100 thoughts on “UFC 242: Post-fight Press Conference

  1. After watching this match. I think Khabib, has possibility to do something with his state of mind when pressured like no other.(when he was strangled a lot) How can you survive , what u guys think? i have heard about this shit..

  2. Wow what a selfless guy Poirier is. GOD BLESS him. The man tearing from defeat yet telling us about what type of meaningful charity he is doing hits my heart heavy. Good stuff man. You're a champ no matter what!

  3. I lost a few fights to people that later I was able to beat. It feels so frustrating not being able to win on a fight you want. Keep trying Its worth it

  4. My God… l’m team Khabib but didn’t want Dustin to lose either. He’s such a great fighter and human being. 😢 His interview brought tears to my eyes…

  5. Everyone is fearful that Dustin may need to be WATCHED. Just looking at his emotions running wild makes us all feel this way.

  6. Hate Connor or love him, everyone can't stop talking about him. It's kind of ironic that all the hate is just making him more and more popular. His haters maybe his most precious asset.

  7. Dustin Poirer, professional athlete a lot of people should look up to. Liked both fighters but Khabib is too good and it will take a world champion wrestler to beat Khabib. Poirer much Respect!

  8. Yes the nate fight is good should be a co main event fight we are going to the msg fight but now that there's no title fight I'm re thinking spending the $ on the trip now. Has to have a title match too

  9. Khabib can never ever become a Billionaire, the guy is so Humble and Caring that he will just give away what money he doesn't need to make the world a better place for those who are less fortunate no matter what authenticity or religious background they are from.

  10. Anyone whom remembered my last seven predictions, I’m now 9/9 in predictions. Made bank off Jones Cormier fight but let the Khabib fight go because the odds were bad.
    Still Khabib by submission was inevitable.
    I did get two replies on people whom took my advice and they are very happy.
    UFC doesn’t have the best fighters in the world. They have the fighters that they discovered and that want to participate. They then bolster and promote those fighters in spite of match worthiness.
    Porier struggles in last few fights and Khabib didn’t.
    Easy to predict but key was knowing the round and that’s the hard predictions.

  11. I can’t believe how a person such Dana makes money 💰 and he talks so low in terms of standards. Shit this shit I don’t know a shit this shit baddest mother fucker fighter. Let’s be serious and maintain some professionalism Dana especially if want to go international with your sports.

  12. So how I want it to play out.. Khabib beats ferguson and gets a rematch with mcchicken and either makes him tap out or knocks him out. Then ferguson gets a match with mcchicken, elbows, cuts and bloodies him up and knocks him out. Then khabib retires undefeated and mcchicken loses his pride and retires like a bitch! Ferguson enjoys until islam makhachev fights for the belt!

  13. Wish they put subtitles on the part where the reporter went full Russian, I wanna know what they discussed…then again I could learn Russian in my free time with Rosetta Stone, Ayt imma do that in my next no fap challenge month

  14. Make the most of it because somebody strong will beat khabib soon he can not stay UFC champion for ever he is only a man somebody stronger will end him soon khabib fans think he's a robot or something LOL hold on khabib

  15. All in the respect in the world to Poirier to reflecting so well on what happened and what he thinks he could have done so fast after the fight happened. True champion.

  16. Dustin "Khabib was High level"
    High level??!! WTF
    Dustin still won't admit that he was outclassed by technique far beyond "high level".

  17. At 56:38 he highlights a very important problem facing millions of people in the developing world. He is saying lets organise another Rumble In The Jungle and give the money to charity to help Africa. What a nice thing to say! Doubt the media will pick up on this but it would be great if the UFC is listening

  18. 07:43 dumbass edgy reporter trying to shove his stupid social justice bullshit as if his question had anything to do with this event… And Dana dodges his weak jab like the boss he is.

  19. every fight i have seen Conor was him getting his ass kick. conor is a professional ass kick that what he do in fights get his ass kick

  20. This Habib is far from the greatest ever very far from it. BJ Penn, GSP, Hughes, Silva, hell even mini mouse.. were the greatest.. This is a stuck in the mud division like conor stated. NO good or great BJJ guys so this twerp is getting his rocks off at 3-0 with 1 title defense. why is he 3-0, he only fought 3 above avg fighters, all with no ground game, dos anjos, babozo and laquinta. What? all three went to decisions? wow so at 3 and 0 and they were all decisions.. Hell of a champ NOT. Step up and face MAIA at 170. Lets see BJJ vs Grappling. Penn would destroy this guy in his prime..

  21. “I have no Excuses, Khabib is a world champ” it takes huge guts and balls to say something like that. Which is why 💎 is so loved

  22. Dana, get some fucking hearing aids. With all that money you need to get your hearing fixed. You look like a clown at every press conference/post fight interview.

  23. Hey DP, you're a bitch lol. Cry some more so your kids can see what a bitch you are 20 years from now. They'll know never who to emulate. BLAHAHAHAHAH!

  24. "Honey"? I know it's cage fighting but someone needs to tell Dana you don't call professional female aquaintainces "honey" anymore.

  25. UFC is getting boring. Khabib is like a light weight WWE fighter coz he fight little and spend 70% of the fight on the ground wrestling and grabbing. WWE has more fight scene than UFC these days. He should be in WWE. Fans go out there to see a great fight not a WWE match.

  26. These fucking retarded media puppets ask Dana about everyfuckingthing except the event that the press conference is for, and this shit happens at every fucking press conference. Annoying cunts. Die in a fucking fire.

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