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UFC 244 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4

UFC 244 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4

[traffic noises]>>Elevator: Number 28.>>Stephen: Just breaking
a little sweat, you know. Get the body moving. We’ve been on a plane all day. Do a little bit of touch
sparring, some mitt work.>>Ray: This is somewhere close
to our 80th fight together. All of his kickboxing,
amateur, pro events. We’ve been preparing,
actually, for this event, since he was 16 years old. Oh, nice.>>Stephen: He’s been
with me since day one. He’s been my coach. He’s been my dad. But here it’s coach first. We’re extremely excited
about being back here, especially at the Garden
at UFC’s 500th event. It’s a special, uh,
special opportunity for us and we’re definitely
gonna take advantage of it. Keep working. Hands up.>>Stephen:
Vicente Luque is a very tough
opponent, Dutch kickboxer. He’s got great timing. He’s been knocking guys out,
and he’s pretty good everywhere.>>Move.>>Stephen: And that’s why he’s
on a 6-fight winning streak. So, it’s a great fight for
me because he is a striker. I do believe he’s gonna try
and keep the fight standing, so it’s gonna be a
chess match for sure. [radio playing] Woo!>>Kelvin: Here in New York. This is the academy to be in, at Renzo Gracie’s
here in New York, right in the middle
of the city here, in the heart of Manhattan. And it really is an
awesome facility, so it’s really a
one of a kind place. So, me and my manager,
we like to come in here and grapple and mess
around a little bit, just get a little sweat in before we get to
do some real work. He’s always training with us. He trains with every fighter,
and that’s why we love him, man. He likes to get in here. He likes to get down and
dirty with us too, so. It’s all good. ♪♪ We decided to train late at
night just because I feel like we’re gonna be
fighting around the same time and it’s very important
to acclimate the body to the time zone of
where you’re fighting at. And, you know, obviously
I’ve been West Coast time, trying to adjust
to East Coast time. This is why we’re out here,
breaking a good sweat. I’m here with my man
Guilherme, helping me hold pads. And he’s one of the
best guys out there. Great having great
people around you that know what they’re doing,
especially in all aspects. It’s great to have
you around, brother. ♪♪ Hey! [traffic noises] [crowd chatter] [cheering]>>Megan: Jorge Masvidal
is here!>>What’s up, New York? Y’all ready for
violence on Saturday?>>Is Askren still
at the hospital?>>I don’t wanna talk
bad about the dead, so I’m not even going to. I know, respect
to the dead, man.>>Cinco segundo, and
some say three seconds. We’re getting that appealed. We’re gonna get
that three seconds. [cheering]>>What do you think
his weakness is coming into this fight?>>Yeah, I think his heart
is one of his strengths, but his stubbornness and his willingness not to
take no as an answer could be– could be a mistake of his, man. I might be setting up
traps, you know. You guys know I
like to set up traps and take full advantage
of them, so that could be a
big mistake for him. Make sure you’re not on
your phone on Saturday, you’re not making
popcorn or nothing. It’s gonna be violence
from the start to finish. [cheering]>>Reporter: Talk
about this fight, man. There’s so much mutual
respect for you two guys. Does that change the
energy, the feeling, versus the other
fights when you didn’t have that much mutual
respect with the other guy?>>Jorge: No, not at all, man. I’m here to do the same
thing, that’s do damage. Turn the off button. Make him short circuit. Put him in outer orbit because it’s really for me
and my family and my legacy and the only way to
separate myself from the pack is to send these people
to another dimension. You know, there’s
only one way to do that.>>Do you have to be
careful not to try to finish in rounds one or two in case he can be there in
round three, four, and five?>>That’s– that’s not me, man. The wrong guy you’re
asking that to, man. I’m there to hurt every
second of every minute, every minute of every round. And if he survives
what I got to give him, my hat’s off to him. But there’s a dog in me. When this dog gets tired, it’s
only gonna keep fighting more. I’m not gonna take a step
back from nobody. There’s not a fight
you can put up where me getting hit
or me getting tired, I’m backing away or
shying away from a fight. I’m a dog and once
that cage is locked, I only know one thing,
one speed, you know. [traffic noises]>>Thank you, I appreciate it. You’re the man.>>I mean, we’re
here for another fight. We’re here for war. I really had a connection
with Nick and Nate. I feel like they’ve always
been looking out for each other and their team has
always been really close. So, I think there’s a big help
that we do with each other. We’re always looking
out for each other. War is always the
same, you know, no matter which
way you slice it. And ready for anything.>>Madison Square Garden,
back stage. Bam!>>Megan: Alright, guys. 209 is in the building. Make some noise for Nate Diaz! [cheering] ♪♪ Nice reception here, Nate. How ya’ feeling?>>Nate: Feeling good. Here to fight. Here to do my thing
today, this week.>>You certainly have a lot
of support here in New York on the East Coast. I know you’re representing
the West Coast. What does it feel to have
this type of reception?>>It’s good; It’s great. I love the support and yeah,
the East Coast/West Coast thing was just to start a fight with
a guy, it’s all great with me.>>Hey, it worked out. [bleep]>>West side, [bleep]! What’s up. I’m sick of
talking to everybody.>>Look, anybody who fights
me is gonna be like this. This is where– this is what it
is, you know, baddest [bleep]. That’s what I already am. I don’t need that. I was just letting it be
known on a large scale. Win, lose, belt, no belt. Every fight I fight is
gonna be the biggest fight. Baddest [bleep]. Because I ain’t fighting no
suckers, no more, anymore. I said that years ago,
just not to you guys. I ain’t fighting
no more suckers. I’m ready to go. Hey, it was good talking
to all you guys, man. Alright, West Side.>>Megan: Hey, guys! Welcome Kelvin Gastelum
to the stage. [cheering]>>Guys, I’ve excited
to be here in New York, Madison Square Garden. This is awesome.>>Megan:
When you think about the history
of Madison Square Garden, I mean, you kind of have
to, like, take a second to realize, “Hey, I’m gonna
be fighting in the same place as guys like Muhammad Ali.”>>Kelvin: It’s
mind-blowing, guys. This is a dream
come true for me, so, thank you guys
for being here, man. I’m excited. Are you guys ready to see another fight of the year
contender? [cheering]>>Do you guys think I
deserve a title shot after I knock him out? [cheering] Can you please tell
Dana White and the UFC? [cheering]>>Kelvin: Alright,
guys, thank you guys. I’m gonna come down,
take some pictures. Thank you guys. I’ll see you all Saturday.>>We love you, bro.>>Kelvin!>>Hey! There we go.
There we go. [cheering] [dramatic theme music] ♪♪

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100 thoughts on “UFC 244 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4

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    Masvidal wins by TKO first round.
    Ur welcome !

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  16. I love Nate(for the win)always have, he’s a proper dude in every way… Jorge has come to my recent attention & he has my upmost respect,I like him too… Whatever the outcome god bless them & keep them both safe 🙏 🤼‍♂️

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    "mixed" matches at the Garden some sort of ten count or honorary mention.

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  21. Hello,Humans.
    Donnie : [to his mother]  How's it feel to have a wacko for a son?
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    He can still come back and fight another big fight and continue his “resurrection” tour. Since this fight is kind of out of the Welterweight line.

    Diaz doesn’t care about a belt. Only big fights.

    Great fight, great matchup! May the BMF win!

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