '

  5. Credit to masvidal for his victory, but personally, he's such a tool. Can't stand hearing him talk.
    "I don't like that guy. It's nothing personal. Just bitness. I'm so glad I got to end that guy"


  6. The most impressive thing about Jones is how he beats everyone at their own game. Grinded out DC & Chael, boxed Gus, clinched Glover, kept Machida out, etc

  7. 27:13 he pretty much admits that they allow him to PED lol

    Cody Garbrandt all over again

  8. Wtf Dana first no 165 division then no rematch for santos? Wtf if santos had ZERO knee issues you might be speaking differently and there might have been a new champ you bobble head fuck

  9. So masvidal was saying the entire time it wasn't personal but yet hes going around after the fight talking shit about Ben Askren. He even said that he would hit Ben if he sees him outside UFC. Pretty sure Masvidal took everything personal. Damn I hate seeing assholes win.

  10. Like I said and have been saying to those who say Luke Rockhold would shine at LHW…
    he is overrated AF.

  11. @46:07 wtf is Kevin Iole talking about? Jorge never lost more than he won in the UFC. These reporters just fucking say shit out of their ass to create a narrative and it's so fucking annoying. Ask a fucking question, don't invent some narrative in your head and ask for confirmation of it.

  12. I See Santos just not like a regular santos that always start a strikes, Jones always in pushing position at the center of octagon… dictating

  13. Thiago Santos is the fuckin man bro did the unthinkable by lasting 5 rounds on a bum knee against Jon and actually made it a competitive effort. I really don't think there are many people on Earth that would be able to push forward on TORN LIGAMENT (pretty sure it was his ACL) the way he did against a competitor like Jon.

  14. Jones is so full of shit, talking like he beat Santos at 100% and didn't know his knee was hurt. He was clearly outmatched and uncomfortable standing up against Santos. If Thiago's knee didn't blow, he would have destroyed Jones.

  15. Why is everybody talking shit on Ben, considering he could knock each and every one of you out cold. He lost by a 1 in a million shot, period.

  16. Massive respect to Jones and Santos. I hope UFC takes care of Santos. He's a humble good dude. Jones so well spoken too.

  17. Am I the only one in the UK who hasn't managed to see this event yet because of how confusing it is to set up BT sport box office? I spent over two hours on the phone being passed back and forth between BT and Sky tonight AND STILL…. no one could help me! One guy helped me far enough so that I could buy the event. However, because I can't login to BT Sport Box Office, I have no way to watch it! WHAT THE HELL IS MY BT SPORT BOX OFFICE LOGIN DETAILS? Where do I find that? This is the first PPV UFC event in UK and normally watch it via a BT sport subscription. Feel totally ripped off and this totally sucks!

  18. Dana about Jones "Let's say he had a..hard life outside of the octagon." lol, no, let's not. He's an incredible fighter, but a grown ass man. Don't make excuses for him being a shitty person doing dumb shit.

  19. Nunes looks like a guy. At least holm looks like a women. Just saying. Cyborg looked like a guy too.

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  21. The fucken idiot reporter asking Amanda if she would fight Holly again…… please leave. Felicia will be the next challenger for Amanda after she smothers Guyborg.

  22. When Amanda Nunes talks it sounds like a little child 3 years old. Its very sweet. I want to hug her.

  23. When Jon gets hit, like really hit, He spits out his mouthpiece to get the judge to stop it to avoid follow up punches. Imma just sayin.!!☝🏼🤔

  24. 40:00 says pound for pound…. then hesitates to say the best in the world. Bitch ass hates amanda nunes!

  25. Good interview Jon…Respect! Congrats to you to Mike Winklejohn…All the best! Forward March!

  26. Jorge became a star. I love real people who're pro athletes..too many generic guys and then you have the fakes like colby who portray a character they're clearly not.

  27. Jorge Masvidal is a savage . Mad respect for shutting up the most overhyped fighter in UFC history.

  28. Jones game plan:
    1.patty cake hand grab
    2.low kick, oblique kick with occasional jab
    3. A random takedown

  29. Masvidal! You earned my respect off tops. Ben shouldnt have even been traded to ufc and you just proved the truth

  30. There is something "Male" in the woman"s champion.The swagger,the aura….Testosterone is the source of power.No insult intended here,just an observation.

  31. Ben “Knee” Askren

    DraftKings MMA Breakdowns and Picks video for UFC Sacramento is up on my channel. MAKE DAT MONEY!!!

  32. Easy to call Jon after a shit, SD win. The only reason he won is because Santos’ knee is injured in every way possible, shy of getting his leg torn off.
    I guess when you’re off of the juice, you aren’t as impressive as your past fights.

  33. KillShot Kev

    4 days ago

    how do you tell someone they kneed to face retirement? i'm askren for a friend

  34. Was Dana "Jon moved forward the whole time" White watching a different fight or he is just being excited getting off of Jon's dick for a few minutes?

  35. A-man-da is a gay man fighting as a woman this is very wrong everyone in Brazil knows it. A Full Johnson sex change.

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