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UFC 243 Countdown: Full Episode

UFC 243 Countdown: Full Episode

>>Narrator: The nations of
Australia and New Zealand, have a rich history of
coexisting of civil and harmonious neighbors. But there was no love lost
when matched against one another in sports. [Haka dance and yelling] >>Narrator: And UFC 243
will present a monumental installment of
this storied rivalry, with a champion versus
champion MMA Super-fight, in a Melbourne
sports Mecca.>>Anik: Well the biggest
fight in Australia/New Zealand mixed martial
arts history awaits us.>>Narrator: The headlining
attraction will feature Australia’s first
and only UFC champion.>>Buffer: The Reaper!>>Anik: It seemed only a
matter of time that an Aussie would become a UFC champion.>>Narrator:
Reigning middleweight king, Robert Whittaker.>>Anik: Robert Whittaker was
the first man to break through.>>Narrator: Who came of
age in the heart of Sydney, with a lifelong focus on
representing his country in the Octagon.>>My job as the
champion, just to fight.>>Joe: Whittaker is
just an absolute assassin.>>Cormier: He has smashed
guys on his way to become the UFC’s middleweight champion.>>Now that the
Kiwi guy has come up, I’m going to give it
my everything to try and finish him.>>Robert Whittaker is a
middleweight champion, he’s alright.>>Brendan: Oh, wow
look at Adesanya now.>>Adesanya: If you want
to mix it up a little bit, there’s another guy.>>Anik: New
Zealand is on the map, the Kiwis are
celebrating you can be sure.>>Narrator: Whittaker will face
an undefeated challenger, hailing from the
North Island of New Zealand.>>Joe: This is
without a doubt, going to be the
toughest guy he’s ever faced.>>Narrator: A former
world champion kickboxer…>>Joe: The way he
throws those shots.>>Narrator: … who
soared to contention with unwavering confidence.>>Anik: Israel Adesanya
brings a championship to New Zealand.>>Narrator: Interim title
holder Israel Adesanya…>>Joe: Stylebender
emerges and sets up an epic encounter.>>When I beat Robert,
it’s going to be game over. Heart of a lion,
I’m the champion.>>I’m going to give him the
best version and I think it’s just going to be too much.>>Let’s go.>>Narrator: The co-main
event will welcome a top ten lightweight from
the United States…>>Joe: This kid hits hard.>>Narrator: …when
Raging Al Iaquinta…>>Kenny Florian: With
that killer instinct!>>Narrator: …
squares off with New Zealand’s most prolific finisher, Dan Hooker.>>Kenny: There’s that
head kick from Hooker! Oh, he’s out!>>Dan: Going out there
and knocking someone out, sends a message. Any of you lightweights want to
man up and meet me here, let’s go. It’s something I’ve been
doing for a very long time.>>Anik: The
Hangman does it again!>>Joe: Woo!>>Unless you put me out,
I’m not going anywhere.>>Anik: Big
right from Iaquinta!>>I’ll be more than
content to beat on him for 15 minutes.>>Narrator: Before the Octagon
returns to Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia…>>Look out!>>Narrator: …
witness athletes prepare to represent their
nations on the world stage.>>Marvel Stadium, where
I’m going to make history.>>Narrator: … This is UFC 243 Countdown. [music] >>Narrator; Ahead of the
biggest combat sporting event, Oceania has ever seen,
New Zealand’s largest city has paid a visit by
Australian UFC champion, Robert Whittaker.>>Hey, mate.
>>Man: Hey, mate.>>Narrator: Who has crossed
the Tasman Sea to fulfill promotional and
personal objectives.>>Man: We are joined by
current UFC middleweight champion, Robert Whittaker. Looking forward
to a big fight, it’s going to be huge. What are you
doing in New Zealand, Robert, because this is
Israel Adesanya country? I know we’re here.>>I’m here to obviously do a
little bit of media and also to explore my culture. I was born here
and then flew over, honestly like the same week and
was completely raised in Sydney.>>Thanks for
coming in, mate.>>Whittaker: Thank you.>>It’s on The Rock.>>Good, right there.>>Whittaker: I was
raised with my dad in Sydney, but when I come here, it
feels like home, it feels great to be back here
and it’s a beautiful country, isn’t it?>>Woman: You get to see the
different styles of carvings from different areas that
existed within New Zealand.>>Whittaker: I always felt
a strong connection with New Zealand. Ever since my earliest days,
I’ve always said I was proud of my culture,
proud of my background, proud of the blood that
runs through my veins. Anyone who has seen me fight,
can’t say they can’t see the Maori in me.>>Ring Commentator:
From Sydney, Australia!>>Narrator: Since becoming the
first and only Australian winner of the Ultimate Fighter…>>Ring Commentator: Whittaker!>>Narrator: It’s been quite
clear that Whittaker was born to fight.>>Joe: Man, Whittaker is crisp
and his timing is outstanding!>>Dan Hardy: Oh, he
goes down with a knee.>>Anik: A star
breaks out tonight! Robert Whittaker
with a head kick!>>Joe: That’s what scary
about Robert Whittaker, he’s a finisher.>>That guy was a scary guy.>>What’s his name?>>Jacare. Super good.>>Anik: Oh, massive
head kick for Whittaker, follows it up with
a straight right!>>Narrator: The man
they call The Reaper…>>Brian Stann: Oh!>>Joe: Caught
him with that left.>>Narrator: … would rise to
become UFC middleweight champion.>>Joe: This kid is
on another level.>>Narrator: Globally admired
for the incomprehensible grit which he defeated
Cuban Olympian, Yoel Romero, twice.>>Joe: Oh, Robert
Whittaker with an elbow!>>Anik: Back
and forth we go!>>Joe: Oh!>>Anik: Head kick
for Whittaker now!>>Narrator: And while
Whittaker did it all with the commonwealth stars of the
Australian flag bannered on his chest, he’s now dedicated
to researching the Kiwi bloodline that
fuels his spirit.>>Whittaker: It was always
the thing I wanted to do, was explore my culture
and understanding my roots. I’ve been blessed with this
chance to do that and I’m going to seize
the opportunity.>>Man: What’s more prominent
to you in terms of your culture, would you rather
be known as Kiwi or Maori or Australian?>>Everyone kind of makes me
pick and choose or tries to get me to pick and choose. I can’t, because I’m
Australian and New Zealand and that’s just what I am. That’s just who I am.>>Narrator: As the greatest
fighter in Australian MMA history reconnects with
his New Zealand roots, the interim titleholder
is mere miles away. Unlike Whittaker, Israel
Adesanya is a longtime resident of Auckland,
and takes issue with the self-proclaimed Kiwi, visiting from
across the ditch.>>Adesanya: He’s
completely Australian. He’s on record in
the past saying, “I’m not New
Zealand, I’m Australian.” He wanted to be represented
as Australian in the UFC when he started and that
was his identity, Australian. He disowned New
Zealand in a way. I’ve never
disowned my heritage. You know I got
“Africa” stamped on my chest. My skin is black. You’ll always
know where I’m from, but I love this place. I live in Auckland and
Auckland is my home, New Zealand is my home and
Australia is his home. And now he’s trying to
come over here and get likes, like a politician.>>Come on in, Izzy?>>Yes, Izzy.>>Whittaker: You
can smell it’s gross, because it’s not
really from the heart. I don’t vibe with that.>>Three, two, one. [camera shutters] >>Alright.>>Whittaker: There’s a line
in the sand and you’re on that side. I want this side. Oh, [bleep]. Whoo! You’re either with us,
or against us. Alright.
>>Woman: Alright. [man on radio]: Come on down
here.>>So if you’re
on the other side, [bleep] the other side.>>Woman: In three, two, one. Go!>>Nice work.>>Adesanya:
Stuck the landing. I’m not crying,
it’s just rain. That gets you going. Literally that’s
like a pre-workout, I’m telling you.>>Narrator: With a championship
kickboxing pedigree…>>Jimmy Smith: Strikes are
quick and they’re accurate.>>Narrator: …and an
unblemished MMA record >>Buffer: Still undefeated!>>Narrator: …
Adesanya exploded onto the UFC middleweight landscape.>>Brendan: Does the hype
train continue tonight?>>My main goal was
just to get in there, just give me one fight,
I’ll take care of the rest.>>Brendan: Oh, big
elbow and a spin! Look out middleweight division!>>I’m just
getting warmed up. Just give me another taste and
I’ll keep coming back for more.>>Anik: Oh, big
left and a right! Now the uppercut and the knee!>>Adesanya: My next goal was
just to keep winning until I get the belt.>>Joe: That’s it! That’s The Last
Stylebender, folks!>>Narrator: After just
one year with the promotion, Adesanya’s shot at a UFC belt
is already within reach and he was booked as the co-main
event of a major pay-per-view in Australia, originally
scheduled to be headlined by Whittaker.>>Brett Okamoto:
Robert Whittaker, the Australian champion,
fights out of Sydney, is out of his main event, due
to a hernia in his abdomen. Luckily the UFC does
have a great co-main event. We’ve been talking
about it all week. It’s Anderson Silva
versus Israel Adesanya.>>Narrator: Although
Whittaker’s unexpected hiatus, opened the door
for Adesanya to earn a marquee victory…>>Anik: Big one
there from Adesanya!>>Narrator: …it left
contender Kelvin Gastelum on the sidelines, and the title
picture in disarray.>>Buffer: The
Last Stylebender!>>Hey, Rob, heal up quick. Kelvin, put that belt down. Seriously.>>Man: The reality is Robert
Whittaker is out for an indefinite period. We don’t know when
he’s going to be back, it could be awhile.>>Adesanya: I just needed
a belt in my next fight. Kelvin didn’t get a fight, so
yeah it just made sense that we had to fight.>>Man: Israel Adesanya is going
to be fighting Kelvin Gastelum for the UFC
interim middleweight title.>>Anik: One man becomes the UFC
interim middleweight champion. It sets up a date later in
2019 with the undisputed king of the 85’ers, “The Reaper”
Robert Whittaker.>>Joe: We haven’t seen him
face the kind of grappling and pressure and experience
inside the Octagon that Kelvin Gastelum possesses.>>Cormier: Gastelum feels
he’s just a better fighter. And at 185, when
Kelvin Gastelum lands, he will go to sleep.>>Joe: Woo! Hard kick to the body. Woo!>>Cormier: Gastelum
is throwing some heat! Adesanya is starting to get
off a little bit more now.>>Joe: Oh!>>Anik:
Knockdown for Adesanya!>>Joe: Big right hand
by Adesanya, perfectly placed. Inside leg kick.>>Cormier: You can’t make a
mistake with a striker that’s as sharp as Israel Adesanya. Right now he’s got
Kelvin just guessing.>>Joe: Oh. Oh! Oh, Kelvin’s in real trouble.>>Cormier: Those right hands
are landing so clean for Israel. Oh.
>>Joe: Oh.>>Anik: Wow, what a fight!>>Cormier: What a fight.>>Joe: Oh, goes
high, look at that.>>Cormier: Oh. Oh, wow.>>Joe: Oh, he hurt him! Oh, he’s in trouble.>>Anik: Adesanya
throws some offense!>>Joe: Oh! [horn sounds]
>>Joe: Wow! That is the most hurt we’ve
ever seen Israel Adesanya for sure in a fight, the most
adversity he’s ever felt.>>Cormier: He’s got to take
the momentum back from Kelvin Gastelum.>>I look for iconic moments,
iconic moments live forever. In that 5th round, I looked
across the cage and I could see Kelvin looking like,
“You’re not going to beat me.”>>Cormier: Oh, nice front
kick to the face by Israel.>>Anik: Nice handiwork
there from Adesanya.>>Cormier: He can’t miss
with that right hand no more.>>Joe: Oh, oh,
Kelvin’s in real trouble. Now Styebender’s
got his number.>>I washed him away
in that 5th round. I left no doubt.>>Joe: Oh!>>Cormier: Adesanya is
showing championship heart right now. Oh.>>Anik: Knockdown
for Adesanya now!>>Joe: What a combination. Adesanya looking to
try to setup a triangle.>>Cormier: This is crazy.>>Anik: Gastelum’s out! Wow!>>Cormier: What a fight! When you’re chasing a
championship and go five, this is how you got to fight.>>Joe: Kelvin’s in trouble.>>Cormier: Oh, man what a
performance by Adesanya.>>Joe: Oh, my goodness.
Oh, my goodness. Yeah, he’s risen
to the occasion.>>Stand up! Stand up!>>Joe: He hurt him! He stunned him!>>Anik: Final ten seconds! Kelvin goes down. >>Joe: Wow!>>Anik: One of the greatest
title fights you will see.>>Buffer: Israel Adesanya!>>I kept on saying in my
native tongue [speaking foreign language]. I got a tattoo of Nigeria with a
lion inside of my chest. And that’s heart of a lion. I’m the champion, let’s go.>>Narrator: UFC 243 in
Melbourne, Australia, will see middleweight champion
Robert Whittaker, return to the city, where he was most recently
scheduled to compete.>>Okamoto: It is 7 am local
time in Melbourne, Australia. The first fights of UFC 234
are just hours away from Rod Laver Arena. And Robert Whittaker, the
Australian champion is out of his main event due to a
hernia in his abdomen, late last night. He started to complain
about pain in his abdomen. He was taken to the hospital.>>They said, “You need
to get surgery right now, or you’re going to die.” Then I wake up as the fights
are going on Sunday morning.>>Anik: Adesanya touched
Silva with a right hand.>>Dominick Cruz: Oh, he’s
hurt. He’s hurt.>>Anik: One there.>>Cruz: Here we are seeing
Anderson get after it and that’s what he needs to do. There it is, there’s
the combination and now it’s landing.>>Anik: What a striking
match turned in by Israel Adesanya
and Anderson Silva.>>Cruz: What a fight!>>Anik: Tonight
belongs to those two men.>>Cruz: This is
exactly what fans wanted.>>Buffer: Israel!>>Adesanya: I
showed up to work, a lot of people didn’t. Sometimes it’s not
in your control. Hey, Rob, heal up quick.>>Whittaker: I felt like
I let down so many people; my friends, my family. It felt like a
loss, it really did. I was devastated. That only fueled and ignited
the fire that drove me straight out of that
hospital into rehab, pre-hab; getting
stronger, getting fitter, and just getting
ready for the next one.>>Narrator: Following a
full recovery from surgery, Whittaker immediately
went back to work, and his return
to fighting form, once again became the
responsibility of exercise physiologist Justin Lang.>>That’s it. Nice set, just control. Ten good reps.>>Some people think you got a
hernia in the abdominal wall, well his was
an internal hernia. So that’s a bit of a
different type of hernia. Drop your elbows in and then
come up top two knuckles. You know you got
some old scarring. One more. Just like having a cut on
your arm and it’s healed up and he’s all better now. Nice and strong
through your feet. Keep the bar through
the middle of the foot.>>Whittaker: I can honestly
say and truthfully say, this is the
strongest, fittest, healthiest, and
best I’ve ever been.>>Justin: Nice and tight.>>And I am just
dying to fight.>>Justin: Let’s go. That’s good, Rob. We’ve had a bit of a
break since his last fight, so he’s in really
good condition. That’s it, mate. I mean he’s hitting
athletic standards that he hasn’t hit before.>>Narrator: The long
road back to the Octagon culminates with a
return to Melbourne, where at UFC 243, Whittaker
aims to finish what he started earlier this year.>>Justin: Good, Rob.>>Whittaker: I have that
taste of almost defeat in my mouth still, so I’m coming
into this fight with nothing to lose, everything to gain. I’m hungry, man. I’m going to get in there
and I’m going to get to work.>>Justin: One more,
finish this one off. [weights clanging] >>Justin: Nice, mate. Well done. Good.>>Narrator: Victoria’s
capital city is home to some of the most elegant
cultural institutions in all of Australia. And this captivating metropolis, will soon host the most
anticipated combat sporting event in Oceania’s history, under the cover of a massive stadium, with new branding that befits
such a towering wonder.>>Whittaker: Look
how big this venue is. Look how big this venue is. It’s massive.>>Narrator: Before competing
here in front of 60 thousand screaming fans, UFC middleweight champion
Robert Whittaker…>>Whittaker: I love heights.>>Narrator:
…touches down in Melbourne, for a media blitz that
will promote his upcoming title bout.>>Whittaker: We
got some press to do, we’re kind of hammering it out
this week. The press conference was
a ticket release week, so we’re here to work
and we’ll get to it. It’s been great
for the sport, I’m definitely going to
be the hometown favorite. I intend to
utilize that completely. I look forward to
coming in and tearing it up.>>Narrator: Whittaker’s
opponent will be Interim champion Israel Adesanya,
and the undefeated challenger joins in the
marketing efforts.>>Adesanya: If I
could take my jacket off, you’ll see goosebumps. It’s epic, you can feel it. The last time we were here,
we were like somewhere up there. Way up there watching
the [bleep] go down.>>Mike: For the first
time in UFC history, the world famous Octagon is in
Melbourne, Australia.>>Whittaker: I was
there at UFC 193. I was there with two of my
friends and we were in the nose bleeds.>>Buffer:
“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey! [crowd cheering] >>I remember the sound that
the arena made as well when Holly Holm got that
win over Ronda Rousey. [crowd cheering] >>I remember the feeling. It just sounded like chaos.>>Joe: Oh, my gosh!>>Whittaker: I’m looking
forward to going back there again and being front and
center and being in the Octagon in
the main event. What a story, from
the nosebleeds to making nose bleeds.>>Man: What’s up everybody,
welcome to the UFC 243 press conference, Whittaker
versus Adesanya here in Melbourne, Australia. Now I would like to
open it up to the media for some
questions please.>>Reporter: Robert they’re
talking about 60,000 people at Marvel Stadium for this bout. How exciting is that?>>It’s unreal, Melbourne is
owed a show and I intend to bring it.>>It has been 16 months
since your last fight. And in that time Israel
has fought four times. Do you think that
gives Israel an advantage?>>Israel is on a tear, you
know he’s tearing through the ranks, he’s the
interim champ, but I’ll be working up in
training and I can honestly say, it’s the best I’ve ever been. Let the best man win.>>Best man will win! [crowd cheering “Aussie
Aussie Aussie let’s go!”] >>Wait, wait, wait. Hold up. Alright, alright. Let me talk, let me ask. Can I rebuttal? Right now I feel the best
that I have ever felt as well. I’m a guy that stays active. At one point I had like over
20 fights in a year in China. Fought smart, fought healthy,
and I did the same thing in the UFC.>>Anik: Very aggressive
schedule for Israel Adesanya. Four UFC fights in 2018 and
getting right after it 2019.>>Narrator: For
Israel Adesanya, head coach Eugene Bareman,
the athlete who competes the most frequently, is the
one most prepared for a monumental spotlight, such as the one
that will shine on Whittaker and
Adesanya at UFC 243.>>Imagine going into the
biggest fight of your life not having fought for 16 months. You wouldn’t do it. As a coach, you wouldn’t wish
that on your student at all in any circumstances. We’ve been active
and ready to go, so we have that
advantage, Robert doesn’t.>>Six fights in 14 months. I’m young in my
prime right now. So the best man will win.>>Narrator: Auckland,
New Zealand’s most renowned fight team, is undergoing
a change of scenery. Relocating from its
old stomping grounds, to a new facility less
than one mile away.>>Oh, mate there
is a thing there.>>I got this. Yes.>>You gonna be alright? You gonna do it?>>Narrator: City Kickboxing
has more than tripled in size, and UFC interim
middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, has seen the
growing pains first hand.>>I’ve been with City
Kickboxing since 2010 and we needed a bigger
space definitely.>>Eugene: Alright,
put it down slowly.>>There you go. Yeah!>>The whole place is a
bit of work in progress, like we got a lot of
walls to take down, bags to put up,
mats to move in.>>Adesanya: Watch
out for your back, don’t [bleep] and sneeze
and blow your back out, DC. Ah! Good job, Charlotte. Charlotte, good job.>>We’ve moved in regardless
and we’re kind doing the work as we’re here.>>I can definitely see
this being our new home. It’s perfect.>>Narrator: An uptick in
the gym’s membership, is due in large part to
Adesanya’s success. [undistinguishable screaming]>>Narrator: And
long time teammates recognize that
Adesanya’s outlandish charisma, is not a
product of newfound fame. [crowd oohs and awes] >>It’s funny like people think
he’s putting it on for a camera. But 24/7 he’s saying the same
things he says in interviews. Like, that’s genuinely just him.>>We’re playing dodgeball. If you can dodge a
wrench, you can dodge a ball.>>He hasn’t changed at all,
he’s exactly the same person. Has to do the heavy
lifting like everybody else. He has to do all the things
that everybody else does.>>Go, juice! All day! All day!>>Man: No sacrificing
your own teammates.>>He’s still probably
still getting used to all the attention
that he garners.>>And the winner
is: Stylebender.>>Israel Adesanya.>>Narrator: The Last
Stylebender is staying grounded, as he continues
to emerge as one of the sport’s
preeminent superstars.>>I started in the
UFC, February last year, and just over a year
I became champion. I’ve accepted it as
part of my life now, but I’ve been keeping
it real the whole time. Iconic. Oh, he’s changed
since he got the belt. I’m like, “You
weren’t paying attention.” I’ve been the same, I
kept that same energy. I keep saying
[bleep] the fame, I just want the perks. Regardless of
everything else, I could have the biggest
mouth in the game and talk all this [bleep]. If my skills
weren’t what it was, no one is going
to pay attention. Peace! It’s crazy, got
signed last year, February. Six fights in
and I’m the champ. Yeah, I can’t say for him. He’s fought twice in the
last maybe three years. I’ve been busy. I show up, I step
up, and I show out. [crowd cheering] >>Narrator: Any
man who faces the The Last Stylebender…>>Brendan: Adesanya starting
to call his shots a little bit.>>Narrator: …must endure
persistent mental warfare.>>Adesanya: I can get back in
his head and I’ll take up space. I’ll pay rent, I’ll but
the whole place up on Saturday night. Bring that chin on the
platter and I’ll clean it off as well.>>Commentator: Oh!>>Adesanya: I’ll
put these guys away, I promise you. This hype train is
going to run you over. I’m the guy that takes risk. A lot of these
guys are too [bleep] they don’t take risks. He’s going to swing
at me, hit fresh air, and then hit the floor.>>Joe: That’s it.>>Anik: Gastelum goes down!>>Narrator: But middleweight
champion Robert Whittaker, has been well-conditioned
to defend verbal spars, by years of jesting from
his close-knit team.>>Get in!>>Anything that
Israel has said to Rob, is pretty much nothing
compared to what we say each other in here. [Bleep] you.>>Justin: So whatever
Adesanya comes up with, whoever comes up
with it for him, good on him and everything
if it makes him feel better.>>Get off the floor.>>Justin: But Rob doesn’t
take really any of that serious at all.>>I mean Israel
did the right things. He fought a lot
and he won a lot.>>Switch up. Cut that fine quick angle.>>And he was outspoken. That’s the game, you
can play like that.>>Rob I just want to follow
up with you because I know you’re not much for the
trash-talk and get into that. But I mean he’s pretty
clearly taken shots at you.>>Nah, he makes memes now. My man makes memes. Keep that same energy. Do what got you to the dance,
you don’t have to try and be anything else.>>Whittaker: He’s
good at what does, but I know that Im
good at what I do. [timers sounds] >>Rob’s about action and
he’ll make Israel pay for the words that he’s said.>>Narrator:
Putting words into action is
what made Robert Whittaker the Australian
middleweight king. ♪♪ But the brash and undefeated
interim champ from New Zealand stands to take
everything he has. And at UFC 243 in Melbourne five championship rounds
separate both men from undisputed glory.>>I’m just gonna put a pace
and a pressure he’s not used to.>>Anik: There he is, the man
some call Bobby Knuckles.>>Whittaker: With
my speed, my power, and the way I
strike, it’s weird. It’s hard to handle.>>Joe:
I don’t think he fights like
anybody else in this division.>>Whittaker: The other
fighters couldn’t handle it.>>Anik: This is a fighter
that goes in there to finish.>>Joe: Oh! Laser beam precision accurate.>>Whittaker: When
we’re in the octagon, there’s no more
time for trash talking.>>Anik: And Whittaker
just keeps on coming. ♪♪>>[bleep] It’s just another fight
with another tough dude that I have to get
past so I can prove what I’ve been
saying this whole time.>>Joe: Oh!>>Adesanya: I can jump in the
deep end with the best of them and show you what hype’s about. I keep saying, man, I
don’t throw and hope. I aim and fire. Down the barrel.>>Joe: He reads you. He’s looking at you with
a very specific purpose. Oh! And now Stylebender’s
got his number.>>Anik: Oh, man, is it gonna
be a good one down under in beautiful
Melbourne, Australia. Set to welcome
the biggest event in Australian
combat sports history. Robert Whittaker
vs Israel Adesanya for the undisputed
UFC middleweight title. [string music]>>Narrator: UFC 243
in Australia will welcome the best fighters
from all corners of Oceania, including a lightweight
from the heart of New Zealand. Although Dan Hooker never
imagined that he would one day co-headline such
a massive sporting event, he’s long felt the
presence of martial arts on this remote
island in the Pacific. ♪♪>>Hooker:
Combat sport has always been
massive in New Zealand. So, when I got into
it 10 years ago, it was strong and
it was thriving. We had pro shows
throughout the country. But I thought, you know, the
good training was in Thailand. Good training was in America. Good training was
over in Australia. So, I went out there and
I tested it for myself. And I trained over there and
I realized how good I had it on my side of the fence. How much knowledge I
had in my own backyard that I was overlooking. So, you know, I went
back and I learned from those people who could
take me to where I wanted to go. [dramatic music]>>Narrator: Like most Kiwi
fighters in the UFC today, Hooker’s journey went through the City Kickboxing Gym
in Auckland. Home to UFC 243 headliner and interim middleweight
champion Israel Adesanya, who is flourishing atop the
nation’s recent MMA revolution. [gym chatter]>>We’ve kind of built
ourself with homegrown talent, and that’s cool. To be able to do
this, you know, without additions from
the other side of the world. Especially the level
that we’re at, that we can compete
and beat the best.>>He’s still in
on a good single. Good.>>Hooker: This does
not come out of nowhere. We’ve just been down in our
own corner of the world, sharpening our skillsets for
a very long period of time. Now we’re just getting our
opportunity to get in there and see how we stack
up with these guys.>>Narrator:
This team is emerging as
a modern day supercamp…>>Cruz: When you get surrounded
by the people that you think make you better, then you do
get better because you believe.>>Narrator: …represented
in the UFC by a champion…>>Anik: New Zealand is on
the map, you can be sure. And for Eugene Bareman
for City Kickboxing, tonight belongs to
the Last Stylebender.>>Narrator: …a
number one contender…>>Anik:
Volkanovski moving on up.>>Volkanovski: I’m
next in line, 100%.>>Narrator: …and
fast rising newcomers…>>Bisping: They’re doing
New Zealand proud right now, all of those guys. Tremendous talent coming out
of that gym at City Kickboxing.>>Narrator: …but it was
Dan Hooker who paved the way.>>Commentator: He wants
to represent the growth of the New Zealand
fight community. Short elbows, short left hands. And he made him
pay when it counted!>>Bareman: Dan’s first Kiwi
born and bred UFC fighter and probably one of this
gym’s best all-around fighters.>>Stann: Dan Hooker’s
a very versatile guy, very cerebral fighter. Oh!>>Florian: There’s that
head kick from Hooker!>>Anik: He’s face down!>>Florian: He’s out!>>Adesanya:
Whoever has to fight him has
their work cut out for them because he’s gonna
give them problems in all aspects of the game.>>Florian: This guy’s dangerous
with his variety of strikes and he can also get
it down on the mat. There it is!
>>Anik: There’s the tap!>>Hooker: Can’t be the best
in the world at everything, but I have parts all over the
game that I’m very dangerous at.>>Gooden: Oh, beautiful! Emphatic!>>Hooker:
Dangerous submissions.>>Joe: Look at that,
he’s tapping.>>Anik: There’s the tap!
>>Joe: He’s tapping.>>Hooker: Pretty
dangerous with the old knees.>>Smith: Oh, there it is! Jim Miller is out!>>Hooker: And I seem
to get the job done.>>Narrator:
Hooker has finished all 8
of his victories in the UFC…>>Joe: Oooh!>>Anik: The
Hangman does it again!>>Narrator:
…including a first round
knockout mere months ago…>>Anik: Oh! Big knockdown for Dan Hooker! He’s out!>>Narrator:
…where he called for a quick
turnaround down under.>>Hooker: My brother
Israel Adesanya is fighting to unify the world title,
and I need to be on that card. I demand to be on that card. So any of you lightweights
wanna man up and meet me here, let’s go. [cheering] Tell me, who’s in the top 10 that doesn’t have a fight
and I’ll say their name.>>Ferguson,
Iaquinta, or Gillespie. If you had to pick
one of those three.>>Hooker: I feel like Iaquinta
is the one that makes sense. Iaquinta, meet me in Australia. Get him on a plane.>>[unintelligible]>>Serra: I know he is. Hold on. I like that. I like the ringtone. There he is.
>>Oh yeah.>>Serra: What’s up Ragin’ Al? Now, listen, with Dan Hooker,
I was reading here that he said that he wasn’t expecting
you to take this fight. So, what are the thoughts
on this fight with Hooker?>>You know, he called me
out to fight him in Australia. I was like, “Alright, you
wanna fight me in Australia? Let’s go.
I’m down.” I don’t think he expected
me to really just say okay. And then he was saying that
I wasn’t taking the fight. I’m like, “I was the one
that offer– I told the– Basically I told
the UFC that it’s on. Just yes, let’s go.
You want it. I’m giving you what you want and I’m gonna make you
pay for it. That’s it. ♪♪>>Narrator: Al Iaquinta
embodies the bold mentality that has become synonymous
with the Empire State. ♪♪ And New York’s
greatest lightweight prepares once again with
region’s best coach…>>Let’s go, get that jab going.>>Narrator: …for
his Melbourne showdown with the willing and
eager adversary, Dan Hooker.>>Ray Longo and I speak
about this all the time, is that you can’t hide
who you are in that octagon. [grunting] What you’re really made of
shows when you’re in a fight. ♪♪>>Nice.>>I speak my mind
outside of the octagon and when I’m in the octagon,
I back up what I say. And if someone calls
me out for a fight in Melbourne, Australia,
who am I to say no, you know. ♪♪>>Narrator: A local champion on
the New Jersey pro circuit…>>Joe: He is treating
him like a heavy bag here.>>Narrator: …Iaquinta
loudly claimed his place…>>Joe: Oh, he hurt him!>>Narrator: …on the world
stage of mixed martial arts.>>Anik:
A lot of people believe this man
is the cream of the crop.>>Florian: Brutal elbows!>>Joe: This kid hits hard. Ray Longo trained.>>Longo: You always know
what you get with Al Iaquinta. He’s gonna give it his all. He’s never gonna quit. He’s never in a boring fight. He’s just a contained wild man.>>Smith: Oh,
and a right hand! Sanchez down!>>Stann: That is gonna
be tough to recover from. That’s it.>>Smith: It’s over!>>Narrator: Iaquinta’s road
to top ten status saw him leave the world’s best and
most confident lightweights…>>Anik: Oh!>>Narrator:
…battered and befuddled.>>Fitzgerald: Oh,
he’s letting them go!>>Cormier: Oh, and
he’s talking to him too!>>Anik: Big
right from Iaquinta!>>Cormier: Holy smokes.>>Narrator: …and at UFC 243, the fearless prospect
Dan Hooker is next.>>Iaquinta: Called me out. Said my name and said Australia. It’s a green light. That’s it.>>Longo: Time. Perfect.
Breathe.>>Iaquinta: He’s gonna
get what he wished for.>>Longo: Looking good,
really good. Perfect. ♪♪>>Narrator: The
Empire State is home to UFC 243’s top
lightweight Al Iaquinta. Who along with his
girlfriend Michelle, takes advantage of the
many secluded beaches that span the
Long Island coast.>>Iaquinta: Michelle and
I try to get down there every day in the summer. No matter what’s going on
back at home, we get down there and just relax and decompress
from the craziness life brings. ♪♪>>When we first
started hanging out, he wasn’t really
thinking about fighting, he was just focusing
on the real estate. And then Diego Sanchez happened.>>Smith: Oh,
and a right hand! Iaquinta has just
stopped this fight! It’s over! Raging Al Iaquinta! He’s back!>>Drumm: He knocked
him out in 90 seconds. And that was amazing. Then, like, the
Khabib fight happened.>>Narrator: UFC 223…>>We’re ready, brother.
We’re ready.>>Narrator:
…headlined by present-day
lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov
in the spring of 2018, was nothing more than
another fight card for Iaquinta to compete on, until a
series of unfortunate events…>>Thank you, Khabib.>>Narrator: …unfolded
to the benefit of Iaquinta.>>White: Tony Ferguson
has pulled out of the fight. Max Holloway is gonna step up.>>Tony’s out. He take this. Thank you.>>Reporter: Fight’s
canceled due to the McGregor–>>White: This
has never happened. I’ve gotta regroup and
get through this fight.>>Reporter: Holloway was
declared medically ineligible.>>Cormier: Holloway
is out of the fight. Unfit to fight. What do you do if you’re
Khabib Nurmagomedov? He’s gotta fight.
>>It was insane. Like, I remember being at work,
and he texted me saying, “I’m fighting Khabib tomorrow.”>>What [bleep] is going on!>>This is crazy.>>I was at work. I couldn’t even focus. His sister’s texting me. We’re just like, “Oh, my God. What is going on?”>>Oh, man, I don’t even know. It happened so fast.>>And then it all happened.>>Anik: Raging Al Iaquinta
got the call to face Khabib Nurmagomedov, and with Matt Serra and
Ray Longo in his corner, let us see if Raging Al
can get it done.>>Joe: One of the
craziest opportunities in the history of sport. I mean, there’s
really nothing like this.>>Narrator:
Nurmagomedov has since emerged as the most
dominant figure in MMA, but Iaquinta proved
to be Nurmagomedov’s toughest test to date.>>Ref: Let’s go, fight!>>Smith: You just feel the
physical pressure of Khabib, diving for that single leg. Beasted him down. Beasted him down.>>Joe: Good scramble,
Al’s almost up. He’s up.>>Smith: Ooh, and he gets free.>>Joe: Oh!>>Smith: Nice right
hand over the top!>>Anik: Counter
right lands for Iaquinta.>>Joe: Oh! Championship rounds. Who would ‘a thunk it?>>Anik: Well, they knew they
were throwing a game fighter in there tonight and Iaquinta
has proven that and then some! [horn blowing]>>Joe: This
fight’s still happening and we’re in the
fifth and final round. Who would’ve bet that? Well, one thing that
made this fight exciting is that Al Iaquinta is
tough as nails and crazy. Proves to be absolutely correct.>>Smith: Iaquinta still
throwing heavy punches.>>Joe: Nice left hook to
the body and a left up top. Oh!>>In a way, I’m proud of
the way I really stepped up and just kinda went for it.>>Anik: Well, somewhat
implausibly Al Iaquinta and Khabib Nurmagomedov
go the distance.>>Iaquinta: I obviously
wish it went a different way.>>Khabib–>>Iaquinta:
Getting the huge upset in a situation like
that would’ve been great. Following in, like, Matt Serra
and Chris Weidman’s footsteps.>>Buffer: Fighting out
of East Meadow, New York: Matt “The Terror” Serra!>>Narrator: Although
Iaquinta did not become the first to
defeat Nurmagomedov,>>Joe: He’s stunned!
>>Mike: St-Pierre in trouble! Serra is going for the finish!
>>Joe: Unbelievable!>>Mike:
Matt Serra is the welterweight
champion of the world.>>Joe: That was incredible!>>Narrator: …his former
champion coach Matt Serra and teammate Chris Weidman…>>Joe:
I’ve never heard Matt Serra
give someone as much praise as I’ve heard him
give Chris Weidman.>>Narrator: …are
responsible for two of the biggest
upsets in UFC history.>>Mike: Anderson– He got hit! Looking to finish it! It is all over! Chris Weidman is the UFC
middleweight champion!>>Joe: Oh, my goodness. ♪♪>>Narrator: It was
these Long Island standouts who paved the way for
fighters like Iaquinta, and top ranked
bantamweight Aljamain Sterling to one day make their mark.>>Iaquinta: We’re all
cut from the same cloth. Long Island guys, born and bred. I couldn’t be
with a better team. ♪♪>>Sterling: Long Island’s
different, man. I like to say we’re the
Long Island Studmuffins. [beeping] Iron sharpens iron.
And Al brings a unique energy and I think people
can feel his energy every time he steps in there. [beeping] The bigger the crowd for
Al, the better he shines. ♪♪ And I think the fans
over there, down under… they’re in for a treat. [beeping] ♪♪>>Narrator: Before the
Australian fans watch Iaquinta go to work, the top lightweight’s
opponent Dan Hooker is separating his preparations
for their showdown at UFC 243 with an investment in
the next generation of New Zealand greats.>>Hooker: You cannot fight
forever, and I know that. Let them hands go. Let them hands go. It’s something I’ve accepted and so what I wanna do
after fighting is coaching. Come on, guys,
I’ll make you famous. Come on, come on. Get to work. Get to work. Don’t get distracted. So, I started my gym,
The Combat Academy, just over a year ago. I just opened it to
share my passion and share my
knowledge with other people. ♪♪ I’ve been coaching
for a very long time, and I would
encourage it to any fighter. You know, it shows a
depth of understanding when you’re able
to teach something. Bring your best, mate.
Bring your best. ♪♪ You know, just because you’re
able to perform the task, it’s not the same
level of understanding as being able to
explain it to someone else and get them to do it. One-two. It’s a vital part of
proving your own knowledge and kind of
locking it in a bank. When I get a new technique or
get something I’m working on for my fight, I like
to bring it down here and I get the other guys
to do it, and I teach it. We drill it and we drill it and
we drill it over 1,000 times, until it’s locked
into my own game and it’s locked
into my own mind. All done, boys! ♪♪>>Narrator: Hooker’s guidance
as coach of the Combat Academy translates to his
leadership qualities as a team member
of City Kickboxing. Where his respect is earned as the longest tenured UFC
fighter on the gym’s roster.>>Bareman: Move your
head a bit more, Walker. Drop your chin now. ♪♪ Dan’s definitely one
of our leaders here. He’s, like, the unofficial
captain of the team. Watch your back. That’s it. And for Dan to be a part of
UFC 243 was massive, obviously, because of the
significance of it. That’s deep, that’s deep. Okay, you gotta defend now. Defend that, Walker. Take the back, don’t let him up. Every UFC fighter and non-UFC
fighter who thought they had a chance getting on this card
has tried to get on this card. Those spaces are
highly sought after.>>Narrator: Hooker is
set to co-headline UFC 243 with teammate Israel Adesanya. And just when they thought
matchups for the stacked card were finalized…
>>Bareman: Time, guys! Time!>>Narrator: …gym member
Kai Kara-France returned from his
own UFC bout in China with news of a late addition.>>Going overseas, you know,
it makes you really appreciate who you have
supporting you back home. That’s why we do it, not just
for ourselves, but for our gym. And spoke to Dana White
after my fight and there’ll be
another fight on UFC 243. Come get your contract, Brad. [cheering] ♪♪>>Hooker: Having that
many of us on the card; Having that many
of us backstage. It’ll be quite a cool experience to share that moment
with each other.>>Thank you.
Thank you.>>Hooker: To go out there
in front of 60,000 people and put on a show. Swing it down with Mr. Al
Iaquinta and get my hand raised. [man singing]
♪ They’ll run
when they see the cavalry ♪>>Narrator:
Fighters of UFC 243 will soon descend on
Melbourne, Australia…>>Oh!>>Narrator:
…where Dan Hooker…>>Gooden: Dan Hooker,
knockout victory!>>Narrator: …will battle
top 10 lightweight Al Iaquinta.>>Iaquinta: Fighting in
front of 60,000 people.>>Smith: Oh, and a right hand!>>Iaquinta: It’s a once
in a lifetime opportunity and I’m gonna have the
best fight of my life.>>Narrator: And in
the night’s headliner, an Oceanic icon
will be crowned as interim champ
Israel Adesanya…>>Joe: His striking IQ
is off the charts.>>Narrator:
…represents New Zealand…>>Joe: He knows what
to do and when to do it. He picks openings.>>Narrator: …in the
title unification bout with Australian middleweight
king Robert Whittaker.>>You have two different
opposing nations, neighbors. We’re invading
Australia that day. And I’ll be ready to go. [man singing]
♪ They’ll run
when they see the cavalry ♪>>Anik: Oh! Head kick for Whittaker!>>It’s closing in
and can’t wait.>>Narrator: It’s a stadium
showcase for the ages… [man singing]
♪ They’ll run
when they see the cavalry ♪>>Narrator: …where the
victors can emerge a hero for their nation… [man singing]
♪ Stand up and
stay strong in front of me ♪>>Narrator: …and a
champion of the UFC. [man singing]
♪ They’ll run
when they see the cavalry ♪

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