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UFC 242 Countdown: Edson Barboza vs Paul Felder

UFC 242 Countdown: Edson Barboza vs Paul Felder

>>Narrator: UFC 242
in Abu Dhabi will be a showcase of the
promotion’s 155 pound division, featuring American Top Team’s interim champion
Dustin Poirier…>>Coach: Set it up and shadow. Watch your space.>>Narrator: …and top ten
lightweight Edson Barboza… ♪♪ Who prepares alongside the
first coach he’s ever had: Anderson Franca.>>Barboza: I work with Anderson
my whole life, you know. I’m here right now, definitely because he give me
big support my whole career. When I finish the fight,
I look at the corner, he’s the first
guy I look to see.>>Anik:
Barboza’s pouring it on! Edson Barboza, too easy!>>Mike: Oh, my goodness!>>Narrator: Franca
bestowed in his protege a level of kickboxing virtuosity
rarely seen in MMA.>>Joe: He’s a monster, man. That kid is a monster.>>Anik: Head kick, leg kick,
body kick, flying knee. Five total knockouts
with his lower half.>>Stann: Another stoppage
due to kicks for Barboza.>>All my fights, don’t blink. If you blink, you’re
probably gonna miss one of the best
knockouts in UFC history.>>Joe: Oh! This is historic! This is the very first
spinning heel kick KO in the history of the UFC!>>Anik: Oh! Edson Barboza does it again! One of the best
highlight reels in the sport.>>Barboza: I’m always
looking for my opponent’s face, because every time I
connect some good shot, the face does, “Hm,”
and I know I got you. I need a couple
more and it’s over.>>Anik: Another
highlight for Edson Barboza! Wow! Oh! He stunned him!>>Narrator: Barboza has spent
nearly a decade in the UFC…>>Oh wow.>>Narrator: … testing
his Muay Thai brilliance against all comers.>>Mike: Oh, spinning back fist! Wow!>>Joe: Out cold.>>Narrator: … including
2015’s hottest prospect.>>Mike: Unbeaten in his
mixed martial arts career, 7 of his 10 wins by knockout.>>Joe: Paul Felder
showed potential and more when he fought Danny Castillo. It was his coming out party
and it gave him the opportunity to face a very
highly-ranked Edson Barboza. ♪♪>>It was my first real, real
big step up in competition. He was ranked #7 in the world. Edson’s a highlight reel.>>Joe: Ooh, so fast.>>I had watched the
spinning hook kick knockout. I watched these leg kick TKOs. Now I’m facing this dude.>>Joe: Felder is one of
those guys, you hit him and you hurt him, and he
bites down on his mouthpiece and he gets very angry at you.>>It was scary, but I like being a little
terrified of my opponents. I think it brings
the best out of me.>>Joe: This is a wild fight. Just as wild as we
expect from Barboza. Oh, Barboza just
missed that head kick. [horn blowing] Great fight.>>Buffer: For the winner
by unanimous decision: Edson “Junior” Barboza!>>Not happy with
how I handled that. You know, I walked
out and I was pissed. I just didn’t think
I could be beaten. I switched some things up and now I got the team here
in Milwaukee at Roufusport. ♪♪>>Narrator: After
exploring numerous camps across the
northeastern United States, Felder found his
home by traveling west, and settling in at The
Roufusport Academy in Wisconsin. ♪♪>>Felder: I’m almost
never exactly on time for strength and conditioning. I was right there at 8:30 today. You get cameras around and suddenly these
guys show up on time. Squad out here is just dynamite. You got the Pettis brothers, and I found a head coach
in Duke Roufus, man, who just gets me.>>I don’t wanna give away any
of the family secrets today, so let’s spar. ♪♪ There you go. Calm, calm. Hit with skill. There, see. You know, everyone has
the right coach for them. I’m not the right
coach for everyone. I just happen to be the
right coach, I believe, for Paul Felder. If all you can do is punch,
you gotta have strong legs.>>Felder:
He keeps me aggressive,
going for the finish, but not as wild
as I used to be.>>Roufus: You gotta
use your legs, guys. That’s where a lot
of you guys are– and then when you get
hit, you’re off balance. That’s how you’re
getting knocked out. We gotta focus on this, alright. An aggressive
technical fighter is one of the hardest styles to beat
and that’s what Paul brings. [grunting]>>Take his ass out,
come on, go. [grunting] Each fight, each camp,
he’s getting more intelligent. But at the same time,
more violent. [grunting] ♪♪>>I can do seven
rounds like that. ♪♪>>Narrator: Since joining
forces with Duke Roufus…>>Hardy: You can see Duke
Roufus in his corner there. Excellent coach as well.>>Narrator: … Felder is
unbeaten at 155 pounds.>>Smith: And down
goes Ricci and that’s it!>>The Irish Dragon!>>Gooden: He’s got a
really good relationship with Coach Duke Roufus. Has a similar background
of fighter’s mentality.>>Hardy: Look at the
look on Paul Felder’s face. He is here for war. Oh, what a knee! Stevie Ray goes down! He’s hurt! What a finish for Paul Felder! This is the scariest
Paul Felder I’ve ever seen.>>Joe: He’s very powerful. He’s very skillful. He’s very smart. He’s creative
inside the octagon. And I think Felder,
right now, is in his prime.>>Anik: This might be it! Paul Felder gets Charles
Oliveira out of there! Paul Felder trying to take
his career to the next level. This was a step in the
right direction here tonight.>>Narrator:
Clearly redefined since his
first pro loss to Barboza, Felder would officially return
to the lightweight top ten in his most recent outing.>>Anik: He feels like he has
put in the best training camp, the best 8 or 12
weeks of his life, and is ready to take
out James Vick tonight. Beautiful spinning back kick
lands flush to the body of Vick.>>Yes! Yes! Very good!>>Anik: Oh! Big land by Felder.>>Cruz: Oh, my goodness.>>Yeah! He’s hurt! [horn blowing]>>Paul “The Irish Dragon”–>>155, you better look out, because no matter how you wanna
get it, you’re gonna get it, whether it’s a decision or I knock you out in
front of all these people. The Irish Dragon
is coming for you! [music]>>Narrator: Top ten
lightweight Paul Felder has come a long way since
his first professional defeat to Edson Barboza
four years ago.>>Yeah, they doctored that
picture up a little bit for you.>>Yeah.>>Yeah, no – look
how tan you are!>>That’s not–
that’s still not tan.>>Narrator:
Now that they are set to face
off once again at UFC 242, Felder is using past
experiences to shape his future.>>Joe: Oh, nice
switch kick by Barboza. There was a good
left hook by Felder and a right hand behind it. That left hook
might’ve stung him.>>Look at his eye already. That’s one hook.>>Joe: Felder
getting loose early. Oh, again with the switch.>>His body shots have me
just a slightest bit hesitant and I can’t have that. On him. I should be on him right now. Instead I’m dancing around. Like, doing that, that’s good. But then I can’t back back up.>>Reset the distance.>>I’m trying to see if
he has any major tells with the switch kick.>>Joe: It’s so fast
and his technique– his kicking technique
is as good as it gets.>>I think I’m gonna
little Philly swagger. Cracked me there. It pissed me off, but– whoa. See, he’s
outpointing me horribly. There’s a big
elbow there though. That’s what I need. There we go.>>Craig: That was good. You gotta keep–>>Joe: Look at this,
looks for the clinch.>>There you go.>>Felder: Not a bad entry. Then right here, I have
him where I want him.>>Keep that head position.>>And I’m gonna come
right back in on you and I’m gonna be ready
to do that for 15 minutes.>>Joe: Oh,
beautiful spin to the body.>>Oh, Jesus.>>Joe: So fast.>>Why am I
fighting this guy again? I’m turning it up here. I gotta keep. 2:00 left, this is
when I should really–>>Just went for it.>>Felder: And that’s where
we’re gonna be different.>>Yup.>>Don’t tell him now. [horn blowing]>>Joe: Great fight.>>Felder: It’ll
be entertaining whether it’s a 30 second
fight or a 15 minute fight, it’s gonna be something that
people are gonna wanna watch. The fans will be happy even if
we went and did sparring match.>>Narrator: Felder’s
familiarity with Barboza extends well beyond their
three round war in 2015. The year that followed would see them take guidance
from famed coach Mark Henry…>>Sometimes, when
we’re here, you look down.>>Narrator: … who
paired them together as main sparring partners.>>Henry: Time. Same thing. Push him, nice.>>Felder: What better
thing to go and find that guy that gave you your first loss and go start training
with him and I learned a lot. But, I can’t elbow you in the
face and try to break your nose. I can’t try to split
your eyebrows open, knee you in the mouth
when I’m sparring. I can when I’m fighting. ♪♪ So, however those rounds went, it’ll be a different
story once the lights are on and we’re just
wearing 4-ounce gloves. ♪♪>>Narrator: After spending
the majority of his UFC career living and training
in New Jersey, Edson Barboza and his family
have returned to South Florida. It was here where Barboza
first touched down in America as a Brazilian
kickboxer with big dreams. [laughing]>>Narrator: …
and where he now resides as a newly-minted
United States citizen.>>Barboza: If you call
me 11 years ago, asking, “Ah, do you want
to move to US?” I say no. No chance because
I’m a Thai fighter and US not have a
really good Muay Thai. I’d rather move to Thailand. But now American citizen. I feel so blessed to
have a choice, you know. I born in Brazil,
I don’t have a choice. Are you ready? [yelling] But God give me choice of
country, and me and my wife, together with my kids,
think that’s better for us. [yelling] I will stay in America forever.>>Narrator:
Barboza has certainly achieved
the American dream, supporting his family by battling the
greatest lightweights on earth year after year.>>21 fights in the UFC,
it’s a long career. And I feel it’s not done yet. I see the rankings. I think the top 10, I
fought against 7 guys in top 10. ♪♪ I see the guys
around close to me. I see Paul Felder. ♪♪ I say I think UFC will
ask me to fight Paul again. ♪♪>>Narrator:
The first meeting between Paul
Felder and Edson Barboza was one of the most
electrifying fights of 2015. [grunting] ♪♪>>Narrator: …
and when their paths
cross once again at UFC 242, Barboza expects
more of the same. [grunting]>>I’m ready for
war, like always. And why not? It’s one more
fight of the night. [speaking Portuguese] ♪♪ ♪♪>>Narrator: Whoever emerges
victorious in the rematch will be one step closer
to the lightweight belt, a prize that constantly occupies
the mind of Paul Felder.>>I’m not fighting
to make money anymore. I’m fighting to get that belt
and be the best in the world. ♪♪ If I get this W over Edson, that’s five wins at
lightweight in a row. ♪♪ Now I’ve got the
opportunity in front of me to climb the ranks. ♪♪>>Mike: Paul Felder! Edson Barboza!>>Joe: Some of
the best striking you’re ever going to
see in any weight class.>>Felder: September 7th,
you’re gonna see same back and forth gritty
stand up kickboxing war.>>Joe: This is a wild fight.>>But you’re gonna see Paul
Felder get his hand raised. ♪♪>>Narrator: The best
lightweights in the world take center stage
in Abu Dhabi…>>Joe: It’s a
spectacular matchup.>>Narrator: …for a
co-main event rematch and a title
unification headliner…>>Joe: Oh, he hurt him!>>Narrator:
…that will see interim
champion Dustin Poirier..>>Joe: Oh, man,
Poirier’s pouring it on.>>Narrator: … battle reigning
king Khabib Nurmagomedov.>>Joe: He’s getting mauled
like everybody else before him.>>Narrator: It all goes
down on September 7th, when the worldwide leader returns to the
United Arab Emirates. ♪♪

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100 thoughts on “UFC 242 Countdown: Edson Barboza vs Paul Felder

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  3. It's funny that the name Barbosa originated from the middle east, known to be an elite tribe of fighters. He may not even know but he has come back to his home land.

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    It s a good fight but definitly not worth a co main event in a PPV

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  7. Edson Barbosa has been spared lots of MMA hate, from some recent loses, because he's so damn humble/respectful. That and he could wheelkick a haters face right off their face. This rematch is gonna be fire!

  8. Why are most MMA coaches fat dudes? How can you motivate someone to go through horrific weight cuts, and perform at the top of their game when you can't stop yourself from having that extra burger?

  9. Mark Henry is a damn good coach but it seems his students plateau…they need to maybe add to their team a new coach to help teach them some new things and maybe that will help. This is why some fighters switch camps all together.

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    The voice over is amazing, that guy deserves a lot of money lol!
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  14. Edson is the EPIDEMY of a true fighter, loses but always gets back on the horse. He is truly extraordinary and I hope he wins. Felder already has a good career

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  17. Man Paul Felder has really become one of my favorite fighters. Humble, yet well spoken and always puts on a show. His fight against Mike Perry was fucking insane. Same for Edson Barboza, dude is so skilled and dangerous, yet he's very quiet and humble. His war with Tony Ferguson is one of my favorite fights too. I'm rooting for the Irish Dragon, but Edson Barboza ain't gonna make it easy. I'm fuckin hyped.

  18. Felder is the man, I think he’s gonna take it, not gonna be easy tho but he’s way better than he was in 2015 and Edson is the same

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