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UFC 244 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 5

UFC 244 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 5

[Horn honks] [Indistinct chatter]
Boy: Nate! Nate! Diaz: Yeah, I hate that. Boy: Nate, can I–can I get
an autograph? I’m a big fan.
Diaz: Hold that. Cool shirt, dude.
Heck, yeah. Woman: He’s your biggest fan. Right before his tournaments,
he thinks of you. Thank you so much, Nate. Diaz: All right, guys,
nice to meet you. Where you guys from?
Boy: New York. Diaz: It’s a lot of people
out here. It’s crowded, everybody’s
bumping into each other. Man: Sick. Diaz: It’s overcrowded,
so it’s kind of crazy. Man 2: What’s up? Yo! I got
money on you, man. I’m betting my [bleep] rent
money. Let’s go, baby. Diaz: Yeah, there’s a lot of
crazy-ass people out here. Man 3: Nate, Nate.
I’m from Korea. Can I take a picture
with you? [Phone clicks] Thank you, man.
Good luck on the fight. Man 4: Can I take
a picture, too? Diaz: Don’t leave me
hanging, dog. Man 5: Love from India, man.
Man 4: Thanks, man. Diaz: It’s cool that we’re
all here together. And it’s cool to like come
as a team with the team. Usually when I’m out traveling
by myself or something, it’s not as cool as being
with everybody. My boy Jose’s fighting
next week in Iowa, so we’re just gonna be over
in Iowa next week. So it’s like one to another
with these other guys, turn the next week. Kron just fought a couple
of weeks ago. This is the name of the game. Gastelum: Right now we’re
going over to Renzo’s, Gracie’s academy here
in Manhattan. Best jiu-jitsu in the city. Here we are. [Indistinct] Yeah, I mean, Fight Week
for me is fun. You know, there’s a lot
of work involved, but this is already enough
stress environment that you got to learn how
to have fun. Ali: Get ready, KG.
You’re next. Gastelum: I feel like we do
a pretty good job of keeping things light
and fun in my camp, and I prefer it that way. I like beating on Ali. When we got here on Monday,
it was really cold, and now towards the end
of the week, it’s been getting hotter
and hotter in this room. And today’s just got maybe
a hundred degrees in here. I mean, it’s pretty hot, and
we’re getting a good sweat in. So it’s good for cutting weight
and getting a good sweat in. Right now I’m about
7 pounds over, which is not too much
of a big deal. Everything’s going smooth. I’m excited for this week. I mean, I’m having fun. Cordeiro: Ma ma ma ma ma. [Indistinct chatter] Anderson: Yeah, in a way I do. You tell me somebody else
that reaches the number 3 and number 4 guy and still hasn’t cracked
the top 5. You know, and that wasn’t like
it was in the past. That was in my last two
back-to-back fights. And then before that I beat
the number 9 and number 10 and Pat Cummins,
and then I beat Jan Blachowicz, who is ranked third now. It’s like I beat everybody
ranked high. It’s like, why don’t I get– but instead they just drop those
guys out of the rankings and leave me where I’m at. Reporter: You say you’re
here so quickly. This is a wonderful opportunity
this weekend, Corey Anderson, fighting him,
beating him, and then what? Because a lot of people are
talking title shots. Walker: Yeah, I’m ready
to do everything. I’m ready for Jones,
I’m ready for the belt. Reporter: You’re fighting for
Jon Jones this weekend. You want to get him
excited enough to say, “Right, let’s do this.” Walker: Yeah, of course. He show me that he’s
very disappointed with have–nothing new,
nothing exciting. I’m coming. I will show him
what is exciting. Thompson: I’ve been doing this
for a very long time. I’ve got 600 kids back home
watching every move that I make. So making sure that I’m
representing not just myself, but them as well inside and
outside the Octagon. So they’ll all be home
watching me duke it out. Gastelum: It was interesting
that he got knocked out once he switched to southpaw,
which is my natural stance. So we’ll see what happens. Reporter: In terms of
the size of opponents you’ve faced,
he’s relatively on par with the middleweights
you’ve faced, right? Gastelum: Yeah, he’s actually
gonna be one of the smaller middleweights that
I’ve faced recently. So I am pretty happy
about that. Someone more closer
to my range. Gastelum: Yeah, I mean, after
going through a battle like that there’s no way that
you don’t level up, and I feel like that’s exactly
what happened to me. I leveled up, and I feel
like I’m– it’s gonna be kind of hard
to beat me at this point. I mean, I’m just at
another level. Man: Watch yourself, guys. Okamoto: Brett Okamoto
with ESPN alongside Nate Diaz, who takes on Jorge Masvidal
in the main event UFC 244 this Saturday at Madison
Square Garden. What’s different about your life
and even you as a fighter? Do you feel like you’re getting
what you deserve? Do you feel like you’re getting
the accolades and the attention? Diaz: This is only the strong
survive [bleep], you know, survival
of the fittest type of thing, and that’s my attitude
since the beginning, and I’ll be here till
the end of time. If I wasn’t on a stage
this big and doing something,
I’d be demanding it or making it happen
some type of way. So we’re here now, and, yeah, I’m just trying
to get the job done. Diaz: It already is,
I feel like, you know. I’m still here after how
ever many years. I’ve been in the UFC
since I was 21 and I’m 34 now. And I feel stronger,
better than ever. And I feel like I’m only getting
better and stronger. And I’m the best fighter
in the world, and I’m training the best
and I’m fighting the best, ’cause I have like the most Fight of the Night
bonuses and stuff. Reporter:
Before you came along, who was
the baddest [bleep] in the UFC? Diaz: Ha ha ha.
Nick Diaz, come on. You already knew the answer
to that. Masvidal: To tell you the truth,
I’m gonna take it at 170. Wherever I fight, I make
that fight huge. I make that fight real,
you know. And it’s always a fight
I wanted personally because I like the dude’s style,
I like how he carries himself. I like how he fights, you know. So I personally wanted it
on a personal level. But I started thinking it might
not happen, you know, and then thank God,
it’s happening now. Masvidal: A guy like Nate,
definitely. You don’t want to let that guy
hang out at any moment. You might beat him up
for 4 rounds, you take him down,
and he’s still gaming you, wraps around your neck. You can take his legs off,
as we’ve seen, and the guy’s just still
coming, you know. So he’s literally–the best way
to describe it is he’s a fighting dog,
and fighting dogs, the only way to take care of
them is to put them down. Man: Want me to
grab this for you? Till: Yes, thank you.
Man: Sure. Till: Appreciate that.
Man 2: You got this? Man: Always.
Man 2: Good, thank you. Till: Well, he arrives when he
wants to arrive, really. Do finish my camp in London
and come when I want. I’m on no one’s time schedule. Can’t wait to just fight, have some fun, to begin the process. Take the good with the bad, good with the bad. GPS: Stay to the right, then stay to the left to
JFK Expressway. Till: No, it hasn’t been
crazy for me because I’ve chilled this week. I’ve just enjoyed time
with my family and my coach, and we stayed in
a nice little hotel in London. And we trained hard
and we relaxed. We’ve had nothing to do.
We’ve chilled out, and then, you know, we’ve
decided to come two days early. 12PM [Indistinct] Man: We [bleep] out the way. Man 2: He made it.
He [bleep] made it. Man 3: Thank you.
Man 2: Yes. Man 3: Can one of youse take
a picture, actually? Thanks. Man 2: Thank you.
You’re gonna smash him. Thank you.
Man 3: Thanks. Man 4: Hey, Till!
[Indistinct] I came from San Diego,
brother. [Bleep] I love this guy.
This guy’s so dope. Hey, they didn’t let him
in the country. That’s some bull[bleep].
I made the call, now he’s here. Man 5: We got to get him in.
Man 4: Real quick. Man 6: It’s on a rush.
Mondo, get in here. Man 4: Come on, man.
Woman: 1, 2, 3. Man 6: No, you’re not, dude. Heron: This is the best
Fight Week I’ve seen since I’ve
been with him. He’s relaxed.
We’ve done quality training. It’s actually the best
I’ve seen him train. His output’s still very high. His energy level’s super high
at this weight. And so all good.
Man: We’ll trade gloves. Heron: Darren always looks for
the biggest challenge in whatever he goes in life. He likes to be told,
“You shouldn’t do this. You can’t do that.
You’re not ready for this.” As soon as he hears them words, just lights a massive fire
in his belly. And that’s what he’s got
with Gastelum. As we know, dangerous fights,
huge fights. Definitely a baptism by fire
on his behalf, but he thrives on things
like that. He likes to–likes to put
the middle finger up to the world and say, “You know
what, I am good enough.” [dramatic theme music] ♪♪

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